Freedom Gundam (MG) 2.0 Review

Have you ever built anything that have made you so conflicted ever? Building something that you thought that was supposed to be good turns out to be a big disappointment when it came down to the actual building, but because of the looks you really can’t hate it. You really end up feeling conflicted, you hate it and yet you love it.

This is the kind of dilemma I had when going through building this kit.

box art of the kit.


Freedom Gundam (anime)

ZGMF-X109A Freedom Gundam is a mobile suit that is developed by Z.A.F.T (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) that was based from the Alliance’s G Project Mobile suits. It was developed together with the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam as a companion unit.

It had technology derived from the 4 captured Alliance Gundam Mobile Suits. It was equipped with the Phase Shift Armor and primarily armed with powerful ranged weapons like 2x M100 “Baleena” Plasma Beam Cannon, 2x MMI-M15 “Xiphias” Railgun and it is aswell equipped with the handheld MA-M20 “Lupus” High-energy Beam Rifle. Although it was developed to be mostly a ranged mobile suit but it is as well given close ranged weapons like 2x MA-M01 “Lacerta” Beam Saber, 4x MMI-GAU2 “Picus” 76mm CIWS and as well equipped with a laminated Anti-Beam Shield.

cool pose

The suit was equipped with a full flight capabilities in the atmosphere and the back-mounted wings can be deployed in “high Mobility Aerial Tactics (HIMAT) Mode” to enhance its mobility in the atmosphere or in space. It as well equipped with an advance targeting system, the Multi Lock-on System, that allows it to be able to target and fire at multiple target accurately. Furthermore it’s as well able to dock to the armed module METEOR (Mobile suit Embedded Tacticla EnfORcer) unit. The Freedom Gundam as well can go into Full burst mode whenever all three beam weapons are shot at once.

Although it was mainly built to be a long range mobile suit it has proven to be a formidable all-rounder suit. Mainly thanks to its ultimate coordinator pilot Kira Yamato. Throughout the war, it managed to struck fear to both the Alliance forces and the Z.A.F.T. During the ultimate battle, it manages to destroy the Providence Gundam but with it sustaining heavy damage to itself.

After the war it was taken to orb to be fixed and refitted in a secret underground base, where it remained there for 2 years before it returned to action after an assassination attempt against Lacus Clyne. After that it was in action in orb and berlin but it was finally destroyed by Shinn Asuka in his ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam.

After that The Freedom was replaced by the newer and improved ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam.

The Review

The handsome one

This is a pretty hard review to write, It really hard to be objective when writing this because of all the mixed feelings you had with this one. You love it and yet you hate it, you want to recommend it but at the same time you don’t want to recommend it. So, you can imagine how I feel when I build and look at it.

Really confused.

Let’s first start with talking about the build and the price. I have awesome memories with Gundam seed MG kits, I have built the Infinite Justice, Impulse Gundam and the Destiny Gundam (Yes, yes, its mostly seed destiny kit but it’s from the same series) and it has given me good and awesome memories. Plus, all of them have been cheap (at the time) and fun to make. So, I figured when the new Freedom Gundam (MG) 2.0 was announced I decided on getting it.

The inner body

I admit I wasn’t too interested in Freedom nor with the Strike Freedom gundam, I do feel the design was a bit dull as compared to the others. So, when the 2.0 Freedom was announced and it is having a quite awesome look really made me wanting it more than ever. Combined with the fact I’ve been trying to get the kit for 3 months with no avail, you can’t blame me for feeling quite psyched up with thinking it must be an awesome kit. So when I finally got the kit, I was really happy, excited and really looking forward in building it.

Then I build it.

The main body

I started a bit slow with the kit, it does start off well with a lot of detail on the main body and straight away I had some issue with the vents, it was annoying but admittedly it was slowly getting better. Unfortunately, when I was going through the arm part then it started to get annoying. I was expecting more detail on the arm part as what you would get on the 1.0 kit. Though I haven’t built the 1.0, when I was doing some research to it I was surprised to know that the older version had more detail.

I was pissed with it, but it wasn’t much to get to my nerves (not yet anyway). As the building progressed I find myself more pissed off at the amount of detailing I need to do. Mind you, I love taking my Gundam Marker and just sit down and do this, but only because some of the detailing that you made feels like it has a bigger purpose. Not on this kit, most of the time its only because they just wanted the kit to look cool but most of the detailing is pointless.

Main top half body

And that pissed me off.

A lot of the detailing that was needed was unnecessary, but if you leave it alone it really look awkward and be ready to spend a lot of your time just sitting down filling all those lines up. God, help you if you screw one up, it would look like shit. Though it does have a lot parts needing lining / detailing but it does lack detail in the inner frame. I thought since it’s a 2.0 kit it might have more detail and be a better kit but unfortunately it wasn’t. It really was a missed opportunity for this.  As well because the amount of detaling/lining that is needed to be done for this kit I can’t recommend this one for those new to this hobby. Just too much work and you really need steady hands for this one.

Regardless, it’s not all that bad. If you do manage to slog it through in the end the look of the kit would make you be a real proud owner of it. It looks awesome and handsome, you really can take your time to pose it in any way that you wanted it too. Though it looks flimsy it is a solid kit (although I have problem with the chest vent cover, that’s the only part that is flimsy) you really have an absolute confidence that it’ll stay and hold its pose.

The waist unit

Oh, did I tell you it comes with a stand? It does but ver 1.0 had a better stand then this one.

I suppose when I think about it, because I was comparing it so much to the 1.0 freedom what I really feel is disappointment. This Freedom Gundam 2.0 I feel not much an improvement over the old one, the old 1.0 looks a lot more fun to make and it comes with an awesome stand. When every time I just build the kit that’s the kind of feeling that I had. The whole thing feels lacking and unfulfilling.

Dem legs

Regardless, when every time I set my eyes on the finished kit I can’t help to be rendered stupid. It’s very hard to get pissed with this one since it looks awesome finished. No matter how you pose this kit it looks awesome. Therefore, I was rendered quite thorn for this one. I really hate the fact that it wasn’t as good as it should be and every time I pick up the nipper it just makes loathe the time I spend building it. Then again when It was finished I just can’t help myself to admire how it looks.

Beautiful little thing you.

To put simply, it’s like having a trophy wife. It looks beautiful and you are proud having it around but that’s about it. You only kept it because of looks not because of what it makes you feel. Would I recommend though, that is a hard question to answer but to be honest though, I rather have a fun kit instead of a beautiful one but that is me. I suppose for this kit it really depends, if you want to go for looks go ahead but if you are looking for a challenge and fun? Not this one.

Like I said fun over beauty, more substance there and you’d appreciate the time spent.

Then again it’s also good to have beautiful things around…… dagnammit, I have a problem.



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