Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.3

When I was planning for the draft and the ideas of this blog, I only planned for the release of content in every Sunday. The reason being is because I was slowly taking time re-learning and getting my own writing style. As I’m slowly getting used to writing and releasing content, and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to push Let’s Talk Gunpla segment to be released on Every Wednesday. With the addition of a new dateline, it will be able to push me as a blogger to be better at my writing and good for you guys since there will be more content! 😀

This segment has always been something of an experiment for me, It was originally made to just talk everything Gunpla and its new releases. Though now I feel I should touch more on my take on certain things that effect us as a Gunpla or plastic model builders, and my own personal experiences as a builder myself.

Anyways, all that awesomeness is for the coming week! As for this week edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla! Vol.3 however, we shall look into the new releases that were announced for our glorious month of May and my thoughts of the kits announced.

MS-08TX/S Efreet Schneid (HGUC)

Effreet Schneid (HGUC)

I remember seeing the Efreet Custom released in the 1/100 RE version, and how glorious it looked when I saw one on display last year in one of Gunpla shops in Kuala Lumpur. To be honest for the price that they are asking for the Efreet RE 1/100 I really find it hard to justify it, because with the price that they were asking I might as well get an MG kit.

It really does look awesome to be honest

So, when they announced that they are releasing the Efreet Schneid HG kit, I was really delighted. As I go through the still of the kit I can’t stop to really digging this kit. It really won me over through the looks department. Though this is looking to be a quite conventional kit by the looks of it. Regardless, I really loving the look of this awesome kit and dem daggers are awesome.

Gundam Astaroth Rinascimento (HG)  

Finally a good looking kit from Iron-Blooded Orphans series!

So far, I have been having a lot of trouble getting into most Gundam Iron-blooded Orphans kits, mostly because of how most of them looked. The problem is that most of them looked too overly designed, it’s like they really went wild with the designs till they managed to make most of the mobile suits ugly. If i were to put my feelings to words, it looked like somebody had too one too many steroids when making the desgins on this series.

a bit too much on the sword part, but it still looks awesome

Well up until I came across this one at least. This kit is probably one of the most badass looking kits announced and one that I’m excited in seeing. Not sure how I feel about the rifle though, but the rest does gel well with the rest of the kit.

Regardless this is one I’m keeping my eye on.

Chinagguy (HGBF)

Look at this cute motherfucker.

I don’t know how I feel about this one but I have to start by saying I wasn’t surprised this was announced actually. With the popularity of the Super Fumina kits I was expecting more of the same to be released. Though i was expecting more boobs. 


What I didn’t expect was a kit based on China Kousaka, I was kind of expecting them to focus more on the other Gundam build fighters TRY characters though. Regardless, like the super Fumina kits this one as well does look…….. good. At least for this one, it doesn’t look too obscene as compared to the Super Fumina Axis angel version one.

Hopefully, they will make a boobier an MG version of the Super Fumina. That I would buy boxes of.

Bandai just knows how to get into yer pockets, don’t they?

AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma (RE/100)

A look that a mother would love.

I didn’t expect them to announce this, not just it has a very funny name for a mobile suit it does as well have a look that a mother would love. To some, they might find something to like on this kit, but I really find it hard why bandai decide on developing this in all the other kits that they can announce. I actually prefer if they focused on the F-91 Gundam series Mobile Suits (they have alot of awesome looking mobile suits, and an awesome badass sounding faction the Crossbone Vaguard).

When things can’t get any worse, they made two of these.

Well, some people think Agguy is a good-looking kit, so I’m not surprised if this kit becomes something like a cult classic. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t find any appeal on the RE/100 series in general, as for the price I could be getting a good cheap MG kit.

So as with all RE/100 series, I’m not excited for this one.

Unicorn Gundam (RG)

Looks ok so far, but I do wonder how is all that frame is going to hold up in real life.

So far before this, we have been hearing rumors and chats about this being in development, even when I heard them talking about this I was already quite skeptical. Mainly because of the size and the complexity of making runner parts and the workings of the mechanisms.

but the inner frame does look bad ass

Even as we see the pictures of it being in the wild, I still have serious reservations on how the psychoframe would work in a kit this small. That would be a real challenge for Bandai to get right, tho I must be honest I am not looking forward to this one.

But for the next one tho….

ZZ Gundam Ver.ka (MG – prototype display)

Looking really bad ass

This one is something that I’m really getting excited for, so far there is not much detail and what kind of mechanism or what kind of poses it would be able to do. But from what I can see so far it is looking like a pretty solid kit.

I do have concerns on how the kit would weigh, it does look like a back heavy kit. If that is the case I do hope this kit comes with a stand, and by the looks of it, we are most likely going to see a kit priced at RM 250 –RM 300 (USD 57.83 – 69.40). I will be covering more on this kit when we get an official announcement nad better look at the kit for sure.

But I do fancy this one then the rest that was announced. Even more than the Efreet.

So that is my thoughts and impressions on the new kits that were announced. So what do you guys think of all of the kits announced? Am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas of what kits that you are most looking forward to this year and the ones that are listed here.

