Sinanju (RG) Review

We have come a long way since the last Gundam series was first aired, we are enthralled and capitaved not just by the story, as well we are taken by the awesome designs and sometimes weird mobile suits. As for every Gundam series, OVA’s and movies, we are always presented with awesome Gundam mobile suits and as well its rival mobile suits. The most Iconic for the Universal Century series is the Char’s “Red Comet” Zaku II and now the more recent Full Frontal’s Sinanju.

The Sinanju looked awesome when I first saw it in the Gundam Unicorn movie (not the CGI fest anime series). It looked bloody bad ass and awesome better than the unicorn Gundam in fact but I always had some reservations to some of the GOLD parts of the Mobile Suit and I don’t think it really fitted with the overall bad ass look of the mobile suit (tho this is remedied by the Sinanju Stein, tho I don’t fancy the white color that it was given, to be honest).

It kinda turns me off on most of the Sinanju kits as well because of it, the reason being is that like when you see the Hyakushiki kits you know it’s going to be a pain in the ass. So imagine how I felt when commissioned to do this kit and seeing all those shiny parts.

The best part, it’s an RG kit. I was really strapping myself for a wild ride for this one.

But before that, let’s review some of the histories of this Mobile Suit (which the kit is based upon).


Sinanju (OVA)
Sinanju (OVA)

Originally the MSN-06S Sinanju Stein developed by Anaheim Electronics as part of the Earth Federation’s “UC Project”, its movable frame is partly made from Psycoframe materials (inspired from the Nu-Gundam unit). It has a lot of Gundam-like features installed (except for the Vulcan) in the Sinanju Stein but mostly it have been replaced with a Zeonic-like design and weaponry, making it reminiscent of the Sazabi this is when the mobile suit was stolen by the Neo-Zeon forces.

Sinanju Stein, can you spot the differences?

The MSN-06S Sinanju piloted by Full Frontal in UC 0096 is the already modified version of the MSN-06S Sinanju Stein. Funnily enough most of the testing and development data from the Sinanju Stein was used by Anaheim to complete the research and development of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam after the Sinanju was stolen during UC 0094 by the neo-Zeon remnants, “The Sleeves”.

Speaking about the most notable modifications that were given to the Sinanju is the wing-like arrangement on its back to replace the stock Vernier thrusters that was given as standard to the Sinanju stein. By sporting multiple Vernier thrusters throughout its frame, the unit can achieve precise movements and high speeds.

With its overwhelming combat ability, crimson body, and mono-eye sensors, the Sinanju reminds all who see it of the legendary “Red Comet”.

With some of the history lesson done let’s get back to the review shall we 😊

The Review

I love making RG kits, it’s a kit that would make you sit down and taking your time handling the small parts and one that would punish you severely for every mistake you make. The price of the kit and the box art is really deceiving the eyes of the uninitiated, I have seen a lot of beginner makes this mistake of thinking since its cheaper and smaller scaled than the MG kit it must be an easier than them. I as well have seen people buying the RG kit because of the awesome box art and the finished product.

The sad part is then when confronted with the reality of the harshness and the unforgiving nature of the kit, most of em tend to hang up their nippers due to them thinking they suck or why things don’t seem to work properly as intended. Even I had this issue, wondering most of the time; What the fuck is happening.

The same is true when I was commissioned to work on this Sinanju RG kit. It left me drained psychically, mentally and emotionally. It not just managed to drain me, it as well managed to injure and actually tried to kill me with my own design knife (well this one is a bit over the top, I know). No matter how hard and abusive my time was with the kit, it still managed to be good.

By far the Easiest part to make

Abusive and good? That must be a strange combination of words not for bondage lovers though. Let me explain why.

This, however, is where some blood was shed and some tears too

The main construction and the processes of this RG kit were, I would say a lot harder than what I was accustomed to. With the shiny parts involved, I needed to be more careful (and trying hard not to fuck it up) in cutting and sanding the seams. Though the RG series is known to have small parts in their kits but I really don’t find the Sinanju had a lot of small parts. Maybe I am getting used to building RG kits but when building this I do find that it wasn’t the case.

This wasn’t as hard, was starting to get cocky here.

I find that Bandai seems to have learned a lot through their experiences with the other RG kits. There are not many small parts that you are having to handle than the past RG kits, but it’s not to say it was any easier. It was still hard as fuck, I still must take my time with every single part and the only real problem I had with the kit is with the shiny parts and the fucking cheapo stickers. Oh,this kit its not what I call a cheap kit aswell, although this was a comissioned work it was priced at RM 190* (USD 43.79 *The price is subject to change of course).

connecting this two parts together actually almost made me have a heart attack.

The shiny part is really the pain in the ass or my fingers, with most of the other parts I really don’t have trouble with but let not forget my last statement before when I said this kit tried to kill me (yes, yes over the top I know) this was the said part that was making that effort on my life. You don’t just have to worry about it being insanely hard to not to fuck it up, you as well have to contend with bandai putting these extra little shits in places that is almost impossible not to fuck it up.

Almost done and shiny.

Oh, don’t get me started with the cheap fucking stickers. Goddamn Bandai can you make a better sticker that won’t fucking crumble every fucking time you pick it up and tries to put it on. I don’t mind it being small, but at least don’t make it so fucking fragile. This is a very fundamental problem that the RG series is having, just having a pretty shite sticker set.

I fucking hate making this gold shiny shield, but the rest is ok.

Well, I went off on an angry rant there. Stay calm Kimi, think of good thoughts. Better.

Even with that said the good parts of the kit really shines (like really) through as compared the bad parts. I mean the end product looked so good you really don’t need to paint it on. Towards the end when you sit down and see the end of the work that you have put in and the tiny sacrifices made through the process, it made you feel that it was the most satisfying work that you have done in a long time.

At least the end product is really good on the eyes.

So, to end this for the sake of the review, I would conclude by saying; Yes if you want a challenging kit and something that would really rattles your jimmies. I would highly recommend this kit, but only those that is experienced in building kits. However, I don’t recommend beginners to go and pick this up, no matter how cool or rich you are. RG’s are made for those dabbling in dark and horrible arts of bondage (that’s why you have a black box for the inner box, that is already a sign), it really is not made to be “my first gunpla kit”.

So, with the review done, I will add in a few more things before we conclude. Just some personal stuff.

When the kit was done, I really find it hard to let it go since you put the time and effort through the kit. So, when heading to the commissioners place I was debating to myself in just declining and just move forward with taking it for my own (what a greedy motherfucker). However, when you see the smile and the kind of happiness your work has made for the family, that thought just simply died on its own.

When I see the smile of a child happily marveling at how awesome the kit looked, while thanking you on your work. Hearing and seeing a child’s happiness you can’t help to feel happy and content with your work, no matter how you toil for it. Even though I wasn’t being paid in the millions, but at that moment I felt that I was the richest person in the world.

I started to have a weird feeling of sorts. I never have expected that doing this i would be able to make a difference in somebody’s life. That smile was proof enough that I finally doing something worthwile and it as well makes me happy. To be honest, in all my years doing this never have I expected to be paid doing what I love the most, in fact, I never expected to be blogging about it too.

I’m happy that I started this blog, if i haven’t I might not have gone through this wonderful journey. So to those reading this no matter who or where you are I wanted to say thanks for reading my blog and as well your support!

I don’t know if I would ever get this kind of request ever again, but I’ll be looking forward to anything regardless.

Thanks, guys, may this year continues to be a great year ahead!


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