Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.6

Let’s Talk Gunpla vol.6

Uncle Bandai is back with more to offer

Hello, and a very good day to all of you! I’m back with a new edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla, this week we will be covering more announcement by Bandai that I didn’t manage to fill last week. There is just so much new announcement last week and the week before my brain can’t process to these awesome things.

Though most of these announcements are over shadowed by the announcement of the PG Millennium Falcon, I do feel that some of these announcements are quite interesting but as compared to my coverage last week. There is not much that I’m excited about.

But then they announced some…. oh, you’ll see.

Two of our first entry is something that I find quite an interesting kit. We shall start first with the

GM/GM [Unconfirmed final name] (HGBF)


Release Date: 2017/08

Estimated price: 1,360 yen* (MYR 52.58* / USD $12.35*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

 Since the inception of a series that most of us thought would be something of a one-shot series, became something big itself. From this anime, we got a lot of awesome kits like the Gundam Fenice Rinascita (this is to me by far the best looking and the one that had a badass name) to weird shit like the petitgguy line of kits (by far the most pointless kits out there).

I really do love this pose

So I was heard that there were new Gundam Build Fighters anime announced, I am really looking forward to the kits that they will announce alongside the anime. So, hearing the announcement of the kits for the GM’S counterattack anime was a welcoming news to me.

The best part is that they have a GM to headline the kits this time.

When I first look at it, the first thought that came to me is that this thing looks like they gave somebody a ruler and this person just go bat shit crazy with it. So many things going on in this kit, too overly designed in my opinion. Too many angles, too fucking much.

Despite that said, I still think it looks quite badass. It still has that weird handsome charm to it… weirdly. It is still quite charming still to me, plus having more GM’S to pit against my Zaku’s is always a good thing. 😀

The optional heads

It as well comes with optional heads, so it gives a lot of freedom and customization ideas for the builder. That is something that I really appreciate them doing. It really feels like it’s in keeping with the ‘builder’ spirit of the whole show.  Really looking forward to the release of this kit.

New Gundam [Unconfirmed final Name] (HGBF)

New Gundam (HGBF)

Release Date: 2017/08

Estimated price: 1,360 yen* (MYR 52.58* / USD $12.35*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

Another kit that was announced to be release alongside the GM/GM is this New Gundam [Unconfirmed Final Name], This is as we can see from the promotional shoot it does look like it is based a little bit like the Rising and the Shining Gundam (from G Gundam Series). As for how it does with the Shining Gundam it does look flexible and I can see it being able to handle a lot of more complicated poses as most of its counterparts.

Dat pose

For this one though I’m not really looking forward to seeing more of. There is something about it that really don’t gel well with my feelings on this kit. It gives me a different feeling as for how I feel when seeing the GM, but I don’t like how this kit looked.

The weapons and the option manipulators

Though I would love to see this one in the wild. Regardless.

Hyper Gyanko (HGBF)

Hyper Gyanko

Release Date: 2017/08

Estimated price: 2,040 yen* (MYR 78.94* / USD $18.53*)

*The price is subject, to change, depending on the situation. 

YES! Bandai heard my prayers! More kits based on the TRY characters! 😃 Fuck, more kits to fap look forward to! 😃

Fuck yes

Like I mentioned before in my Super Fumina review before, I’m glad to see Bandai embracing these kinds of kits. Just them giving in to their imagination and create a lot weirder and fun kits like these. Even when they make the pointless pettitgguy kits I still feel letting them just create weird stuff is really refreshing. It’s good seeing them having fun creating weird stuff.

Looking really good this

I’m still waiting for them to announce MG Super Fumina please Bandai, make this dream of mine come true. Please?

Zaku II Type C/Type C-5 (HG) (Gundam The Origins Version)

Zaku II Type C / Type C-5 (HG)

Release Date: 2017/09

Estimated price: 1,530 yen* (MYR 59.20* / USD $13.90*)

*The price is subject, to change, depending on the situation.

This is probably one of the announcements of a kit that I am looking forward to. To see them finally rolling out these green grunt units is something that I have been looking forward to. Though they don’t look any different than the Chars version that was launched in April 2015 but seeing the green grunts again is nice.

Green Zaku is the best Zaku

As well them grunts look awesome now, I can’t help to not be impressed with their war-winning looks. So I will be putting this on my wish list, and looking forward to growing my Zaku collection. What’s left now is getting the Zeon Flag and the picture of the great char. As I always say before;

Can you stop looking so awesome T_T


Blue Destiny Unit 1 ‘Exam’ (HGUC)

Blue Destiny Unit 1 ‘Exam’ (HGUC)

Release Date: 2017/08

Estimated price: 1,360 yen* (MYR 52.62* / USD $12.35*)

*The price is subject, to change, depending on the situation.

