Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.8

Its another of those ‘Its going to be hard on your wallets’ edition.

Hello, and good morning to all my readers here in my blog. Am back with a new let’s talk Gunpla segment! Though I must start by saying that this week’s announcement from P Bandai is really making me quite crossed, there is two kits that was set to be released from the announcement that was made that I feel should’ve made into a more traditional release.

This is not the first time a kit that I feel that was supposed to get a more traditional release like the MG GM II, MG Powered GM, MG Gundam Heavyarms Custom (Endless Waltz Custom) and many more that could’ve benefitted in getting a more traditional release.

I admit that it is a safer route for Bandai to take with releasing more kits under the P Bandai name, because they can release these kits under a limited number and cut the costs down while making a lot of money but goddamn they are taking things a little bit too far sometimes.

Though this is not a day or time for me to rant about this, maybe one day if I can collect my thoughts, I could write a more proper rant. Maybe?

Anyways, let’s get back to business, with our first announcement;

HG 1/144 Gouf & Gelgoog (Visch Donahue’s Custom)

HG 1/144 Gouf & Gelgoog (Visch Donahue’s Custom)

Release Date: 2017/10

Estimated price: SGD 32.00* (MYR 99.46* / USD $23.14*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

Loving the decals on the gouf

Though from the promo stills that was shown there is not much to be excited for because of it being based from the existing HG Gouf and the HG Gelgoog kits. I do like the idea of bundling this two together and being able to create a battle scene or paint a picture with this set.

nooot so much on the gelgoog tho

As well I do think the decals that is supplied with the kit looks bad ass, I might not be excited for this bundle, but I do like the idea of these two being bundled together. It is an awesome idea.

Though I do wish they have more to offer then just the standard kit and decals.

This would take a lot of convincing to make, if I were to buy this.

HG 1/144 GM & Guncannon Mass Production Type (White Dingo Team Custom)

HG 1/144 GM & Guncannon Mass Production Type (White Dingo Team Custom)

Release Date: 2017/10

Estimated price: SGD 27.00* (MYR 83.92* / USD $19.53*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

The always awesome looking Guncannon Mass Production Type version

This bundle set however is something that I feel have so much more to offer. Though what we get from this bundle the standard kits that was based from the originals, they do come with a separate set of color scheme as compared to the original, as well they are given a different weapon sets as to the original and like the bundle set before it, a pretty awesome decal set.

The color on this GM looks sweet

These kits based from the HG GM AND THE HG Guncannon Mass Production Type (originally taken from the war in the pocket anime), because of this particular bundle, I feel there is more point to get the Gouf and Gelgoog bundle as it would be awesome to have both displayed in a diorama form. I do love the color scheme applied for the GM here.

The reason to get the gouf and the gelgoog

I would get this bundle, and because how awesome this bundle is might be tempted to get the other one to complete the set. Maybe.

We shall see.

HG 1/144 GM Sniper II White Dingo Team Custom

HG 1/144 GM Sniper II White Dingo Team Custom

Release Date: 2017/10

Estimated price: SGD 24.00* (MYR 74.60* / USD $17.36*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

Never thought white kits can look this badass.

I’ve known that Bandai had released the MG GM Sniper II White Dingo Team Custom into a P Bandai release quite a while ago (this is before I decided to start the Let’s talk Gunpla Segment) and from my understanding while looking at the MG kit, it was given a pretty good upgrade as compared to its original MG counterpart. For White Dingo version it was given an awesome beam sniper rifle, a new color scheme and as well the 3.0 manipulators (the same awesome you get on the RX-78-02 Gundam 3.0).

I was thinking of getting it before but after I went through the MG GM Sniper II, I wasn’t as keen to be building another one even with the upgrades that was given for this version. Now however, all of that is about to change.

I must get you to complete the cycle of GM Snipers II!

After seeing this announced I just feel that now I do have a real damn good reason to get the MG version of this kit. So it would be awesome to put the MG version and the HG version side by side. As how i did with the MG Sniper II and its HG counterpart. I would really love to have them displayed side by side with each other.

It would be an awesome sight indeed.

P.S: From the stills, I saw that they are including M353A4 together with the bundle! That is awesome.

Oh hi I come as an extra with the kit! More reasons to get the HG GM Sniper II (White Dingo Version)

HG 1/144 ZII Travis Kirkland Color

HG 1/144 ZII Travis Kirkland Color

Release Date: 2017/10

Estimated price: SGD 32.00* (MYR 99.46* / USD $23.14*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

Oh hai, I’m here to try to steal your heart.

