ZGMF – X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (HG) Review

A joyful little thing you

ZGMF-X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam (HG)

Hello and a very good day to our fellow readers! I do hope you guys had a good weekend and hopefully had some good time building kits! I’m back writing the sequel for the kit that was based from one of the most underrated mobile suits in the Gundam Universe – the Force Impulse Gundam, this time, however, I’m covering the HG version of this kit…

From the unboxing of the kit last week, I am excited about getting on with this kit, though I did start on it quite late (due to a bad fever) regardless I can safely say, even with some niggles that I find with the kit. I honestly would say this kit is a pretty solid kit overall. I would even go as far to say if you haven’t built the MG kit, this would be something that would prepare you for it.

So, without further ado let’s get on with……….

The review? Eh, did I did the….oh yeah I did the History on the MG kit already! So….if you guys are still curious about the history please do check the MG version review here <Click here>

Ok…..though this is pretty odd for me (my first time writing a review without doing the history)….let’s just go on to the review, shall we? Ha.ha.ha *awkward laugh*


The best looking (in my own opinion) Gundam ever! *Fangirl mode*

I think since I started this blog I really haven’t got into any of the 2016 or 2017 serious HG kits (well I’ve been fucking around with some weird HG kits and one quite old serious HG kit) so when I was planning for this review it presented me with a perfect opportunity to really see what the latest HG kit has to offer. Mind you after the EX-S Gundam (HG) I really didn’t have much expectation for this kit.

Yes, even when I am building a kit from my fav mobile suits ever, I really didn’t expect much. Really. I only was expecting it to only look awesome still though. Nothing more, nothing less.

But just like how it was with the Super Fumina (oh my dear sweet love you) though, it really manages to make me feel like an idiot thinking like that. Before I say anything further lets first get into the build of this kit, though really we can’t do this build review without actually comparing the old Gundam Seed Destiny HG (2004 kit) kit to the revive HG version of this kit (2016, the one that I made), but I’ll start by making this as simple as I can by stating the obvious: the latest kit is miles better than the 2004 kit.

When I said better, I do feel like I am understating it. It’s a totally different kit all together, with much of the kit felt like new. Never once I felt like this is anything similar to the 2004 kit, honestly for someone that actually had both kits the build here really feels fresh and new. The joints on the arm unit and the leg unit for this kit reminds me of the IBO kits, what does mean for this kit is that it does make the joints feel a lot sturdier than the old 2004 kit. Though both kits still use stickers on the wing part of the backpack unit, the 2016 version stickers fit so much better as compared to the 2004 kit. I do enjoy applying stickers here on this kit. In terms of the fittings of the parts, everything fits well with both versions but the quality of the PVC in the new one does seem to be a lot better.

The best looking torso unit and one that I had most fun with
Inner frame for the arm unit? It does remind me of the IBO kits
When the torso, arm, and head come together to meet for the first time.

It was a kit that really won’t take too much of your time to build, but one would feel satisfied with building towards the end of it.

I like this part very, very much actually
oooh dem legs
Love this waist unit.
When everything just fits well

The articulation on this kit is as well was a major improvement as to the old 2004 kit. The 2004 kit has so many limitations to its movements and articulation, the legs feel really restrained and the body felt quite stiff though it was understandable since they really wanted to highlight the transformable part of this kit (Back then this was an awesome feat) and still be a solid kit. But the 2016 kit really takes this to another level of awesome.

You can literally do a lot more sophisticated poses for this kit and because of the stiffness of the joints, you can still be assured that the pose will stay as is. The most wonderful thing that Bandai did in making this kit better in terms of articulation is giving this kit a shoulder upgrade (the old one was stiff at the shoulders) and giving it an ability to tilt from left to right. With all those upgrades, it really does wonders to this kit. You can really do more than the 2004 version is able to.

Wee look at my awesome beam saber!
Let me take your heart away with this beam rifle

The look on this impulse is as well better than its 2004 counterpart. It dons a much more sleek, functional and it had a war winning look (What an irony here). In the looks department, I believe a lot of you would agree thi1s is one of those better-looking HG kits out there.

Pika boo motherfucker
Just seeing Hazim having fun posing the Force Impulse really shows how good this kit is.

Though not to say all is good with this kit, there are a few niggles that I do need to address here. I Should start by asking Bandai, why the hell you don’t just give us an option to have two fucking versions of the shield unit in this kit. For Bandai, just to ask us to just keep taking off and on the parts, I really felt it was a daft decision because I know they could just simply have more parts included in the runner parts. Another thing that I don’t get is; why oh why the fuck can’t they color coordinate the Force silhouette better? For crying out loud it should look better than just bloody white. Though to be fair I really don’t expect it to be 100% on point but god how hard is it to get black and red part of the kit right, even with the 2004 version the force silhouette had more colors than the latest rendition.

The famous force impulse double blade pose. The one i call “imma gonna fuck you up homie” pose.

Well at least that’s the only part of the old kit that trumps the new one, but it doesn’t really change the fact that this is awesome kit all round. It was really a kit that would perfectly demonstrate how far Bandai plastic model division has come to since its inception. I was honestly being impressed by how well this kit was, even with the niggles that it had.

It wasn’t a perfect HG kit but it is one that I would really buy again and a kit that I would recommend to a new and old builder to. It’s definitely something that I had fun making, I would even go as far as saying it is good as the MG kit, but a much smaller scale and a cheaper price.

Plus, if you already owned the MG kit you can always add one more to pair these two up!

8/10 a good, fun kit to build!

So that is my overall review of this awesome kit. Though I do start off late on this kit, due to sickness and all, but it was one that I was happy getting into. All those time I poured into it? It was worth all of it. What do you guys think of the kit yourself? Have you guys built it yourself? It would be awesome to be able to hear your thoughts on this kit! As well I do appreciate your thoughts on the review above,😊 your feedback is really appreciated!

Am really looking forward to the next kit that I will have my mitts on to the next! As well you guys as well can give us suggestions to us on which kits that you guys want us to cover in the next coming review? That would be awesome if you guys can give us suggestions and ideas too! We would love to be able to engage with all of you more too as well!

For now, we shall see you guys again on the next post! Till then! Goodbye and have an awesome week ahead! As ever, be awesome always! 😉

P.S : I think it’s a good time for me to get this:-

The blast impulse Gundam, damn you look so sexy. Come home to daddy


Pictures on the articulation section was taken by the ever talented Mr.Hazim Azmi

Source for the photo above:-


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