Unboxing and first Impressions of Nu-Gundam Ver.Ka (MG)

Nu-Gundam Ver.Ka

Hi, am back again with a new post, before I start with my unboxing and first impression I just want to make a small announcement 😊

Just wanted to inform you guys that I will be posting new content every Sunday of every week and I am currently planning for a video content as well 😊 but until anything that is concrete is planned, unfortunately for now I have to keep that bit a secret first πŸ˜‰. Β Will update more in this matter as soon as I could!

So, with that done and said, let’s move on to the unboxing and the first impression!

When I was finished building the Gaera Doga (MG) I was looking for another kit to build for fun and for this nice blog that I am making and while browsing the Hobby Search website, I came across the Nu-Gundam Ver.KA (with premium decal) listed there.

Nu gundam have always been something that I have been wanting to get my hands on, but never had the courage to. Especially when it comes down to Ver.KA models, besides the PG models Ver.KA kits are something that I have no confidence of building because of my lack of skills.

Regardless, I decided on one fine morning to purchase the model through Hobby Search website and the delivery of the item was surprisingly quick. In less of two weeks I received the model in question.

The arrival of the said box, It does looked banged up.
Covered and looking quite secured at first.
Nu-Gundam Ver.Ka

I am always surprised with the quickness and the efficiency of the delivery of the kit to me (not the first time i dealt with them tbh, but its the first time I got an MG kit through the website). Though the kit did arrive in a questionable state (dents on the boxes), the internals of the package was in a good state of health. So all is good still in my books.

The insides of the kit, everything looks really good and fresh!
The Runners and the manual!
I love going through the manual, bu i do feel something is missing as compared to the normal MG manuals.
Am really impressed by the front cover, another take of it here.
The information pertaining the events and design of the kit. Although it is in Japanese i can help to feel the care and love that they put in making this kit.

I must say unboxing the kit itself already made me quite excited on the prospect of building it and so far, it does look quite exciting already.

Anyways that is the end of my first impression of the kit, I will write a proper long review and my thoughts of this kit! I do hope you will enjoy reading the upcoming review!

Again, thanks for your support and until next time! Toodles!



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