Let’s Talk Gunpla vol.15

An All HG P-Bandai special

Hello and a very good day to our fellow readers. We are back with our 15th edition of let’s talk gunpla segment. This week we will be picking up the parts that we missed from the announcements from last week and one from the newer announcements (there is more newer stuff I know but I’ll cover those ones next week), regardless more stuff from the P-Bandai Japan!

Well to be franker, it’s more news to make us more broke than we can possibly think of. Without further ado let’s get into the first piece of the announcement!

Remember to hold your wallets close. This is going to be a hard one.

HG 1/144 RX – 78 – 01 [N] Local Type Gundam (roll out color)

HG 1/144 RX – 78 – 01 [N] Local Type Gundam (roll out color)
Release Date: 2017/11

Estimated price: JPY 2,160* (MYR 85.04* / USD $19.93*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

Looking at this makes me really excited for the North American version of this.

The first entry is not the worse announcement out of all that we’ve seen and to be honest this is something that we kind of expected because it was teased in the poster that was included with the RX – 78 -02 Gundam (MG) Origins ver. Limited edition version. When the local type Gundam was announced we known that this would follow suit.

Though what surprised us is that the local type Gundam (North American front) was released as a traditional release instead of this one. Then again I do think the color on the North American front version looks dope as fuck so I’m glad that they decided to not go with this.

This is such an awesome looking kit and this pose is dope af too

Regardless, we do think this is something that we might see ourselves getting. Just for the collector side of us, it’s good to have different variations of this things. At least with this, it’s not a complete release of something else entirely different….

Or is it?

At least it’s not a complete rebuild.

Regardless we would give this 10/10 we would definitely get this one.

Next is…

HG 1/144 Graze (Land battle specifications) Twin Set (HGIBO)

HG 1/144 Graze (Land battle specifications) Twin Set (HGIBO)

Release Date: 2017/11

Estimated price: JPY 3,456* (MYR 134.49* / USD $31.51*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

We are twins from a different colored mom.

The Iron Blooded series finale has been something that we all have trouble accepting (I personally haven’t watched GOT so I can’t say if those two is comparable), the final stand of tekkadan. Though we must admit even though it is quite hard to watch, those final moments of those brave main characters die one by one it is to me, a perfect end to an awesome show. Too bad all the best characters died off, but we still feel it’s a good end to each one of them.

In our opinion, Iron Blooded Orphans was really a damn good anime.

As well we realized that this is really one of those anime where most of the featured MS was made into an HG kit, either as a traditional release or as a P-Bandai release. Looking back, even though most of the IBO MS design was a bit bad, but we do admit that there is a lot of good ones too. The best part of the IBO HG kits is that even the cannon fodder units are given some HG love and another plus point for this is that most of the IBO HG kit we’ve made is mostly a joy to build. So we do look forward to any IBO HG news, Premium or not.

One of these days we probably do a proper IBO HG kit review.

I love the blue on this kit.

So, when we saw this announced, we are quite excited. Finally, more love on the awesome looking Graze units. Though from the looks of it there is not much different than the standard Graze, with some minor modifications but what really caught our eyes were really the color scheme of these kits.

The brown is not a bad color too.

They looked awesome as well you get two of the same kits but with distinct colors, fucking sweet the color of these two kits. If you are thinking of creating a diorama set (including any MS from Tekkadan side as well of course) of tekkadan final stand with these two kits, what a better time this is for you to make that dream happen.

It is really one that we are really looking forward to getting. So, 10/10 definitely getting these.

How can you say no to this two

Now lets us finally take look on the latest offering from the lovely P-Bandai JP chaps.

HG 1/144 Psycho GM (HGBF)

HG 1/144 Psycho GM (HGBF)

Release Date: 2017/12

Estimated price: JPY 6,264* (MYR 243.76* / USD $57.12*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

When I saw this I was asking why. Why does this exist?

Just when we thought last week’s MG RGM-79 GM Command (space type) announcement was fucking frustrating. Now we have another GM kit that is slated for the P-Bandai release and it’s from the Build fighter’s movie GM Counterattack that was showcased recently.

At this point of time, I really don’t know why Bandai is doing this anymore. Though I do admit that this is something that would take a lot of self-reasoning to get because just look at it…..

Look at me, a big red ridiculous psycho GM.

No matter the reason, it still better to give this kit a more traditional release, because isn’t this one is the main villain of the show? What if some normal bloke that wanted to get into gunpla building decided to have this one as his first kit, just to have his hopes crushed by the fact that:-

  • It’s impossible to get because of its limited run release
  • Even if you do find one it’s going to be an overpriced monster.

Though by looking at this I do wonder why someone might want this very interesting looking kit, it is one that I feel should be given a chance to be. You never know we might get it because of our own sheer curiosity? Maybe one of us will get senile and thought that this is a good looking kit?

This GM in its ridiculous form.

Regardless, Bandai you should’ve known better. Shame on you.

Overall, we do think this is a ridiculous kit. The looks are really something that we can’t digest no matter how much we try to love it. But by the looks of it, it shares many traits of the Psycho Gundam in which this kit was based upon. One thing we all know for sure is that we ain’t getting this one for sure.

So 0/10 will not get.

but would you get this one though?

So that’s all for the 15th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, what do you guys think of all the announcements? Is there any from the announcements that caught your fancy? We personally think the Graze twin set is the best announcement that we see so far for this week and we are quite excited about getting that one tbh.

Regardless, we do look forward to reading your thoughts and feedback as well! So hit away on those keyboards! 😀

Anyways, that’s all for this edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla, till we the next one when we cover more P-Bandai madness and as well we shall see you again this Sunday with a new Weekend review / Unboxing segments! Till next time!




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