RX-78-02 Gundam (Gundam the Origins Version) Special Version Review

A good kit that is held back from being great.

The completed one and another that had too many drinks

Hello and a, very good morning to all my readers, am back with a new review! This is a hard week to be writing my review because I was focusing so much on the announcement of the PG Millennium Falcon and plotting some schemes to get money for it, I almost forgot to write this review. Regardless, I managed to get this through…barely.

This one really gets close to becoming my favorite kit of the year, it was a fun kit to me and I do enjoy building this kit but there are a few things that I feel that I was quite disappointed about.

We are going to talk about it in the review, but first! So, some backstory of RX-78-02 Gundam (Origins Version)


The RX-78-02 Gundam (Origins. Version)

The backstory for the Gundam for the origins is a little bit different as compared to the original’s backstory (as well the overall designs of the mobile suit as well).

Though I am not going talk about the differences, I am however going to talk about the development of how this suit came to be. The project was first initiated by Tem Ray (Amuro’s father) in U.C. 0078 after he watched the footage of the MS-04 in action in the A Bao A Qu region. He was greatly concerned due to the fact he believed that if The Federation had gone ahead with the Mass-production of the Guncannon, in which was developed to mainly to be a suit to combat ships would be inadequate against the Zaku if they were pitted against each other.

As the federation being the Federation, they disregarded Tem’s warning and still firmly believed that Guncannon would be enough to go against the Zeon’s mobile suit. It didn’t take long for Tem’s theory to be proven true during the Battle of Mare Smythii, in which 4 units of MS-05 Zakus alongside the MS-04 Bugu’s, wiped out all 12 units of Guncannon of the Iron Cavalry Squadron, and thus right after the federation finally see the need for taking Tem seriously.

The Gundam (Origins) first designs

The need of having a mobile suit that is geared towards mobile suit combat was so urgent they immediately approved the RX-78 Gundam Development Project. In U.C 0079 they managed to build 2 units of the RX-78 that are the 01 and the 02, unfortunately for the 01 unit, it was destroyed by zeon infiltration Squad that was led by Char Aznable. The 02 unit though barely managed to be saved ironically by Tem’s Son; Amuro Ray this event led to the changing of fate for the Federation forces and as well turned the tide for the Zeon during the one year war.

Now with that back story done, lets us head to the review of the kit!

The Review

I can’t deny that I was coming in building this with some expectations, reason being is that coming from a place where I see the evolution of the Gundam kits from the 1.0 all the way to the latest 3.0 kit I was hoping that this would be either more less the same or better than those. In some sense, it does seem to be the case, but as I was going into building it, I find there a few nagging details that really disappointed me.

Though I will talk the positives first, this is one where all the runner parts fit well with the overall build. There is no part of this kit that was loose, everything fits well. Though there are parts that were flimsy (like the beam saber holder), but it still manages to hold itself well. So, in terms of the quality of the kit, it is top notch for this one. I’m genuinely happy with this, it hard to find a kit that really can manage this fit, especially for us that love to change poses and not worried that it would fall and get fucked.

It was promising when this was made.

The articulation is brilliant as well with this kit, you are free to do a lot of awesome poses with, as to most MG kits it is quite solid, well balanced even when you put all the weapons attached to the kit. I am as well quite impressed by how complete and how much customisation that I could do with this kit.  They included so many things in the kit, even better for the special version of this kit, it does come extra with 2 LED units and as well with an AWESOME poster.

Though some people might say it’s hard to justify getting the Special Edition of this kit, I still retained that it is the best version to get because it comes with extra parts to customise your kit closer to some scenes to the manga, on top of the poster and the LED given. So, for me this is a more complete Edition as compared to the prior release and you do get your money’s worth for this kit.

Starting to feel there is something missing, but it was still good still.

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, there is some nagging issues that really bothered me as I was building this kit. I should start by saying I came in hoping that the RX-78-02 Gundam (Gundam the Origins Version) would be better than the 3.0 that was released back in august 2013 only to be disappointed to say that though this kit was fun to make but it does lack in detail.

The 3.0 was rich in detail and it justifies its existence because it was a MAJOR improvement from the 2.0 and you are left genuinely satisfied with the finished product. You see Bandai really  tries with the RX-78-02 Gundam (Gundam the Origins Version) because there is parts where I appreciate that they put some effort on, but as the further you go, the more you realise that it really lacked depth as compared the 3.0.

When building the leg part, this is where I realize what is this kit lacking. It’s inner frame.

The issue in question is the LACK of an inner frame, this has really annoyed me because I was expecting that through my past experiences that I was looking forward to seeing what do they do for this kit. Just to be disappointed to know it was lacking in that department. Even though this is technically not from the original main line kit, it at least has the name. It is still RX-78-02 so they could’ve given it some more love then what they given us.

Even the weapons, something that is something that is hard to fuck up. They managed to fuck it up, the weapons look cool, yes. As soon as you look at the handle of the weapon you start to wonder if you bought an SD kit instead, it doesn’t fit the overall awesome look of the weapon and in a sense quite fucked up.

but its still looks so good….still….

What makes me sad is that, I can see that there were instances that this kit could looked awesome, but it was let down by bandai’s decision to not give it as a detail look as its counterpart. Price wise it was price similarly as the 3.0 so if you had to pick in between the two, I still would have recommended that you pick up the 3.0 instead of this, Due to the fact you would have a better time and more satisfaction building 3.0 then the Origins version.

Though, it is still a good kit and without the doubt it still a fun kit to build but let down by the fact that it was a much too BASIC as compared the rest. I did try to like this kit; the looks of the kit are much more bad ass then the 3.0 and it’s a kit that you find posable without worrying everything falling apart. It is a solid kit overall and loveable in some parts but overall let down by lack of detail.

With all the weapons attached, it is still managed to hold itself well… this is a very impressive feat.

It really could’ve been my pick for the kit of the year.

Anyways that is my review of this kit, a little bit disappointed by how it came out overall but still a good kit nevertheless. So, what do you think of the kit yourself? Did you enjoy building it? Please do share your thoughts on this review and your opinions on the kits! 😃

I do look forward to reading your thoughts. Leave a like as well if you enjoyed this article and you have my permission to share this article as well 😉

So that’s all for today, now I can go back and fap browse through the new announcement of the Figma Tracer, damn there is just too many distractions this week. Hahaha……

Anyways, I’ll see you again soon! Have an awesome Sunday and I’ll see you again this Wednesday! 😀


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