GM Sniper II (MG) Review

I was having some nostalgic feeling when every time I look at a GM kit, because my first MG kit was a GM. I remember going at it all week and when it was finally completed I remember the intense feeling of accomplishment and happiness from it. GM kits will always have that special place in my heart.

So when I first saw this kit i just know that this would be a kit i would want to review and as well because I was having some nostalgic feeling looking at it. ha ha. Anyways, this is our first GM in 2017 and as well my first review of one of the quite recent gunpla kit. As ever let’s start with a little history of GM Sniper II.

RGM-79SP Anime
RGM-79SP GM Sniper II (Anime)

After the high success rate of the RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom became evident, the Earth Federation Forces created a more advanced version of this suit, which would result in the creation of the GM Sniper II, the most powerful GM-type mobile suit in the One Year War. With a tight one month deadline to produce the new GM, very few of the GM Sniper II’s would be produced.

The GM Sniper II is the Federation’s attempt to build a less expensive variant of the RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom. As its name suggests, the GM Sniper II was built for long range sniping missions and can thus be equipped with either a semi-automatic sniper rifle and a long-range beam rifle. Besides these special weapons, the suit can use two beam sabers, a shield, a 2-barrel Vulcan pod and a 90mm machine gun. The visor of the head camera is equipped with a high magnification sensor for precision firing, to destroy the enemy at long range with a dedicated sniper rifle. Regardless even though the GM Sniper Ii was supposed to be a cheaper variant it is still quite an impressive machine.

The GM Sniper II boasts the finest performance over any other Federation mass production MS during the One Year War, usually displaying high combat performance in battle. Its basic design and features would later be incorporated in the development of the MSA-003 Nemo.

The GM Sniper II would make its combat debut with the Gray Phantom carrier stationed at Side 6, though both suits were destroyed by the MS-18E Kämpfer of the Zeon’s Cyclops Team. Three more GM Sniper II’s would be used by the Australia based White Dingo Team and were painted in white and navy blue, while another unit was assigned to ace pilot Lydo Wolf and painted in his trademark black custom colors.

Now lets go onto the kit itself.

the completed look

When I was going through the runner parts during my unboxing and my first impressions I really do have a feeling that this is a gunpla that looks and seem like a very easy kit to get into and I’m happy to report that it is a very easy MG kit that I’ve build thus far to be honest. It’s not a bad kit in anyway, it’s easy but soilid kit

I was hoping to see more but it was really nothing much tbh.

Regardless, for those that has been building MG kits this really is something that wouldn’t be something that we would consider ‘fun’. I struggle to find joy in building it because the make and the whole construction feels a bit too easy for me. Really if I were to put more effort in building it, I might be able to finish this one in a day. That is how easy that is.

The completed look of the upper body


Despite it being easy, I can understand the reasoning behind the easiness of the kit. I feel while building it, it really feels a lot more beginner friendly. It’s a pretty good kit for those that is taking up the nippers for the first time and thinking if they wanted something with a hint of challenge. Price wise as well its quite affordable too, with how the kit was priced I feel it would be able entice newcomers to gunpla building. As well the looks of the kit overall? It’s all right, but I love the redesigned semi-automatic beam rifle and the 90mm Machine Gun the weapons look cool AF.

The very awesome pose and the very awesome sniper rifle.


I feel the other positives that I can take from building this kit is that because it has an English translated manual. I really got most of the fun only by just going through the manual, not so much on the building the kit. Finally, after waiting for so long we are graced by the English language goodness, now I could just go through everything and just enjoying the stories told there.

Overall, I would recommend this kit to those that is new to gunpla and looking for challenge. It’s a simple, easy and a beginner friendly kit. Old fags like me however, this kit is really good if you want to know what the hell are they trying to tell us all this years, but for everything else it’s an ok kit.

10/10 would buy the manual only next time.

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