Unboxing and First Impressions of RX-78 GP02 Gundam ‘Physalis’ (MG)

A little something that I have forgotten

RX-78GP02 Gundam ‘Physalis’ (MG)

Date of Release: Jan 1998

Price:RM169.00* (USD $39.31*)

Hello and a very good day to all of our readers. First and foremost I have to apologize for the delay of the release of this unboxing and first impressions, I have been having quite a hectic schedule this week and just barely managed to make this happen! I am glad that despite everything I still manage to release a new content before the end of the day! I do apologize for the delay but I will make sure there will be no delays with the upcoming review!

Regardless, I’m back with another edition of our Unboxing and First Impressions! This time we will be covering a kit that I have had in the backlog for quite a while actually. There are a few times (that I have to admit) that I almost bought this kit again only to remember that I actually already had this one in the backlog. Haha.

Though, I don’t regret starting this kit now because I can really share my unboxing of this kit and give you my first impressions of this kit (all thanks to this wonderful blog). Do want to disclose here as well that this was a kit that was bought by one of our co editors; Mr. Aiman Nazmi when he was visiting Korea back in 2011. Well to be more precise, he was asked by me to get this kit if he ever drops by The Gundam Base Bandai Korea. As you can already tell he did managed to. Haha.

The best thing when buying at the Gundam Base Bandai Korea is seeing the badge of honor of doing so.

The reason being is that at the time, it was quite hard to find this kit here in Malaysia and at the time the prices of the gunpla there is almost close to the prices of gunpla that you get in Japan. Hence my reasons for him getting the kit there.

Though in the price section here I will still include the current market price for this kit (in Malaysia anyway). If you guys do take into the consideration of the price of this kit so I still will cover the current RSP of this kit. Though I do admit it was a lot cheaper back then as compared to how it was now.

The box does look quite worn out by all the neglecting.
The details of the kit on the side of the box (left side)
The details of the kit on the side of the box (the right side)

Back to the Unboxing and My first impressions of this kit. First and foremost, the box art makes me really appreciate the kind of effort that was taken in making all of them awesome looking MG box art (most current one nowadays) because of this box art if I have to be honest… is quite crap. I know I am nitpicking here but this box art for all intent and purposes serves its purpose, but really starting to look its age nowadays. Then again this is a kit that was made in 1998, so I shouldn’t expect it to be a work of art I suppose.

But as soon as you open the box, everything changes…let me just start by showing you guys this:-

This is what greets you when you open the box, you don’t get this with the new kits.

This is the kind of thing that I really don’t understand, why the hell Bandai stop doing this kind of things on the MG kit. Just seeing this greet you every time you open up and the old kit does speak a lot to how I felt when I open any old MG kits. It felt like I was appreciated and it made me feel like this kit is something that Bandai was proud of selling. A feeling that I don’t get now when I bought the newer MG kits. Looking at this makes me sad.

I do miss seeing things like this it really makes the MG kits feels special.

The Runner kits (with a very worn out plastic bags that is storing them in)

On the runner parts, most of them do look quite aged (not because I have been abandoned it…..I think, haha) as compared to the newer kits but the color scheme here seems to be quite accurate and on par to most newer MG kit but then again I do have to see that again after the actual kit is finished. I do think in this part, this kit does start to look quite promising.

Look at them colorful runner kits (please pay no mind to the yellowish plastic bags)
The last bits of the runner parts

Finally let’s get to the last and the best bit of this, The manual! Oh my god the manual, the damned thing is just full of detail and awesomeness. Looking at it made me feel really happy that I decided to open this up now but at the same time made me feel quite sad that after getting excited seeing all that awesomeness in the manual then remembering that this is coming from an old kit.

A very old kit.

The front page of the awesomeness

The reason being is that I feel that the manuals that we get nowadays are simpler and as lack of love and details as compared to what you get on the old MG manuals. I love browsing through the old manuals and see a lot of information about every single part of the mobile suit (though it’s all in Japanese, still), it made me feel like Bandai is trying to tell a deeper story than what we usually get in the anime. I feel that if I could understand the Japanese language, building this kit would definitely make the experience building the kit a lot better and as well make the experience of watching the anime better too.

The line art of the RX-78 GP02A looks awesome as fuck, I really wish I know what was written here tbh.
The rest looks quite standard MG manual up until….
You reach the dem details section look at them details man….you don’t see this on the newer kits

I know that doing this does take away time and resources from Bandai but I do feel with them, not including the same kind of detail to it, does make owning MG kits nowadays feels not as special as how it was before.

Even the middle color section is better than most that I see on the new kits

I don’t mind it doesn’t have the same the box in a box feel, but I do want them to give me more stuff in my MG manuals man. I would love to see all of them details translated!

More of this
and this, please?

I really do hope Bandai puts more effort in the manuals as much as they do on the kits themselves. Please Bandai, MAKE MG KITS GREAT AGAIN.

Well that covers most of the Unboxing and my first impressions of this kit, though I know for a fact that this is an old kit it is really something that I shouldn’t compare to the newer kits but after going through the manual and just unboxing everything up I do start to look forward to building this kit as soon as I finish uploading this up on the blog!

And that bazooka looks awesome as fuck man. I do want to see how it would fare in IRL. Regardless, I’m lowering my expectations, even though I do feel that this might be something that would surprise me. As much I do look forward to building the kit, I as well do look forward in writing the review.

I hope this is a good one.

That’s all for the Unboxing and my first impressions of the kit. What do you guys think of this kit from my unboxing of it? Have you guys had your own experiences of the kit? What do you think of my thoughts from the unboxing? I do look forward to reading or hearing your thoughts on this kit. As well have a discussion with all of you here too!

Again, I do apologize for the lateness of this. I will make sure that the review will be up by next week! Having too many things happening in the same week is really wreaking up my schedule, but I will improve in making sure that more things would be up in time. >.< No more of this lateness and please do look forward to my review by this Sunday and a new article this Wednesday too!

Oh, and another thing, one of my co-editor and writer will be posting something up on this site soon! Do look forward to that, He will be writing his first review of an awesome kit from a very awesome jazzy show! Want to guess what kit it is? Hahaha, so please do look forward to that!

As ever, if you do like this article don’t hesitate to leave a like here or to any platform that you might come across this and you can share the article too if you so wish. To all of us, any form of support from you guys is gladly appreciated! Anyways, Thanks again for reading this and as well for your patience! Have an awesome week ahead and keep being awesome you guys!


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