Unboxing and First (Second) Impressions of the ZGMF-X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (MG)

Force Impulse my old friend and love

ZGMF-X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (MG)

Date of Release: Late May 2008

Price:RM172.00* (USD $40.18*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Hello and a very good morning to all of you! I do hope you guys are enjoying your lovely weekends as I have been, have been working on a few projects recently and have been going around quite a bit. The week has been quite hectic, Regardless, I do feel proud that despite everything I never miss a Sunday release! Whoo hoo! Then again I do love these quiet Sundays in which I could just take my time to just enjoy the really cold morning breeze.

Anyways, let get to the meat in hand the Unboxing and my first impression of this awesome piece of plastic here.

This was a kit that I really have good memories of, it was my first Seed Destiny kit and (do forgive me on this Gundam Seed fans) prior to this I really never watched any of the seed episodes before this. Only after building the Force Impulse only then I really started with it. Though after watching both the original Seed and the sequel Seed Destiny, I honestly liked the whole series (the anime of course), and because they had (in my opinion) two of my favorite Gundam designs there; the first being the Gundam Destiny and the second is the Impulse Gundam (all three versions).

Though I should first start by saying this is not my first time building the Force Impulse Gundam, though I could tell you what I feel when I first saw the Impulse.

I remember when I saw this glorious kit on the shelves, I was at the time planning to get the Chars Zaku II (MG) 2.0 but I was taken aback when I saw the glorious box that is the Impulse Gundam and thought to myself; ‘Imma going to fap to this I think I have fallen in love with this’. It really stands out among the rest of the others and it just not just a kit that looked good, it was as well a kit that I really had fun with. It was at the time, for me the best kit I’ve built that year.

Though since then, this kit has always been something that I wanted to go back to, however, since I was being practical in my gunpla collection (At the time I was staying in a condo and really didn’t have much space to put my stuff at the time) I really didn’t manage to bring myself to buy it, again. Even when they released the Sword Impulse Gundam right after that (I’m still waiting for Bandai to release the Blast Impulse Gundam (MG) until today). Though every thing starts to change when I started doing this blog, though to be more precise, it was right after I did the Freedom Gundam 2.0 review. I just feel that is necessary for me to build the Force impulse to understand my actual reasons of why I got frustrated with the Freedom Gundam 2.0 kit.

The ever glorious manual.

So, from then onwards I was planning (or plotting) to have a Revisit of the kit in August (since that’s the month that I Got my first Impulse Gundam haha!), that too had to be change because I had to change the plan to this month since I was commissioned to build an MG Force Impulse kit this month. Regardless it is still something that I was glad of doing anyway. So in my books; all is still good in my plastic world.

I just love how the impulse looks in its illustration here.

Coming back to the unboxing, I have to say the manual for this kit is awesome. It is full of detail and depth, it is something that I feel was lacking from the newer kits that I have built recently actually. I love the fact during this time that they put out so much effort in making not just the runner parts for the kit but as well the very detailed manual. while I was enjoying my time looking at the manuals, It really manages to remind me of how all the MG of old used to be. It used to make me feel special for buying the MG line and it always had a feel of exclusivity to it. Something that I don’t feel anymore when buying any recent MG kit.

The runner parts in this kit as well is a joy to behold, even all these years. The quality of the runners is still as good as I remember them to be. As well it parts looked simple and very easy on the eyes (none of the cosmetic shit on the freedom though), I love that they made it look so simple but sexy as hell. It was starting to make me really getting excited in building this kit the more I lay my eyes on the runner parts.

Why don’t we get things like this in the newer kits? It’s really is a shame that we see less of these nowadays.

Though this might be a Baddie Mobile Suit (though after watching SEED Destiny I really don’t know why they turned Shinn to a baddie tbh), every time I laid my eyes on the box art I can’t help to think that this is one BADASS mobile suit. Even if I were to compare it with the destiny and the strike freedom I do think this kit had a very awesome box art (I think for all the SEED Destiny kits, the Infinite Justice had the most awesome box art so far). I would as well say it has by far as compared to the V Gundam transformation I liked how they did it with the Impulse Gundam, It made more sense and the combination of all looked really awesome. Though to be honest I haven’t really done it (the transformation/ combination) with my original kit, maybe I should see on how this fare and I’d do a proper review of its ability to perform this task on the MG.

Never have I felt more excited about a kit since I made the Nu-Gundam Ver.KA.

I love the selection of colors in these runner parts and the quality too!

I’m really starting to get really excited with how everything is looking so far this time. I may have built this kit before, but this is one of those kits that I feel happy to work on it again. A kit that gives me a very nostalgic feeling to it, a kit that I know it would be made sense on why I feel the Freedom Gundam 2.0 feels so lacking as compared to its predecessors. Maybe I will finally get the answers that I desperately seek. As well a kit that I know would be good no matter how long it has been.

Oh, where oh where have you been gone all my life. My beautiful Gundam you.

Anyways, that’s all for my unboxing and first impressions of the ZGMF-X56S/a Impulse Gundam. I do look forward to the end of the week and give you guys my opinion of how the kit was. It’s something that I really look forward to writing about. What do you guys think of the kit overall? Have you guys yourself had experiences with the kit? I do look forward to hearing your own experiences of this kit.

That’s all for this Sunday, will be having the Let’s talk Gunpla segment up, as usual, this week and as well the review of this kit will be up on the next coming Sunday! I do look forward to seeing you guys on this coming Sunday!

Anyways, please do have an awesome Sunday morning and I’ll see you again soon!


How could you not love this face?

I’m so getting the Sword Impulse (MG) after this.

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