Unboxing and First Impressions of the GM Sniper II (MG)

Hi guys!

Am back again with a proper Unboxing and first impressions of the GM Sniper II (MG), it was fun writing my thoughts of the upcoming releases (last week) that we will be graced with soon and I do look forward in what Gunpla’s that we are going to get this year.

This particular one is something that I’ve been quite looking forward to actually and I remember wetting my pants for this one. I have made the HG version of this kit and i had a blast with it. The HG version of this was a simple and fun kit to build. So when the MG version was announced I was getting real excited

War In the pocket OVA have always have a special place in my heart because both the story and the characters. This is probably the first Gundam anime that really showcases the reality and the desperation of war. The one that really gets you in the KOKORO! T_T

As well the designs of the mecha looks awesome as hell. To be honest I really have more experience in building the HG line from this particular series and I personally haven’t had the chance to build any of the MG line of the war in the pocket series, like the NT-1 Gundam ALEX or the MS-18E Kampfer. So, this is my first MG kit from the series.

This box art is cool AF

Although by the very first impressions that I’m getting from just rummaging through the runner parts I really feel that it is a very basic built kit, not looking too good there actually. Regardless I must see how I feel about it when I go through by building it. My feelings might change. Plus i might be developing biases from building the very awesome Nu Gundam before (its hard to go through the newer kits after that, honestly)

So i’m going to go through this and see if my feelings of it change, it might be able to surprise me still….. Maybe?

The manual

But what really gets me is the English manual, with all the lore and the stories that is told it makes the manual feel like a small story book. Before this I always envied the Japanese builders because with every new release of a kit they are graced with detailed description of the lore and inner workings of the mecha. To be honest, I never thought that this day would come, but since bandai was making Star Wars Plamo these days (thanks to Disney) starting from there we are seeing that the manuals that was supplied (and on the box aswell) is starting to have English translations.

The English description of the GM production cycle and variants.

Thanks to that we are finally graced with an English Manual Gunpla’s (that is starting on first the HG, 1/100 Iron blooded orphans Gunpla series and the newer MG lines) and finally I feel it would be able to make more people get into Gunpla. Especially those that is thinking to start on their first MG gunpla, there is just so much information that is very useful for the beginner builder and it would definitely enhance their experience in making their first MG Gunpla.

The useful guides for the beginner MG builder. I wish i have this kind of manual when i started T_T

I really feel that it is looking quite good for Bandai this year and the Gunpla line up is looking solid aswell for them and with the introduction of English translated manuals I can see that this would make Gunpla more accessible for the English speaking public.

Good job you. Finally, I can understand what the hell that you wrote there.

So that is my unboxing and my first impressions of this kit. Please do write here on the comment section and tell me what you feel about this kit in particular and i always appreciate a good and awesome feed back from you guys as well so I can further improve on this blog of mine :).

Thanks again ya’ll and till the next sunday!

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