Unboxing and First Impressions of The Super Fumina Axis Angel Version

Ooh so shiny

Hello and good morning to ya’ll! I welcome you all to a new Unboxing and my first Impressions of the Super Fumina (Axis Angel ver.). I’m quite excited about starting on this kit. This is would be my second MS Girl kit this year and I’m really looking forward to building this.

love this box art tbh

I was quite impressed recently on how Bandai is embracing the idea of making ridiculous kits and fun HG kits. All that energy can be felt when I made the Super Fumina it made me feel refreshed and I had tons of fun with it, though not one of the best kit I’ve made I had some wonderful time with it. As well it’s a happy kit. Really, how can’t you now be happy looking at how ridiculous it is.

So, you can guess how excited I am unboxing this kit. As opened the box the first thing that greeted me Is the shiny runner parts. As I was to see that, I’m instantly excited on how things would be now. This is looking really promising already!

You would ride eternal shiny and chrome. Oh, my shinies!

The manual is translated, and as ever I do appreciate that but what surprised me is that as I was going through the unboxing I came across this;

I didn’t expect to get this included tbh. Very nice.

Yes, an Assembly Instruction manual! I’m not sure if this is included in most of the current Gunpla kits but this is very helpful for those that is picking this hobby up for the first time. I would frame this up as well just in case if I ever had a kid, this would be something like the gunpla commandments that he/she needs to follow. Haha.

As ever the manual is ajoy to go through.

Coming back to runner parts, it mostly comes in this pearl-ish color and as you may have expected it does share most of the same parts as the Super Fumina but somehow rather this runner parts does look a lot better as compared to the Super Fumina. As well I can see that they are putting more option in terms of the stickers department, already here I can see that they have taken steps in making this kit better than its predecessor.

But all in all, the best part of the runners is this;


Lol, I know.

Anyways, after going through everything it does look quite promising and I’m really looking forward to starting with this kit. It does look really promising this. As well am looking forward to giving my opinions of this kit!

So, what is your own opinion and views of this kit? Have you guys as well had an experience with building this kit in particular? Do look forward to reading through your experiences and opinions of this kit!
So, do look forward to my review next week! There will a new thing I will be doing something a little bit different this coming Wednesday, a bit of a change of my usual Let’s Talk Gunpla segments. Something to spice things up for us! Haha!

And no, it’s not going to a be video of me screwing the super fumina. It will however be something better than that :D. (though that idea does sound interesting…hmm)

Do look forward to seeing you guys again this Wednesday and may you all have an awesome Sunday Ahead! 😉

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