I’m quite surprised to see this kit announced. I think the original Blue Destiny Unit 1 is released back in July 2007……2007? That is so fucking long ago man. Though I don’t think there will much different as compared to the original Blue destiny, regardless I would still love to see this.

Hey you look, familliar man

The only thing that I find awesome is that, like the GM/GM above it does come with extra head and coloured visors. Regardless, though I am not as excited for this as I were I would for the next one. I would love to see this in action first before deciding on this one.

So, let’s finally talk about this awesome thing: –

MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka (MG)

MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka (MG)

Release Date: 2017/09

Estimated price: 5,100 yen* (MYR 197.34* / USD $46.32*)

*The price is subject, to change, depending of the situation.

As I mentioned before I’m genuinely excited for back in the last Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.3. I would first say that it is high up there in my Wishlist for this year. It looks extremely sexy, and it does look a lot better than the older version of the kit. Though they still don’t have the final mould pictures yet but usually the final product is always looks almost the same.

The backpack looks really awesome for this iteration

From the Promotional pictures it does look really promising, so far there is no major changes to its war winning looks, katoki Hajime just decided to just make the tweaks look as simple and as good as it can be. My only worry is that the weight, this looks like a kit that would be a bitch to stand and one that you would need a stand to pose it up.

By just doing simple tweaks it managed to make the kit looks good. Though I admit, ZZ Gundam does look ridiculous but the tweaks made to this kit makes it look really badass in its ridiculousness. That’s why I want this kit so badly.

This hllarious pose

Now to the one that I am most looking forward to. The best of the best, The one that has most of my wants is this:-

Figure-rise Bust Hatsune Miku

Figure-rise Bust Miku Hatsune

Release Date: 2017/08

Estimated price: 1,530 yen* (MYR 59.20* / USD $13.90*)

*The price is subject, to change, depending of the situation.


Not Gunpla but its MIKU GODDAMMIT

SO.MUCH.WANTS…….SO MUCH WANTS *Shaking in wants*

Ehm… I do need to keep my composure. This is really a surprise, I really found this out while writing this post. It is a very unexpected thing to happened since the Millennium Falcon PG this have taken the top spot of my most wants of wants.

It does look good, Though this is one of the only things announced that is not a gunpla but I can’t deny this peaked my interest more than everything that I’ve talked about here.

As you can tell I can’t really get my head around how awesome this is….



Enough of that nonsense form me, That is all from me for this week’s Let’s Talk Gunpla stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the process of making this entry 😃

Do look forward to your feedback and opinions over the matter and please leave a like and if you wanted to share this post you are as well permitted to share this article.

See you guys again this coming Sunday and have an awesome Wednesday! Bye!

Now I can go cry in the corner now.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.6

  1. I’m very excited for GM/GM myself, it’s the ultimate army builder from what I see, i’ll take 4.

    I’m also a fan of not-burning, it looks very similar, at least using the same polycap system, so it’s bound to be good, i’m interested.

    I’m honestly picking up that Hyper Gyanko, i’m a fan of how she looks, and she’ll stand with my eventual Chinagguy. It looks like they also took design ideas from their SHFiguarts line and Goodsmile’s Figma line, so the joints definitely look better, and articulation is hopefully improved too.

    Zaku Type C / C5 is long overdue and i’m buying 2. Origin Zakus were already fantastic, and this green colorscheme is welcoming, love the new armor bits this has. If only this had the Zaku Machine Gun, it’d be perfect.

    The new HGUC Blue Destiny was definitely something I did not expect, but am so happy to see. Finally, clear swappable visors, and improved articulation as well as less stickers for a badass lil’ blue gundam? Gimmie gimmie gimmie.

    ZZ Ver. Ka still hypes and will never stop, i’m more worried about it’s stability thanks to the transformation. Still, it looks awesome and it certainly looks like the best ZZ Gundam by far, so i’m putting it on the wishlist for my share of ZZ.

    Not a fan of busts myself, i’m a person who likes to pose, and i’m a Luka fan myself.

    Can’t deny Tuna singer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest, I am most excited for the GM/GM that kit is looking really awesome. Though still, my biggest wants are still the ZZ Gundam tbh. It is looking really awesome and I can’t help to think that the ZZ Gundam would be brilliant.

      But I agree that Hyper Gyanko looks damn nice. a lot better made than the rest, this could be something that I would definitely enjoy making (or drool over) haha.

      And the green zaku is always the best zaku, nuff said hahaha.

      If you are picking up the blue destiny I will be looking forward to you making it. I do want to see what you think of it tbh, well before i pick it up myself that is haha.

      Anyways, I’m not a fan of busts myself, but for Miku I’m ready to sacrifice my wallet for.


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