ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (MG) Review

Still, manages to be something that is so much fun

ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (MG)

Hello and a very good morning to all my readers. As some of you may know this week is a very busy week for me, covering the Hobby Club model kit festival 2017 and as well attending the Visual Arts Expo yesterday. So, finding time to write this and finishing the Force Impulse was a struggle, regardless I still managed to finish the kit and this review on time while having so much fun doing it! 😀

Really can’t wait to just share with you guys of my adventures in this upcoming Let’s Talk Gunpla! 😀

Let’s get on with the usual, shall we?

History and Development of the Mobile Suit.

ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam

After the first Alliance – PLANT war ended in CE 71, there was an urgent need to limit the number of weapons of mass destruction from both sides. So, in CE 72 both sides agreed to sign and uphold the Treaty of Junius Seven, it was made to prevent (at the time) both sides (the alliance and ZAFT) from developing anymore Nuclear based weapons/mobile Suits or even any development of any planet wide weapons of mass destruction. It was hoped at the time, that the treaty was enough to prevent war breaking out in between both sides.

The problem with the treaty signed by the two sides is that, it doesn’t stop the hostilities between the naturals and the coordinators on earth during that period, as well the Failure to really dismantle the Blue Cosmos organisations really forces ZAFT to reconsider to replenish and to replace their arsenal in making sure they are prepared for the next conflict.

Even though, they introduced the Zaku Warrior to be a superior version of the GAT-X series mobile suits, ZAFT still feel the need to not just stop with the ZAKU series and start development not just with new ship designs to replace their aging fleet and as well develop the powerful ‘Gundam’ based Mobile Suits that would be developed within the boundaries of the Treaty of Junius. Hence, the introduction of the Second Stage Series Mobile Suits.

One of the suits that were developed in the Second Stage series is the Impulse Gundam. From the observations on the Alliance’s Strike Gundam unit during the First war. ZAFT decided to develop a similar mobile suit that was not just limited to only one type of fighting, one that is able to adapt to the conditions (made possible by the interchangeable equipment’s during battles) and the situations that was required and one that is able to be interchangeable in battle just like the Strike Gundam.

The Impulse Gundam Modules

Though it was made based on the observations from the Strike, ZAFT pushed the idea further by not just give the Impulse interchangeable equipment packs. It was a mobile suit that was capable of changing its damaged parts or sections during battle. This feat was made possible because ZAFT developed the mobile suit into 3 separate modules; The core splendor (pilot and the core fighter), the chest flyer (the body and the head area) and the leg flyer (well the leg basically).  With the interchangeable body parts, it enables the Impulse to continue fighting (as the energy reserves allow) without ever worrying incurring permanent parts damage during battle. It was given the silhouette flyer to help transport the equipment pack (the Silhouette packs: The Force – mid to close range, Blast – long range and long-range artillery support and the Sword – anti ship and heavy close-range support Silhouette packs).

The Force Impulse with the Anti ship Sword EXCALIBUR

It was as well given a new version of the phase shift armour in which called the Variable Phase Shift armour in which this armour is powered by a battery system that could be recharged in battle (unlike the old system in which the batteries needed to be charged by getting the mobile suit docked in the ship) by using the Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System. The Variable Phase shift armor is unique as well in the sense that it was able to shift its color depending on what equipment packs that were installed in the unit, hence the name that was given to the unit.

This unit was initially piloted by Shinn Asuka, who was personally handpicked by the Supreme Council Chairman Durandal. Although he was handpicked by the Supreme Chairman, he was proven to be an excellent pilot. He has proven his worth in combat by destroying many ships, mobile suits and as well he as well manages to destroy the stolen ZGMF – X31S Abyss Gundam. He as well manages to defeat and destroy the Freedom Gundam with odds stacked against him. After Shin was assigned in the Destiny Gundam, the Impulse Gundam was reassigned to Lunamaria Hawke during the final battle of the Second Alliance – PLANT war the impulse sustained heavy damage after encountering the Infinite Justice Gundam During the battle of the defense of the Mobile Space Fortress Messiah.

After the war, there were four more Impulse units that were built by ZAFT, though these units were given the θ Destiny Silhouette packs. Making it much more formidable than its original iteration as well it was a testament to how flexible this Mobile suit is in terms of making it relevant for the future conflicts.

The Destiny Impulse Gundam

Now with the history lesson done, lets us get into the review of this kit. (though this is a long one if I have to be honest >.< )

The Review of the Force Impulse Gundam (MG)

I really can’t imagine myself to be able to get a chance to build this kit again, it was a long time since I last build this kit and to be honest? This kit is still as good as I remembered it to be! 😀

To not waste any body’s time, I should first address that this is a kit that is worth all your money, time and effort in getting. Like fucking seriously.

