Let’s Talk Gunpla! Vol.1

Hi guys!

It has been a blast writing my first impression and giving my opinions on the kits that I’ve built and bought but I do want to try writing something different for this post.

So, I today I’m going to write on my thoughts of some of the new kits that was announced recently. Well not that recent but still quite close >.< .

Justice Gundam (MG)

Justice Gundam (MG)
Justice gundam with its awesome pose and its awesome dual blade beam saber
Weapons and manupulators set
It’s weapon set and “HG” hands. T_T

A lot can be said on this, but I would say that I’m really looking forward for this kit! As compared to the RG set of this gunpla I would say having it on 1/100 it’s like watching a movie in 4K and its looks glorious.

When it was first announced I thought that they were making a ver 2.0 of this, then I realize that I was mistaken it with the infinite justice (MG). Tho I have to say as a builder I do have my reservations on this kit because after working on Freedom gundam 2.0 I’m starting to have a bit of doubt in this new refurbished line of gundam seed MG (the old ones were awesome as fuck, please don’t refurbish my destiny please its already looked awesome).

Regardless, I do hope that i’m wrong and hoping that this one changes my thoughts of the seed 2.0 project all toghether.

Another thing, Why the MG hands again? Can’t they just use the awesome manipulators of the UC series? Its a waste that you have a kit looking awesome with shite hands. Bandai please at least give us an option please. Pretty please with cherries on top?

Barzam (HGUC)

Barzam (HGUC)
Weird but nice, love how it looks!
Bottom Half Barzam
Really looking forward in seeing this work in real life.
Weapon set Barzam
Waepon set

Usually it’s very strange to see new tech being given to HG kits, but then again, I believe some awesome HG kits wouldn’t be possible thanks of the introductions of new techs. When I heard rumours of this kit might be the next thing planned by Bandai I was very skeptical of how it would pan out.

It is a very hard kit to plan for, because of the weird body that it has (yes the weird 80’s had a hand in this very funny mecha). In some way it looked like if gundam MKII had sex with a zaku and they had this weird baby. Haha.

Weird, but I love it. A kit that I’m most looking forward of building this year.

By just the initial looks and impression that this kit gives, it does have promise. Am really looking forward in seeing this one in action.

Gundam Dantalion (HG)

Gundam Dantalion (HG)
A face a mother would love
Weapon and huge hand equippment thing
Iron Blooded Orphans and its gigantic hand fetish

Another weird HG kit that was announced recently as well, to be honest? I don’t like it.

In fact, to be honest, I have been struggling to love the kits from the Iron Blooded Orphans. I have no problem with the show itself but I do have a lot issues with the designs of the kits it’s just a little bit to gruffly and pointless.

It feels like it’s just trying too hard to be cool. Almost felt as cringe worthy as seeing a mall goth prowling the malls. So this is another one new kit that just trying to be edgy, but had a face that a mother would love.

But I still give points for creativity of the extra big huge hands (I find that’s like the fetish of the creator of this series: he is like we must have the mecha’s have bigger hands, because its teh awesums) but I’m not spending my money on this one. For this I pass.

Figure-rise Bust Fumina Hoshino Ending ver.

Fumina Hoshino Ending Ver.
Fumina and her kit.
Looks awesome together tho.

I only have one thing to say to this one tho, dem tits.

Bandai just knows how to get to your wallets and your pants too. I won’t be saying much, but ya’ll get the gist.


The announcement of Gunpla Evolution Project

They should really call it the version 2.0 everything up project.

“The project is to produce more quality Gunpla as it reaches the next generation’s standards. Bandai will trial and will work harder to further evolve the Gundam model kits from various angles to improve articulation, proportions, quality, and to meet the expectations as technology grows year by year.

Gunpla Evolution Project will be focusing improvements for HG, MG, RG, and PG model kits! This project will bring all enthusiasts a whole new experience when building Gunpla.” (quoted from gundamkitscollection blog)

When this is announced, I was thinking “what the bloody difference then what we are getting now?” they have been doing reimagining of a lot of kits and shit and to be honest I prefer if they were just keep focusing in releasing and planning for other kits.

They just have so many other kits that they can make and turn into an MG or a HG kit to be honest (I’m still waiting for them to make strike dagger MG kit, fuck Bandai don’t make me beg in all fours).

As I mention before in the Gaera Doga (MG) review, I really don’t want another RX 78-2 Gundam ver 4.0 right now. I had enough of it.

So that is all my first impressions of the upcoming kits that was announced recently, I’m sure ya’ll have known about it quite some time ago but I just really wanted to give my opinion on this in my own accord.

If you like me to write more on this please do leave a comment or if you like this article feel free to share thisto your gunpla friends! Next weekI will have a new kit to give my first impressions on! Do look forward on that!

Till next time! Bye!

*the information and the pictures are taken from Gundamgundamkitcollection website and Hobby Search website.

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