Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.12

What a new Mega Size? Do you guys remember those things?

Hello and a very good day to all our readers here! We do hope that you guys had an awesome week ahead and we do hope that you guys had an awesome week building. We are back with another edition of let’s talk gunpla! On this 12th volume, we would be talking a bit about the latest that the ever-dreaded P-Bandai had to offer….

Though honestly this time it’s not as bad of an offer if I may be honest, not much too. As well one announcement from the traditional release on a kit that I feel that is not quite a traditional kit.

Let’s start first with a kit from the Gundam Build Fighters series, a kit that I never know I ever needed.

HG 1/144 Amazing Zgok (HGBF)

HG 1/144 Amazing Zgok (HGBF)

Release Date: 2017/11

Estimated price: SGD 20.00* (MYR 67.97* / USD $14.69*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

Eh, Zgok-san it looks like you have been working out.

Since Bandai started this series back in 2013 with the OVA Mobile Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G we really have never expected this series to pick up as it is. As well we can never have imagined that within 4 years on they would be releasing a lot of awesome looking kits. Honestly, there is really a lot of kits from this series that we wanted to own more than we did with the other main line Gundam anime. It really speaks a lot from the awesome looking custom designs that the creators had in their minds and as well an awesome story to back the kits up too.

As well these series have taken a lot of the more obscure mobile suits in the Gundam universe and make them really yummy. We can honestly say that this series made us look at some of the more obscure mobile suits and go yeah maybe they are really not that bad looking or unpractical after all.

Fron an ugly Duckling in my eyes to a swan now.

It’s especially evident on this one, the Zgok. Honestly, when we first saw these things, we are not impressed by it. Even the fact that char piloted one of these monstrosities didn’t sway our feelings for this mobile suit. It was in our opinion one ugly mother.

That all changed when we all see it in action during the more recent thunderbolt anime, we kind of swayed a bit but then we saw this Amazing Zgok….. just look at it. Really just look at this.

What a beaut

What an awesome looking beast that is. Though it had dem tentacles (We hope it’s not taken from some hentai references) it does still manage to look really awesome overall. Though understandably this kit is a P-Bandai exclusive, it is still one that I would love to have in my collection.

And made me a Zgok believer. 10/10 would buy

Just keep swimming swimming swimming,

PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.]

PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.]
Release Date: 2017/11

Estimated price: SGD 321.00* (MYR 1010.61* / USD $235.82*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

I call this piece the fidget spinner

We just came from binge watching the Unicorn RE0096 series recently, and we are all kind of having the Unicorn fever. The unicorn is not the best looking Mobile Suit ever but without a doubt this one of the coolest Mobile Suit in the Gundam Universe. We won’t spoil it for you guys here, but for those that have watched this show would feel the way we feel.

Though honestly, we can’t say that we like how the Unicorn looks in IRL. We know it is a very unpopular opinion, but we aren’t saying that we hate the unicorn. Far from it, we actually do. It’s just for us we like it for its awesomeness alone, not the looks.

I shall confuse you with my fidget spinner skills. All of my time fidget spinning my fidget spinners have bear fruit. FINALLY, I shall be not a laughing stock! Who is laughing now motherfucker!

Though we are surprised that P-Bandai decided to release this kit, It is comparatively more of a normal PG kit as compared to the Norn or the Phenex. Those two really can justify their existence really due to them looking different (and awesome) but this…..it’s hard to justify, to be honest.

Though to some just the difference of colour for the inner Psychoframe is enough to justify the existence of this kit, since I really haven’t gotten myself a PG to know of how easy for us to swap parts but if P-Bandai would make an option parts release for those that already had the standard kit I think I wouldn’t be so hard on this kit.

I do find this pose awesome tbh.

And the price of a P-Bandai PG is already making me shiver here. Hopefully, in the future, I might myself a PG kit. 6/10 not sure tho

That’s all for the P-Bandai kit release that is announced this month. Now lets us go through a release of a kit that has really taken me by surprise.

The not so honorable extra mention from the traditional release!

Mega Size Model Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) (1/48)

Mega Size Model Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) (1/48)

Release Date: 2017/08

Estimated price: JPY 8,500 * (MYR 329.90* / USD $76.98*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

A big expensive piece of plastic.


We were wondering what is in Bandai’s drink (or even what the hell that they are smoking) that they decided collectively as a company. I could only imagine in their board meeting they decided ‘NO! we don’t need to put our awesome man power into making an Iron Blooded Orphans MG kit, a new PG kit from any of the mainline Gundam series or even any RG kit. What we really need is a new Mega Size kit. A new mega size kit….A NEW FREAKING MEGA SIZE KIT.

Honestly, we have no issues with the Mega size kits, it’s a good introduction for beginners to get into, heck it’s a kit that really doesn’t need any tools to start with. Though I do feel that kind of money you can get the said beginner a good hg kit with a complete set of tools to help him/her to get into the hobby seriously, that would be really a better use of that money. The worst part is that even that is still comparatively cheaper than getting the Mega Size kit.

That’s why the kit wasn’t popular back when they announced and released it. It was a big pointless and expensive thing. The only reason one would get these things is that of either of the novelty reasons (well it does look prominent as a piece of furniture) or because it was sold for real dirt cheap.

That’s why we were surprised to know that they announced this kit. Our only reaction to it is why? WHY? Then again it could be because they wanted to promote the Unicorn and maybe as well due to the Olympics being hosted in Japan so we can kind of see the point. Still, that’s why they have other range of products that better sell the brand, they can go with either of it, it would still be a better option than a mega size kit.

The weapons look good tbh, I would love to have the beam magnum tho.

Though honestly, this unicorn does look good in its Mega Size form, it really is a kit that is even harder to justify. 0/10 will not buy

So that is all from the announcements from P-Bandai and Bandai this round. Except for the Amazing Zgok, the rest really looks disappointing as compared to the other releases. What a bad week this has been for announcements front though there is some reprieve from all of this.

hgbf-hyper-gyanko (1) (1)
I’m on the Hypergyanko train now. HERE WE COME……(not the way you think though)

That box art is awesome, we are really looking forward to this one too! Since this is going to be released in this month! So, looking forward to this!

So, what do you guys think of the overall announcement for this week? Are you guys excited for some of it? or are as disappointed as we were? Tell is in the comment section below and as well leave a like to if you like this write-up! As well you can share this too if you want! 😊 your support and love are always appreciated! As well as your input and feedbacks are appreciated!

We will have a new unboxing and First impressions out by this coming Sunday, do look forward to that! For now, we shall see you guys again on the next post! Goodbye and have an awesome week ahead! As ever, be awesome always! 😉




http://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2017/06/hgbf-hyper-gyanko-release-info.html (for all of your Hyper Gyanko goodness)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.12

  1. I’m salty the Amazing Z’Gok is P-Bandai and would have rather had the Lightning Black Warrior be retail myself.

    The Mega Size Unicorn was made again due to the 1/1 Unicorn statue, that’s pretty much it, and NGL I really want it just because it’s dumb and big.

    I also unironically really want Hyper Gyanko, not as much as the Chinagguy, but I was always a Gyan fan, so this appeals to me greatly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here man, but I do wish both is released as a traditional release instead of a P-Bandai release. I do hope when it’s here the price justifies the fun that we might get from it.

      Lol, I have no issues with them releasing the Mega Size kit, but it’s really strange when they decide to do it when everybody thought this line is dead already. Though it does give me hope that they might consider restarting the System Weapons series.



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