Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. (HGBF) Review

The Super Fumina that came down from the gates of Valhalla, Shiny and pearly.

Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. (HGBF) *I forgot to put the price disclosure last time on my unboxing, so I’m putting this here now. Sorry guys.

Price : RM69.00* (USD $16.09*)

*the price of the item upon purchase, it might not be the same after the writing of this.

Hello and a very good morning to you all! To all my Muslim friends, may all of you have an awesome Eid Mubarak celebration ahead! As well hopefully it would be a year full of positivity and happiness……

and more of this I hope. Maybe Bandai would drop an MG version of this soon

As you guys probably know, I adore the Super Fumina despite all the faults that it may have. I feel the Super Fumina was a fun and refreshing kit that Bandai decided to release after giving us so much serious stuff, so does the newer Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. Improves on the lessons learned from the original Super Fumina?

That is where I am here to find out. Though building Super Fumina Axis Angel ver. while doing the review for the Builder Parts Unboxing and the review recently was a something of a challenge for me, a little bit more than what I’m accustomed to.

Regardless, Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. was a bigger surprise to me than I thought it could ever be. Before I go through review, first some details of the Mobile Suit Girl.

History / Specs of the Mobile Suit Girl

Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. (taken from Gunpla wikia)

This is probably one of the hardest kit to do research on its history due to lack of research materials from its manga (the manga is still unavailable in my home country and trying to buy it online has been a bitch) but basically this is a variant of the SF-01 Super Fumina that Minato Sakai built that really is the culmination of the experiences he had as a builder. He had experimented with various versions of this before he settled with this variation of the Super Fumina that was, in turn, became the perfect materialization of every competitions, battles, and exhibition that he has been a part of.

This Variant of the Super Fumina is equipped with the conscience wings system, in which its main purpose is that would transform the enemy’s beam attacks into Plavsky Particles that was in turn used against the opposing side. Though the description that I gave there is quite normal, the actual reason Super Fumina is given this weapon is really quite hilarious. Let me just write it as how it was written in the building manual; “This weapon sweeps away rude men who try to see her naked belly through the space between the wings”. Yeah, she was given this weapon to only deter perverts, though  I blame the builder that came up with this design more (I’m looking at you Minato Sakai, wait when I think of it I was building this so that kinda makes me the same….Fuck).

This Super Fumina is as well equipped with 2 Funnel sticks, that was based on the funnels system from the Qubeley. Although the Funnels react like how the ones used by the Qubeley, this funnel system can be attached to a stick in which can be turned into a ‘Magical Stick Rod’ (don’t ask me what the hell is that supposed to mean, I had no fucking clue myself). It was as well equipped with the beam sabers (finally it was given something normal) for close quarter combat, hopefully, though I still think it might be used to deter perverts.

This was Minato Sakai’s most controversial work, as for how it was with the Super Fumina; where he didn’t get any permission from Fumina Hoshino (the person the Super Fumina is based on) this version of the Super Fumina Axis Angel as well didn’t get her permission to be made into. Brilliant eh?

Well, at least we know something just don’t change.

Now with the history and the specs lessons done let’s go into the kit review!


Shiny and Pearly this

I should start by saying this is kit builds and feels like how the original Super Fumina was. They share a lot of the same parts, and I wasn’t hoping for a dramatic change from the last one. Though I do have to give credit to Bandai, where this time for the Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. they really do it right with eye parts and the eye stickers.

Though it might not sound as much as an improvement, I do feel that the changes that were made make a lot of difference on how the overall kit looks at the end. As ever I would say I had fun building this kit, it was as still as fun and refreshing as the last iteration of this kit. As well I appreciate the ever-shiny pearly runner parts.

I admit I had fun building this part that I really didn’t take notice of them boobs. Like Really.

I was yelling “WITNESS ME!” (Mad Max: Fury Road Reference there, haha!) every time I was doing the shiny Pearly parts. I admit when each and every time that I stared at the completed parts I can’t help to marvel at the shininess of it all. It all looked so fucking shiny. At first, I dread how it might look after cutting and sanding it, but when I was working on the kit I find that really is not the case. The shiny pearly runner parts are a joy to cut and sand because you can just cut it through and expect not much residue from it. I was different then what I was expecting and for that, I was extremely happy with it.

It made me look forward to building the Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth (Ver.GFT) in the future, that had the same Pearly Shiny Runner Parts. I know that one would be a good one to build and own.

When everything just seems to fit well together, Except the Handguard unfortunately and the mouth.

As I mentioned before, the stickers parts were as well improved from the original Super Fumina. There were more options and because of the new eye option that was given (damn straight I ain’t using the glassy eye shit) it completely improves the eye movements (via changing the stickers obviously). No more do you need to take the head off and change the stickers then. This is obviously a better option than the last iteration.

The Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. might not be the best MS Girl kit out there, I don’t think it would come close to the Armor Girls kits by Kotobukiya (I must admit most of them looks fun to make and looks more badass) but as how it was with the Original. Regardless I do feel Bandai is getting things right with this, you can really feel the kind of joy, love, care, and attention to detail that they were giving this kit. As you can see the major improvements that were been given, gives you the kind of idea that they are really going all out in making this line of kits work.

Look at this glorious thing, shiny and pearly.

And for that, I feel this is one of my pick of the best kit I’ve built this year. With how things are going I really am looking forward to building more and more to the upcoming kits (hopefully the chinagguy next :D) that we have this year. As for recommendations, I would definitely recommend this kit for those disappointed by the Super Fumina and to those that want a Bandai MS Girl kit and as well to those new to this! 😀

I feel that 2017 really is a good year to be a Gunpla Builder. This kit made me feel good and happy.

This concludes my review of the Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. what do you guys think about it? Do let me know how you yourself feel and I always enjoy reading your comments and opinions on it! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and views!

As ever, please leave a like if you do enjoy reading this post! I do appreciate your support of my work! Will be back with a new Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment this week! We will have a lot of Premium Bandai announcements that I’m aching to talk about! So much Monoeyed goodness awaits us this week!

So, see you guys again this coming Wednesday! Goodbye and have an awesome day and holiday ahead!

both of them Fumina’s in action.

2 thoughts on “Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver. (HGBF) Review

  1. She’s certainly a looker (in more ways than one), I actually just got my first FA Girl myself, Jinrai, so i’ll be coming soon to the armored girls club. Fumina Axis Angel is one i’ve always thought of getting, I just love the Qubeley, and the way it was mixed with Super Fumina honestly looks good, especially the hat and wings. I wish the pearl white wasn’t done though, looks really unnatural with her. Still, i’m considering getting it eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daaayum, you finally getting the jinrai? That is awesome man! 😀

      Yeah, I felt the same when I opened up the box, but honestly? I looked better because of it, Strange as it may sound I know.

      Regardless do get it, I do think its going to be good for you! 😀


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