Unboxing and First Impressions of Super Fumina (HGBF)

Gundam Builders anime series have been a little weird for me, an anime that is reminiscent of most sports anime. Wasn’t really my cup of tea to be honest, and during this time I was waiting for the next Your lie in April anime episodes, I was really using this anime as a stopgap before the next one comes out. What I didn’t realize though, is how much this anime manages to get me invested all the way through.

This Box art is the….well you know

It is one that is really entertaining and though you can feel that tailored for kids, the story feels decent enough for us adults to appreciate as well. The kits that were released as well is quite decent and thanks to this anime (actually the original Gundam Build Fighters) because of that anime we have the Revive 1.0 for the HG kits. With some of the earlier kits and newer kits being developed to be able to share some parts with each other, making customization and combination of kits easier.

Though I wasn’t too enthusiastic with most of the kits that were announced for this anime, except for when I saw Bandai announced the Super Fumina. I was at first baffled on what was going through their minds when they announced it and I thought it might be because of bewbs be just a one-off thing. Then they announced the Super Fumina axis angel and until recently the Chinagguy, oh how I was so wrong.

Probably one of the most colorful runner parts that I have seen in an HG kit.

So, you must be wondering, why the hell I decided to get the Super Fumina, you may ask? Well, my dear Gunpla friends the answer is very easy. I have been making so many serious kits recently, I just needed some break before I get into another ‘serious’ ones. Plus, getting myself into HG kits again is something that I haven’t done for some time, so I was excited at the prospect of doing so.

The manual is as colorful as its runner parts

Well, I wasn’t expecting anything much from the Super Fumina. By the runner kits that I see, this might be looking to be something quick and fun. It is surprising for me to know that for a kit like this, it comes with its own stand. This might be a worry since from looking at the kit itself, I have a sincere concern on how it’s going to stand with those small feet and that huge backpack.

Maybe as I go through the build maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? We shall see how it goes as I go through it. It might be a surprise even if it does it would be something that I wouldn’t expect. So do look forward to next week for the review! 😊

Oh before I leave, I shall leave you guys a picture that really captures my reaction.

Yes, all of that reaction is what I feel when I see this kit announced,

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