Unboxing and First Impressions (and a little short story) of Sinanju RG

Unboxing and First impressions (and a little short story) of Sinanju RG

Adding in some Instagram filter to it makes it look so artsy.

To those that have been following and reading my blog last week I do need to first make an apology for breaking my flow of the review and the first impressions. I just feel I really need to get that one out the way first, because I just feel immensely disappointed by it overall. Trying to write the review for that kit is probably one of the hardest pieces I have written, am just glad I finally managed to get that one out of the way at least.

Anyways, quite recently I have gotten a request to build a kit. The request came to me through FB and the commissioner asked me to assist in building the kit for his son’s birthday since he doesn’t have the time nor the skills to build the kit properly. Getting a request like this was a surprise for me that since I started this blog I never have expected it, not this quickly. So, you can imagine how I feel; shocked and ecstatic (as well quite baffled, to be honest).

Although after hearing the commissioner’s reasoning of the said request, I did inform the said person that I really am not a professional builder (really, I still have a lot to learn) and I am just a bloke that is just doing this for fun. Even with that information imparted to the commissioner, he still decided to trust me with his son’s gift. I am really humbled and happy to be trusted my a random dude and at the same time knowing that I could make a difference to somebody’s day and possibly their life too by doing what I love and passionate about. Going through this experience did make me feel more committed to becoming a better builder in the future, so I hope I could take on more projects like this again.

Oh, as well I have gotten permission from the commissioner to publish my thoughts and review of this kit. So that is cool too.

But first, let’s do my first impression and thoughts of the kit, shall we?

RG is the new S&M black

When the RG kit was first introduced in 2010 with its first kit being the RX-78-2 Gundam, it has managed to break hearts and pride of most builders. It manages to be one of the hardest kit (next to the PG kits) due to its smaller size and more detailed parts. I remember building RG RX-78-2 kit and was left broken by it, I thought at the time Bandai just decided to go all S&M on us. It is hard but it is as well quite strangely addicting.

So, I had a lot of expectations with the RG Sinanju as I was going through its runner parts and its manual. You know for sure with RG series, it already started off looking very challenging but as I was going through it I started to have some concerns about some of the runner parts. To those that have built kits that come with metallic plated runner kits know what I mean: the fucking shiny runner parts.

opening it and you are greeted by shiny parts already…. having some shivering thoughts about the shiny parts now. If I stayed quiet, I could hear whipping in the background. 

When looking at it I already can feel cold sweat running through my neck, I hate shiny fucking parts and since this is a commissioned work (some more) it kind of put an extra pressure not to fuck this one up (really no pressure). Although if things were to go well I know without any shadow of a doubt, it’s going to look awesome. Really good news for the commissioner but bad news for the commissioned builder T_T.

Only with RG (and some MG kits) comes with more information inside of the box.

As ever I love going through the box, the look of the kit and just the detail of information it has on the kits are a joy to look at. Even when you open the box there is just more information and history of how the kit came to be is given. RG kits never fail to surprise me in this sense, so every time I open the box it was really a joy going through it.

I really wish these were written in English. and i love the black box. It makes the RG stand out from the rest.

Although it was crammed with a wealth of information admittedly this is an older kit, so t it doesn’t come with English translated manual and box. Quite unfortunate since it was planned and released before Bandai decide to translate the manuals and details to English. It was a shame since this is a kit it really feels it would benefit more with English translated manual, I would definitely be able to enjoy it more if it was. I guess I was really spoiled after building GM Sniper II, I really enjoyed reading the manual for that one to be honest, haha.

The cool manual

This kit does starting to look promising, though I have concerns about the shiny parts I do have a complete confidence that things will go well. It undoubtedly gives me some new challenge and because it is my first official commissioned work I do want to take this much more carefully.

This by far has been the best time in my life.

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