Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.10

When we all went on a trip to Gundamness

Hello and good morning fellow readers! We do hope you all have an awesome weekend and a good start to your week! We here had a blast to our week, a week where many Gunplas were bought cheap and we managed to see the upcoming kits teased to us in greater detail.

It is a day where many pants were ruined. I’m not sure about the rest, it could be the case where it could be just me? Maybe? Though as you guys read this you’ll understand why soon enough.

Before we start we just wanted to just give a little disclosure, this is probably our first time going together and I do admit we are quite inexperienced in covering events. So, we do want to apologize beforehand if our coverage of this event can be a little bit lacking. Hopefully we will be able to make our coverage here as interesting as we can, and hopefully, we would be able to attend more of this so we could get better at doing this 😉

Anyways, a little bit about the Bandai’s Hobby Club’s First Model Kit Festival here in Malaysia. This is the first time such an event is taking place in Malaysia. Though we do have the GWBC Competition / Expo, that was more competition based. This event was primarily just a showcase of kits, a place to meet fellow builders (outside of the GWBC or the Litt Tak yearly clearance sales) and as well a place to talk about our passion of Gunpla and of the Gundam anime.

Look at all of them stacks of cheap Gunpla goodness there

It was pretty much an awesome place to be, we do love the fact that really everybody is there just come and just talk about bout their passion of Gunplas. As well they (the organizer) prepared a place for builders to just sit down and build and work on their newly bought Gunpla’s. Though admittedly, we really haven’t been to any Gunpla related events before (due to us focusing too much on our old day job before) so we can’t really comment on if this is a common thing, but we do appreciate the event organizer’s effort to include it in. Plus it was fun just seeing someone build their kits there.

Though it is a smaller scale event as compared to their yearly GWBC events, we do feel it was a lot more personal and a more laid-back event. The sales staff was quite knowledgeable (at least to the one that we talked to) and just us talking about getting the best deals and us talking about our best Gunpla building experiences to date. This is really something that we really didn’t expect coming from their sales staff, their helpfulness and their knowledge is really something that we truly appreciate. We do hope that this is maintained on the other events, it would definitely improve the buying/browsing experience.

More stacks of cheap Gunpla goodness there

The best part is the deals we think, getting a factory sealed MG kits for RM 130 (USD$ 30.36) is, in fact, an excellent value. Even though they limit the number of the kits that are on promotion, the prices for the normal kits are as well priced quite well. As well (if we are not mistaken) if you did manage to purchase Gunpla kits there you might even get a chance to win a paid trip to Tokyo. So that as well is a plus. (plugging done, haha)

“You guys talk so much about the promotion, the venue, and the sales staff, how about telling us on the more important things. Like the Model kits?”

Oh, my young Padawan, we are getting to the meat of this.

Now let’s talk about what we saw there, the kits that Bandai decide to display there in the Fair.

There are surprisingly not too many kits on display there, but the ones that they do have is ones that we are quite more than happy to see up-close and personal. Like the;

1/144 HG GM/GM (HGBF)

1/144 HG GM/GM (HGBF)

We’ve seen the stills in the Hobby Search, and some other sites but after seeing this in action makes us more certain this is a kit we want to have in our collection. It looks awesome, and really after seeing it for reals? We are certain this is going to be awesome to build too.

It looks solid and honestly look at all of them weapons. Legit as hell yo. 10/10 will buy

1/144 HG Star Burning Gundam (HGBF)

1/144 HG Star Burning Gundam (HGBF)

As to how we are excited with the GM/GM, we are however aren’t as interested in this kit as compared to the latter. After seeing this we are certain we don’t want to have this kit in our collection. It looks quite meh in our opinion. Really not excited for this one.

Why the hell the weapon is white though? 0/10 will not buy.

1/144 HG Ninpulse Gundam (HGBF)

1/144 HG Ninpulse Gundam (HGBF)

This one, however, is something we find a bit weird. The promotional pictures that we (in hobby search) saw are totally different to what we actually see here, maybe it could be an incomplete build or maybe something is missing here, still, we do find it quite weird for the kit to look like it’s partially unfinished like that.

Though admittedly we do like the color scheme on this one tbh, but still 0/10 will not buy.

1/144 RG Unicorn Gundam

1/144 RG Unicorn Gundam

This is something that we are kind of expecting to see here since it is coming out soon. Though, what we didn’t expect is for it to look good in action. We are leaning towards having this in our collection. Though we do admit the thought of having two versions of this does turn us off a bit.