I just love this small cute thing

Now to my reasons why I think this is so good, first is the parts. For an old kit, everything fits well and there were no loose parts in this kit. For a kit that can get into three different forms, it was good to see a kit that is able to hold itself to well transformed and well during when it’s on its mobile suit mode. The back pack is a joy to build, though I at first, I was worried that the wings part would be flimsy as hell it turned out to be quite solid (I remember fucking up this part on my Impulse, Thankfully I didn’t fuck this commissioned kit).

As well it is a surprisingly well-balanced weighted kit, even with all the weapons equipped on the kit the anti-ship sword, the beam rifle, the shield and the huge Force Silhouette backpack fully opened it still managed to get itself standing well. The best part even if you decide to pose it without the stand it would still be able to without you having to worry it stumbling over its own weight. I love how the articulation is in this kit is made to be, an unconventional way (due to its lack of tech at this time) but one enables the kit to do more complicated poses though the way they made it, makes the joints feel flimsy.

A simple inner frame for the Impulse (main body unit)

But even that it wasn’t so, through my experiences with it, it has proven itself to be able to hold itself well during the transformation part (as the Chest Flyer). The same can be said for the leg section for this kit. It does have a weird way to transform but in no occasion that I feel that the kit feels flimsy during the transformation or when it was in its mobile suit form. That to me is a very impressive feat overall.

The inner frame as well holds the outer frames well, better than how they did it on the Freedom 2.0, on the freedom 2.0 I do have some fitting issues with some of the parts, some of the parts annoyingly needed me to glue it up and for me it kind of annoys me that I needed to do that on a Gunpla kit. As well I noticed that some parts of the Freedom 2.0 don’t look as impressive as how the impulse parts were and mind you the impulse was the older kit (not being biased here, because I do love how the 2.0 looked, to be honest).

Upper part completed

Honestly, the impulse wasn’t as detailed nor as well articulated as the newer MG lines BUT the same can be said for the Freedom 2.0 and that’s where I find myself understanding the root problem of the issue. When the Freedom 2.0 was announced, no actually even when they announced that they would remaster some of the SEED MG kits and as well finally releasing more SEED MG kits line I was expecting them to give the SEED MG line more love.

Then I build the Freedom 2.0, to be honest, besides the look and the new shoulder joints to make the articulation looked more natural. There weren’t many improvements I could see on the freedom 2.0 and it was the latest addition to the SEED remaster line. I was expecting more inner frame goodness like how you get with the RX series. I was expecting to see better-looking runner parts than the older kits, heck I even expected to not have fitting issues on the supposed new iteration of this kit. The saddest part is that I hoped that I would make me feel as happy as I did when I built the Impulse.

upper part completed

Goddamit you do look good Freedom 2.0 but you ain’t as fun as the Impulse, and for an older kit it does so many things that were better than you, even though at times it can be flimsy. The best part of the Impulse is that it looks simple, functional and it didn’t have to try so hard in the looks department because…just look at it.

The awesome looking bastard you

And then there is you….

Oh wai

The impulse looked a lot more elegant, simple but yet so much better than how you are. A kit that tries too hard to look awesome. Honestly, when I put it side by side with the impulse I can’t help to think that the Freedom looked like an old man trying to look cool. Whilst the Impulse looked like the old person that aged gracefully in time.

Towards the end when I finished the Impulse, I finally understood why I was so disappointed with the Freedom 2.0 because I feel that they didn’t really do enough to make people that have probably bought the older freedom to buy the newer version. It was not as good to remaster as compared to the rest.

I really hope if they have any plans to remaster the impulse, please oh please make it more detailed as compared to the older one. I really want Bandai not to fuck my impulse. Really, if you guys have no plans to really include more detail. Don’t bother remastering the Impulse.

It’s good enough as it is, please don’t bother please don’t ruin my good memories with it.

On the other note, after finishing this one up I am looking forward to the P Bandai (I know, I know) release of the Destiny Impulse R this coming September! 😀

That’s all for my review of the ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (MG), what do you guys think of this review and of the kit itself? Have you guys built one or planning to get one? I do look forward to reading your comments and thoughts on the matter. I do enjoy reading and to discuss with you all here! AS ever if you guys like this article and this blog please do give us a like and as well you can share this site to all of you gunpla loving friends! Your support and your love are truly appreciated here!

Will be back this coming Wednesday with a new Let’s Talk Gunpla Post! See you guys then!

Till next time! Toodles!

You handsome looking Gundam you! Don’t make me blush so much, I can’t drink my hot chocolate like this.

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