Builder Parts Unboxing and Review : System Weapons 002

Builder Parts Unboxing and Review: System Weapon 002

This makes me happy being a gunpla gun nut.

System Weapon 002

Price : RM 49.00 * (USD $11.44*)

*price upon purchase at the time, it’s subject to change.

Hello! And I hope you guys are having an awesome day ahead, just decided to do something a little bit different there are a few announcements that were made for the P-Bandai there was just so much monoeyed goodness there that I need some time to compose my thoughts of that. As well am I have been planning to this review since I have been having this on the shelves for far too long.

Time to unbox, build and give my thoughts of this. 😀

where its staying safe and soundly

This is my first and the only builder parts that I got when they first announced and released it back in late December 2011. I really wanted to get the system weapons 001 but it’s always unavailable in the shops, so I when I saw this sold in the shop I just decided not to take any chances and just get it. The thing that got me really interested with this is that for these is the fact that you can use it for the HG and RG kits.

As well the weapons were customizable so it means even when you are buying a set but there is just so many combinations that you can just turn itself to. I love the fact that you can buy one item but were given so many combinations and ideas and upgrade to whatever combinations that you might have in mind.

A Manual? What for?

But what I didn’t expect to see is when I unboxed the item, finally. It had runner parts inside of the small box, I really didn’t expect it. I really thought that it will come premade / prebuilt, regardless I do welcome it. The standard weapons that were given its self-looks well made. I do enjoy looking at how well made the premade weapons is.


The runner parts as well were well made. There is really no need for any stickers because of the parts was installed with them. I really enjoyed the fact of most them looked detailed and good. For something that gives you a lot of flexibility and customization options I was expecting it to be flimsy, but surprisingly this is probably one the most solid things that I have laid my hands on.

First Combination, it really looked awesome this

Everything fits and snaps well, and it manages to look damn good with each look it bears. I am honestly impressed by how everything seems to work here. Although it really didn’t take too much of my time to complete it, I really was thinking of getting more of these so I can make a small Gunpla weapon rack for my HG and RG kits.

The second Combination, I personally love this one

To put it simply, I love this thing. I am really thinking of getting more of this brilliant small fun. If you do find them, go and buy ‘em and the big plus it’s a cheap fun as well. As well it’s a good for those that is looking to just want to collect these things, It comes with a gun rack and displaying just the guns looks really awesome. Anybody would just be proud having this displayed in its full glory.

The Thrid combination, I actually can’t decide at this point. haha

A plus there as well.

So what do you guys think of this? Have you guys have built any of the System weapons kits? Do want to know your opinions of this, as well I do look forward if any of you that as well had built this yourself in your own opinions of it. That’s my brief review of this kit, I do honestly hope you guys enjoyed it. It’s a substantial change from my usual Let’s Talk Gunpla segments. Was just feel like doing something a little bit different than what I’m used to, just to spice things up. Hahaha. Maybe if the response to this is good I might do more of this in the future haha.

Anyways, Let’s talk gunpla segments will be back next week! With all new news of more Premium Bandai stuff, I do want to warn you guys there will be a lot of monoeyed goodness awaits on the next edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla.

Hahaha, as well I do need to go back to build and review the Super Fumina (Axis Angel Ver.)! Till this Sunday then! Goodbye, and have an awesome Wednesday ahead! 😀

Oh before I go, here is the awesome gunpla gun rack!

I should start a collection of these soon.

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