Though after seeing this, we do think the pain would be worth it. 8/10 maybe will buy

1/100 High-Resolution Model Wing Gundam Zero EW

1/100 High-Resolution Gundam Wing Zero EW

Hot off the heels of releasing the High-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos, Bandai decided to release the Gundam Wing version of this. To be frank, when I saw this we are not particularly excited for it. What we were hoping instead of releasing this kind ‘high-res’ kits, Bandai should be better off focusing on releasing more MG kits. We ain’t getting enough proper MG traditional releases, we need more of that, please.

Though we do admit this does look good, and the inner frame is quite impressive as well. Still not going to be something that we are putting on our radar, plus we think it looks smaller than its MG counter part. So 0/10 will not buy.

1/144 HG Chinagguy (HGBF)

1/144 HG Chinagguy (HGBF)

Only one word can sum this kit up. IT IS GLORIOUS and BEAUTIFUL. We were shedding tears when seeing this kit (well maybe just Kimi that was shedding tears of joy), and as we remember correctly this kit is supposed to be slotted for release this month. Strange to see it’s not hitting our shores yet, and strangely even with its still being absent on the store shelves, we are already hearing rumors of it already had a P-Bandai variant…..this definitely will be a topic that we’ll cover soon enough.

Though when looking through the glass display we do feel a tinge of sadness in our hearts (well maybe it’s just Kimi that had tears in him) it couldn’t come fast enough for us. This one is a definite, 10/10 will buy

Though, we are missing one major thing that we were so looking forward to see….the MG ZZ Ver.KA. We were looking forward to seeing that in IRL but unfortunately, they decided not to display it in this event, admittedly this is a small event they might not think it’s a big enough thing for it to be showcased here. Though we do have a belief that they might do so in the upcoming GWBC event. That is something that we would look forward in covering.

That’s all for the upcoming releases that we managed to cover in our trip there, though admittedly there were a lot of other kits on display there and they had a fair share of LE kits that were sold exclusive for the event (so I was told). As well they had the Bandai star wars kits there too!

So we will just leave some pictures here for you guys to gawk at.Have fun!

1/100 MG Justice Gundam
1/100 MG Freedom Gundam 2.0
1/100 MG Providence Gundam
1/144 HG Hi-nu Gundam Vrabe (HGBF)
1/144 HG Amazing Strike Freedom Gundam (HGBF)
A section full of IBO gunpla goodness
wut I can’t even
Bandai Star Wars kits (Rebel Alliance)
1/144 Millennium Falcon (Force Awakens ver.) aka not the PG kit but hey, it’s nice to see it here tbh
Star Wars kits (Galactic Empire Side)
Star Wars kit (Galactic Empire side) Part 2
1/2 BB-8 this thing is huge and glorious. all it is missing is just for it to be the actual thing. Would def put this on my list of kits to get.

Anyways that is all the things that we saw during our time in the fair. It was an interesting event that we manage to attend this month and a first one that we managed to cover this year. We do look forward to attending more events like this. It is a fun adventure we had a pleasure experiencing, and being able to meet many of our fellow Malaysian Gunpla builders is a fun too!

What do you guys think of our coverage of the event? Let us know there is anything that you would love us to cover in the future or things that we can improve upon. Your feedback and input is something that we do look forward to reading and replying to all of you awesome people!

Please do share and like this post if you enjoy reading this, your support means a lot to us and we appreciate your show of support to our work! We do look forward to seeing all of you again in this coming Sunday for our Unboxing and First Impression!

As ever, have an awesome day and we see you on the next post!


*all the pictures was taken by both Hazim and Kimi!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.10

  1. I actually am interested in every BF variant, and i’m sure Star Burning will also be an awesome kit simple due to it sharing the same “frame runner” as the Build Burning, meaning awesome articulation. I personally am huge on the Hi-Res Wing Zero, it looks spectacular and will likely be the best Wing Zero kit as of now. Did you buy anything at the event?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We did purchase the Atlas Gundam and the system weapons 003 during that day it was comparatively cheaper than even most of the hobby shops around. Most importantly it was an awesome event all around if you are around I do recommend coming there if you are around town.

      The Build Fighters series does have pretty awesome kits out there but there is something about the two that we saw that really doesn’t gel well with us. I understand the aesthetics of the Star Burning Gundam but there is something lacking with it. Though like you said maybe if I just give it a chance I might change my mind.

      Liked by 1 person

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