Super Fumina (HGBF) Review

A surprise that comes in a skirt

In this couple of years of me building gunpla, there are only a few instances where a kit manages to blow my mind away, like the MG MS-14 Gelgoog 2.0 (in my opinion one of the best MG kits around) and quite recently the V Gundam Ver.Ka. Very rare that I go out and find a good HG kit that I’m pleasantly surprised with! Never mind the fact that is so good that it would be on par with the MG kits no less. Now I can honestly say that the one that supposed to be a joke kit that I got turns out to be one of the most surprising and the one that managed to blow my little brother mind off.

This was a kit that I had so much fun with this year. I mean good kind of fun….not the sort that you are thinking about…..Well, we have doujin’s for that….oh god I just made it worse.

Never mind that! Let’s move on to the history of this……thing.


Super Fumina anime
Really nice.

The SF-01 Super Fumina is based from the of the RGM-237C Powered GM Cardigan (Fumina Hoshino’s original Gunpla). The Gunpla is designed, built and piloted by Minato Sakai in Gundam Build Fighters Try. Its appearance is based on Fumina Hoshino.

Super fumina in action
Super Fumina in…well action? I suppose?

The Super Fumina was created by Minato Sakai as an entry for the Meijin Cup Open Course, it was created to go against Yuuma Kousaka’s mobile suit that is the LSZ-006 Lightning Zeta Gundam. However, despite how awesome the build was Meijin Kawaguchi III declared the Lightning Zeta the winner. The reason given for it is defeat is due to the fact Minato never asked Fumina’s permission to build the Super Fumina (well it looked quite, well you know) – and rightfully so, as Fumina was horribly embarrassed by it. Still unsatisfied, the Meijin allowed the two to settle it in a one-on-one Gunpla Battle. However, the battle got derailed after Sekai Kamiki entered with his new KBG-011B Kamiki Burning Gundam, and soon ended up in a battle royale.

Well, that covers most of the history of this Mobile Suit. Let’s go into the review!

The Review

Oh where to begin oh where to begin, there is so many things to talk about this kit. but I should start by saying that it has been awhile since I touched an HG kit since I started building Gunpla. I always buy cheap HG kits to kill the time (and improve on my skills) before the next Interesting MG or RG kit comes out. So, it usually I would not expect anything much from a cheap kit (well most cheap HG anyways), especially this one (well look at it).  So, imagine how I looked when I found that this ‘cheap HG’ kit is brilliant.

The boobies chest section

The awesomeness of this is thanks to the fact that Bandai was pulling every string and skills learned from the other kits (well I guess lessons learned from the Dragon Ball MG and the star wars figure kits) to make this one. There are so many new things that are so different than what you used to with the other HG kits you find yourself learning new things. Even though the kit is vastly different than most HG kits that you are accustomed to it is still a very easy kit to get into, the runner parts were well designed that it would not leave too much of residue as you were to cut it off, in turn making less work to sand the parts. Though that is a small detail in a bigger picture, you can’t help to feel that the team in charge of this really did a fine job. Everything just clicks and works as intended.

For something that had so many new things crammed into it, I wasn’t expecting it to be a solid kit. Even in that department, it manages to prove me wrong. I was surprised by its ability to be quite poseable and its ability to maintain the pose without it giving it into gravity (with the help of the stand of course). Oh yes, this is as well I would say is one of the tallest HG kits to date! I was impressed by its size when I was putting it side by side with my Gundam Wing RG kit. I find this to be quite a feat.

Really liking how it looked and built at this point.

Though there is a lot of good things that can be said about this kit, there is something that I am quite annoyed about. That you can’t pose it properly without needing a stand. The kit was so out of balance that even without the back pack attached you would still have trouble standing the Super fumina on solid ground. Thus, that is why this kit was supplied with a stand, because, without it. You are fucked, forever confined to that sweet box.

Regardless, of that one small set back the rest of the kit was brilliant, exciting and refreshing. Never have I expected to be surprised by an HG kit this year, even more so by this one in particular. This kit made me change my views of taking on the MS Girl-ish kits as a joke before, to something seriously legit. Now I’m seriously thinking of building a frame Arms Girl kit sometime this year. I’m not laughing at things like this anymore.

The completed main part minus the backpack, do need the box to help it to stand, to be honest.

That’s how impressed I was with this kit, I am looking forward to Bandai making more kits like this. More of the kind of kits that would just be a joy to build and something that would push the boundaries of what the gunpla is. With the recent announcement of the Chinagguy, I do believe that Bandai is going to churning out more kits like this. This is definitely some exciting times that we are living in.

Bandai has out done themselves this time, for once it was for a good gamble. I can seriously say that even though at first glance you would think this was meant to be something of a fanservice, It turns out to be quite the contrary. Super Fumina is an impressive kit and something that everybody has to give it a try. With the kit priced at RM 65 (USD 15.23 the price of the kit during time I bought this kit) it is a must buy to those seeking a good, easy and to those seeking something refreshing. As well a good kit for those that is starting out in this hobby! I highly Recommend to everybody to take on this kit! Trust me, you’d be surprised with the amount of fun you would have with it.

Super Fumina complete!

In the end, I was glad that I decided this would be the first HG review that I made this year. It was a refreshing experience overall and a kit that have made a huge impression on me. I can safely say that besides the Nu-Gundam ver.KA that I build earlier this year this is by far the best kit I have laid my hands on.

Good Job Bandai, for making this a good one. Now please make an MG version of this, I can’t wait to fap to that have this in my collection. Oh, even better you make a Ver.Ka of this. Then my life would be complete.

P.S: – Oh, I heard that you released a Premium Bandai Super Fumina Titans Maid Version… sneaky bastards you. I will find you and I will make you mine.

dat face
How can you not love dat face


3 thoughts on “Super Fumina (HGBF) Review

  1. Armored Girls FTW!

    I actually don’t think SuFu’s a very good HG kit, more unique than good, but it’s certainly a nice addition to someone’s collection. You’ll love FA Girls a lot more though, some might not be as quality in areas, but I can vouch for their quality, and I personally think they are much better kits that you should definitely try out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, it is my first Armored Girls kit ever haha, without a doubt :D! I feel the more that I go into this branch of the kit, I will encounter better made armored girls kit soon! Regardless I still say that is a good HG kit, only because that you can feel that this was made with passion, care and real consideration to us builders. We have to take into consideration that this is bandai’s first official attempt to gunpla-ise the MS Girl kits.

      It was impressively a solid kit, for something that was so experimental. Not the best HG kit yes, but one of the most impressive yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They’re making a Fumina Star Winning, so that might interest you.

        However I urge, urge you to check out FA Girls instead, they’re really nice kits and they’re definitely different to most things Bandai has to offer. Kits I will recommend are Jinrai, Baselard, and Hresvelgr, who are all really nice.


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