As ever your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated 😊. This concludes the vol.3 of the Let’s Talk Gunpla article, will be back again next Thursday with more Let’s talk Gunpla Segment! Bye! 😊

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.3

  1. I personally already have the RE/100 Schneid, and i’m kinda salty that the HG exists and is retail, because I had to go thick and thin to obtain it, and never expected an HG of it. Still nice, but i’m likely passing.

    Astaroth Rinascimento I will admit is a design i’m impartial on. Sure I like the aesthetic and asymmetry and it is pretty neat, however I was never a huge fan on the base Astaroth, nor this one either. I might pick it up, might not.

    Chinagguy might actually be bought by me, it’s cute, it’s not obvious fanservice, and can be turned into a normal China figure. This will likely go well with my other anime figures.

    I am hype for RE/100 Hamma Hamma. I don’t mind the increased price because the kits are still pretty good. Sure they aren’t as complex as an MG, but the kits are still neat, and they’re of MS that wouldn’t usually get kits otherwise. Consider RE/100 Hamma Hamma something for me to get eventually.

    RG Unicorn is actually rumoured to be a partsformer, which could drastically increase the stability it might have. Another thing is that Bandai is releasing this as a GEP kit, and the “evolution” here is that apparently RG Unicorn is going to be the most stable RG made. Another one of the reasons they chose to make an RG Unicorn minus the whole Unicorn milking and 1/1 scale statue, is that they wanted to prove they’ve got RG stability down with this one, because lets face it, if they can make RG Unicorn the sturdiest RG, they’ve got RG stability in the bag. I highly doubt this, but it shows that RG Unicorn might not be an exploding mess.

    ZZ Ver. Ka is also something of interesting. On one hand i’m wary of it’s posing abilities like with the Victories, but i’m also excited because I really like ZZ, and this would be a good kit to have of it.


    1. Thanks for your honest opinion on the matter, the announcement of the Schneid is making a lot of people salty with Bandai. I’ve talked to a lot of RE/100 owners that said that they should’ve announced it as a P-Bandai kit instead. Regardless, I might most likely be getting this one. The Astaroth though is something of a mixed bag for me. As I do have the experience making the barbatos and Schwalbe Graze I do find it to be somewhat lacking in depth as compared to other HG kits. So I am worried that it might be not up to par to my expectations, but then again I might be wrong. Chinagguy is cute but I was kinda expecting them to milk more on the Fumina kits or planning for a Mirai kamiki (AM a big fan of Mirai Kamiki >.<) kit than this. Regardless of what I feel, I would still definitely buy this one too. Still waiting for Super Fumina MG kit, if they announce this one I would definitely flip.To be honest I still can't think of a good reason to out and buy the RE/100 kits (Hamma Hamma kit included), but like you said maybe when I get into it I might get into the reason of it. So I will give it a try, then maybe my feelings on it would change? maybe?

      For the RG Unicorn tho, although at this moment as we are hearing of Bandai's commitment to making this the most stable RG kit I feel that we can only say if they succeed when we see the Unicorn in action. I really am still skeptical on the whole thing still but will be looking forward to giving it a try as soon as it comes out. The ZZ Ver.Ka is already on my priority list, am really excited about seeing this one in action tbh. Though I d have the same concern on the posing ability of this one, I do feel if they include a stand it would be all good! Having a stand is always a plus for any kits.

      Again thanks for your comments and opinions on the subject matter! Really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I as a RE/100 owner who has actually starved a bit to obtain the RE/100 can vouch for their frustrations. :v

        IBO kits tend to be more light on the parts, but I find them to be really good kits despite them, only being brought down by stickers and missing color apps. I think you should pick it up, but most IBO kits are quite similar in most ways due to that inner frame, so i’d keep that in mind.

        I just hope Chinagguy has better eyes than SuFu, also same with Hyper Gyanko. I loved Armored Girls since FA Girls, and while I don’t own any (yet), I definitely will in the future. Personally though, I hope they move from not only making girls, but also make things like a Sei Iori Build Strike, Amuro RX-78-2, and Belliri G-Self, but at this rate, most I can hope for is a Transcendent Shia or something. 😛

        I highly doubt Bandai’ll make MG Super Fumina, or any armored girl kits tbh, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

        I’d give Bawoo a try if you want to see a good one, Hamma Hamma might be nice, but I can already say Bawoo does it’s transformation better than most MG’s, while staying sturdy. However for a good all rounder kit, definitely consider Gerbera. I like the line, sure they are around the same price as MG’s, but in the end, the finished product is very good looking, especially if you panel line it, so i’d say they’re worth the money.

        I wouldn’t get it right away personally, i’d wait to see the opinions from reviewers first before deciding, just saying the facts so we don’t have to worry that it’s going to explode 3x faster than the RG Zeta or something. It’s something i’m both excited and curious about, however I wouldn’t risk it until i’m confident.

        I doubt ZZ Ver. Ka will have a stand but that would be a very nice thing to have, would definitely help for displaying more than a little bit.

        No problem mate, I like your blog, you put effort into it and it shows. Feel free to check out mine too at https://manpigscollection.blogspot.hk (#ShamelessPlug).

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