Unboxing and First Impressions of ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (HG)

Eh, didn’t I do this before?

Unboxing and First Impressions of ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (HG)

Date of Release: Mid-June 2016

Price: RM65.00* (USD $15.18*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Hello and welcome back you awesome possums! I hope you all had an awesome weekend ahead and may ya’ll have some awesome time kit building or just chilln’ with your awesome built kits! To those that are new to my blog; I welcome you all to this pokey blog of mine! I sincerely hope that you guys have fun and I do hope that my writings, opinions, and review would be helpful for you guys in making your decisions in your first or the 100th kits that you might want to own and buy.

For me, if it really does help I am glad to have given you guys that assistance!

Anyways, coming back for the unboxing of this kit. This is what I have been planning for some time since we have the main line HG version of the Force Impulse (finally) that I have been meaning to make for a while. I have been meaning to build the MG because I do feel the MG kit was quite underrated as compared to the other SEED Destiny MG kits and as well I really want to review both versions of this kit.

Well since the announcement and the release of the Force Impulse to the mainline HG kit and the commissioned work that was assigned on the MG kit it everything really falls into place to me. Hence, I officially call this PART II of the Force Impulse Gundam review! As well just so happens I’m in Penang and for this series of the Unboxing and first impressions, I’m trying something completely different (in the pictures at least) than what I used to.

Let’s first start with some details of the kit, the box art to be honest not as impressive as the other box arts on other HG lines but one that really highlights what the kit can do, as how the MG line of the kit was it shows its ability to transform into various parts, making me feel that on the next round I might just get another one (if this turns out to be awesome) so I can make the action scene of it being untransformed to the transformed version of the Force Impulse.

da ever awesome box art

The runner parts look good by the looks of it, and so far, I am quite happy with how it looks overall. As compared to the 1st line versions of the SEED Destiny HG Force Impulse line, the PVC plastic that they used here looks a lot nicer as compared to the original one. Bandai really treats this HG line with care and love as most of its Main numbered line HG kits.

The 1st runner part – love the color scheme for this one
2nd runner part – the colors gets better here
3rd runner parts – The nicest shade of black I have ever seen and dat view too.
The last runner part – The color here really looks as good as its MG counter part tbh.

As the manual goes, it is quite straight forward. As most of the newer HG manuals nowadays. Though because this is before Bandai decided to have translated manuals so it wasn’t graced with an English translated manual, then again it is not important but I do admit nowadays I do enjoy reading it more if it was. Though, in my opinion still serves its purpose.

The manual (Font) – I really hope that I make it look just like how it looks here.
The Manual (middle) – The color section of the manual and the action poses this kit is able to do.
The Manual (Back) – the color guide and the gimmick section of the kit. I am really excited on seeing it in action after seeing the middle and this back section tbh.

As for how it was with the MG kit, I’m looking forward to building this one. I do hope this one turns out to be as awesome as the MG kit!

That is all for my Unboxing and my (actual real) first impression of the ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (HG)! I do enjoy doing the unboxing on this one, the scene of the unboxing is just something that I do have to share with you guys because it was awesome. If you guys enjoy this kind of unboxing pictures please let us know in the comment section below! 😀 As well I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on this kit as well to those that have built this kit I am looking forward to hearing your experiences with the kit! 😀

That’s it for the unboxing and I will be looking forward to seeing you guys in the next let’s talk gunpla segment!

As ever, keep being awesome you guys, never stop building and I’ll see you guys on my next post!

Ciao! 😀

*pictures all taken by the ever talented MT! Thanks for your help in this project and your ideas of the pictures are quite awesome. Hope we all can work with you again! 😀

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