Gaera Doga (MG) Review

Hi and welcome to this blog of mine! I’m really glad to be starting and working on this blog as a start of my own New Year resolution for 2017. The reason of this blog’s existence is mostly would be a platform for me to write and express (I would be complaining mostly, I would reckon) my take on various Gunpla kits and hopefully on other kits as well. My only sincere hope is that, with my ranting on the kits I might be able to help my fellow brethren in not making the same financial mistakes as what yours truly have went through or helping you to make the best choice financially, I hope. Ha, ha. =_=”

Ok without further ado, I’ll start this blog with a review of the last kit that I built for the year 2016. The Master Grade Geara Doga Kit.

A little bit of history of this Geara Doga MOBILE SUIT first before going into this review.

The AMS-119 Mobile Suit is a mass-produced model for the Neo Zeon in terms of design and technology that is based from Zeon’s MS-06F/J Zaku II model. When I said based, it is a much-understated remark. To me it is more of a major improvement form the old Zaku II models, though admittedly it is still a mass-produced unit so it does perform like a mass produced model. It was a better performing mass produced model that the neo zeon produced, as compared to the AMX-011 Zaku III from the 1st Neo Zeon War.

Geara Doga Standard (Source Gundam Wikia)


Regardless of its use as a mass produced model suit,It became a favorite amongst the ace pilots, some of them painted the suit in their personal color. One of these pilots was Rezin Schnyder who effectively used her blue colored suit to destroy several Federation units, while another was piloted by former Marchosias member Vincent Gleissner. It was put through service by the Neo Zeon Forces throughout the Second Neo Zeon War.

Rezin Schnyder Custom Gaera Doga (Source Gundam wikia)

The Review

There is just so much to say about the Geara Doga.

But first just look at it.

A handsome kit

Ain’t she a beaut? To be honest, when I finished the kit I took some time to marvel at the beauty and the looks of the kit. I was excited when I got to know that there were making the Master Grade version of this kit. AS well the cover art of the kit looked so bad ass, you just had to stop to marvel at the box art for a while.

The awesome box art (taken by me, OK or not? With some bulu in it>.<)

But then comes to building it, from there things start to unravel.

Unlike the looks of the kit, building it feels somewhat too simple and not as challenging. It was mediocre, as compared with the other kits within the cheaper or the same price range. Building the first part (the main Body part) just felt too simple and lacked in detail. I don’t really feel any joy building it. Unlike if I were to compare a slightly older kit that is the MG Zaku II ver 2.0. It was a much more enjoyable time building the Zaku and there was a lot more detail to it. For the price that I paid, I was taken aback that it had less detail as compared to the MG Zaku II 2.0 (In which there were so much detail in even the simplest parts!) in fact all the variations of the MG Zaku II 2.0 was a joy to make and build wise it was well designed from start to finish. I really thought with the price that I was paying I really hoped that it would be a much more enjoyable kit and as good as the older MG Zaku II 2.0 Kit. So, in terms of value and build enjoyment it was really lacking.

Alas I was seriously let down by the fact.

The main body (internal)
The completed body and head part

It was a big letdown but it was in no any means bad. It was only as not as good as most of the other Universal Century Gunplas that I have built thus far.

Main Body with the completed arm parts

Despite that there are some good qualities, to the kit. Like for an instance; the kit overall when completed looks good, although some of the construction of the kit seems to be much simpler but in its simplicity it made the kit much more solid and much more better constructed then most that I have had built. Through building it, I do finally understand their need to make the hand part (manipulators, is the correct term if I’m not mistaken please enlighten me if I’m wrong) more akin to their HG counterparts, so they would be able to hold the weapon parts much more solidly. I do feel with the ‘HG’ hands, I don’t have a frustrating time trying to get it to hold things without it having drop the next day. Regardless of my feelings about it, I still feel it would benefit more from the new hands that they included together with the new MG Gundam lines.

The almost completed leg part
The somewhat completed waist part

Despite the sacrifices made, and as well some improvements. It still didn’t manage to make me feel like I’m building a MG kit (and I have built a lot), it feels like I was building a big scale HG kit just with more plastic parts. As well I feel the biggest problem of it is that I feel instead of making a new design and build on the Geara Doga parts, I just feel they just reuse most of the runner kits from the MG Marasai Kit. I really just find that rather lazy, it’s like they just went; no new compelling builds and design just let us churn this shit out as fast as we could so we can have more money from them zeon fanboys (me included). Sad but that’s what I feel that has happened here with the kit.

The i finally got the every part done pose!

I rather they take time designing this kit thoroughly like most of the Reversions of the MG Gundam RX78 out there (there is just too much of this shit already). Heck I rather have a well-designed Geara Doga MG kit that was built from scratch with new tech then a new RX78 Revisions.

To be honest, I’m sick of the new RX-78-02 remastered and the version this and version that. I just want a proper Gaera Doga MG kit to be made properly and designed with a better love and attention to it. Then really you could’ve made justice to this awesome fan favorite Mobile Suit.

Finally, to end this, no matter what was said and done it is still a decent and solid kit, and one that when it is on display it will turn you into a proud owner painted or unpainted. Saying it as a builder tho? If you want a kit that would challenge and excite you? Honestly, this is really not the kit to go for.

It was really a mediocre kit with a beautiful frame, Sadly.

When I really think of it. Maybe they did a good job on it, but what they made really is just a very Good MG Marasai Conversion kit. Might as well release it as a premium Bandai shit.

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