I just realized that most of the kit announced is from the very excellent Gundam game that we all can’t play because Bandai Namco decided that we all don’t need an English translated Gundam game anymore. No I decided I’m not bitter anymore, no really….not bitter….

kimi don’t get mad, think of them butterflies…keep calm.

Anyways, another kit released that is based from the Gundam game, though this one really does look a lot more bad ass as how the last one looked. I really liked the color of this ZII then the original. I do make me want to preorder this but….

buy me pls

Then I saw this.

HG 1/144 Pale Rider (Ground Heavy Equipment Type)

HG 1/144 Pale Rider (Ground Heavy Equipment Type)

Release Date: 2017/09

Estimated price: SGD 24.00* (MYR 74.60* / USD $17.36*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

You don’t have to get the pansy looking ZII get me instead

When this is announced it blew my mind, I can’t believe how good this one looked. Mind you I haven’t played the game (Yeah screw you Bandai Namco) so I really have no idea on how this looked in the game. But I must say this kit looks bad ass. Though this is not the only one that was announced for this line they even have…

You don’t want to fuck with me

HG 1/144 Pale Rider (Space Type)

HG 1/144 Pale Rider (Space Type)

Release Date: 2017/10

Estimated price: SGD 27.00* (MYR 83.92* / USD $19.53*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

You don’t want to fuck with me space version

The space type for this awesome kit.

I really want to get this two both into my collection. They both looked really good and handsome and really different than most gundam-ish kits that we have been getting. The equipment on the Space variant of this kit reminds me of the MG RX-78-05 Gundam G05 (From the game Gundam side story), Though I find it fitting that this kit that was based from a game is based from another kit that was as well based from a game.

I could make you every Gundam wishes come true.

I hope Xzibit don’t turn this kit to a meme.

Though looking at this kit I wonder, why don’t Bandai just release this as a more traditional release, it is technically is a new mold and I really think it would benefit more if it was given a more traditional release.

Yes, I know it was first released as a bundle for a PSVITA game that we never will get to play, still I feel it is better to give this kit a proper release. I’m sure people would really flock to get this kit. I am would one of those that would really love to see this given a proper release.

Then again, even if you release this as a premium bandai kit, I would still get it. This kit looked too good to pass up. I would be willing to pay any amount to get both of them into my collection T_T

Bandai you sick bastard.

Though we had mostly P Bandai releases, we do have a surprise entry for the normal traditional release, and to me it’s a REAL JUICY ONE.




Winning Fumina (HGBF)

Winning Fumina (HGBF)

Release Date: 2017/09

Estimated price: JPY2,040* (MYR 77.45* / USD $18.02*)

*The price is subject to change, depending of the situation.

Moar Fumina? Oh god I can’t handle all this fumina goodness.

 When I saw this on the preorder page at Hobby Search, all I can say is…..

Oh, wait you can have normal fumina? Oh, Bandai you are such a tease you.


I can’t believe that they made my best waifuthe Fumina looked better then ever. Looking at this I got really excited because unlike the last few experiments I think this is the real best version of all the MS Girl kits that they have been experimenting in this past few years.

I must get you in my collection…..i must

Seeing this in its full gloriousness (eventhough its not given any real promotional stills yet) already made me excited for this one. This one, I don’t mind seeing it in other P Bandai versions though. MORE FUMINA IS GOOD. FUMINAAAAAA……

and you get an SD Gundam bundled in with all the Fumina goodness? Sign me up!


God, I need some serious help. 

Anyways that is all for this edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.8. What do you guys think of the kits announced this round? Are you preordering any? Or are you going to wait like I do, for the kit to be available? I do look forward to your opinions and your thoughts of the kits announced:D.

As ever, I do look forward in replying and reading through your thoughts. As well as ever you have my permission to share and as well you can show your support by liking this through any means this is posted through.

I do appreciate your support! 😉

As well I do wish you an awesome Wednesday ahead and may all of you have an awesome week ahead, and I’ll see you guys this coming Sunday for the review! Bye!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.8

  1. P-Bandai is a sin that needs to die.

    I want all the White Dingo kits, although the one you really want is the HG GM Sniper II, it’s got so much bang for it’s buck in terms of extras and accessories that I consider it to be a better choice than the MG.

    The Pale Riders are essentially completely new kits, the mold has never been retail once and Pale Ride deserves better because it’s an awesome kit.

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