Unboxing and First impressions of MS-06S Zaku II Char Azanable Custom (MG) Ver.2.0

MS-06S Zaku II Char Aznable Custom (MG) Ver.20

Release Date: Late May 2007

Retail Price: MYR 133.00*(USD $13.27*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

50 shades of red.

Hello and a very good day to all our awesome readers! We are back with a new unboxing and First Impressions post and today we will be covering a kit that is, in my opinion, one of my personal favorites to build for the variant that I never have come around to actually to build

The MS-06S Zaku II Char Azanable’s Custom (MG) Ver.2.0. one of the LEGENDARY Zaku II 2.0 kits.

There are many reasons on why this wasn’t the Zaku II ver 2.0 kit that I go for when this first announced and even when it was out. One of the reasons is that back then I was more into grunt units, mainly ground Mobile Suit units and I already had the MS-06J Zaku II ver.2.0 and the GM [G] Sniper (I might want to make a diorama between those two, one of this days) so at the time I have no urge to buy or even build the MS-06S Zaku II. Though really the biggest reason for me at the time, is really one of the financial reasons, I wasn’t earning enough for me to buy kits and I must really spend my money really carefully, for them kits.

To be honest though, even when I do earn more, most of the time this kit was overshadowed by the other new MG releases, so most of the time I kind of got distracted by the others. In a lot of sense, it was always a kit that was kind of pushed back to the back of my mind. Thankfully due to a person commissioned this kit to me, now I finally get the chance to really build this kit and honestly, it’s about time that I finally get around to build this.

cuz just first look at this awesome boxart.

Look at that glorious handsome Zaku II

Glorious indeed.

I should start by saying, that this box-art for the MG really captures the action of the scene well and the awesomeness of this Mobile Suit that this kit is based from. Oh god, the details here are amazing, I really can appreciate the small details they include in this box-art (you can really see small little Zaku’s in the background of this box art). Though the Zaku itself wasn’t doing any awesome action poses, it still manages to make it look awesome as hell. Hell, with the box art alone it manages to do justice on this kit already.

The front cover of the manual. You do look familiar, have I seen you somewhere before?
The more history and the development of the Zaku II, I really wish that I can read all of this awesome info….
The Color section of the manual. More stuff that you can’t read….
The building instructions and the building Gunpla guides.
Finally, the back of the manual, look at that glorious Zaku II

The manual is a much simpler affair as compared to the other MG’S that I’ve built recently, I would say this manual was more akin to the modern manuals that we got recently. For this version of the Zaku, I do understand why they opt to go simple with it since they already detailed it out well on the 1.0 version but overall I do feel it is a fundamentally a different designed kit as compared to the ver.1.0 having the illustration and explanation (though I can’t read Japanese, still I would love to see the illustration of it) would make the experience going through the manual a lot better. Regardless, even though I do miss having that kind of stuff in the manuals, but all in all, it won’t count in through the overall experience.

Oh well, as long if the kit is a blast to build it all good.

The runner kits are as well looks very well made and very well produced. Though it only consists mainly of a different shade of red and black (and pink), it does look quite tasteful as compared to the RG MS-06S. I dare say the color here does look better than the RG version (though the RG version design-wise looks better), as compared to the RG kit the MG kit looks more consistent color wise while the RG looks like a mess, color wise. Though there are some parts here where I do find the quality of the runners to be a bit questionable but I do have to wait up until the actual build for me to finally give my final opinion for this kit.

I do hope it won’t affect the whole experience of building it.

look at all of that selection of red and black.
Oh, how I miss looking at you. Those decals look yummy as well.
Look at all of those RED.

Overall I do feel glad that I finally get to open this up, it was a kit that to me was waiting for me to pick it up and work on it. Though I do have an experience building the MG Zaku II 2.0 (both the F/J version) before, I have not personally built the Char Azanable version. Though I am excited for this, at the same time it is giving me some nostalgic feeling to it as well, some part of me feels like things have come full circle for me. If this turns out to be good, this shall be something that I would prioritize to add into my Zaku II Grunt collection.

Then I can proudly proclaim that I am one with the Zeon. Oh, I can’t wait.

That’s all for the Unboxing and First impressions, what are your thoughts on the MS-06S Zaku II? Do you have experiences building this kit before? To be honest, I do hope that It still holds up well through the sands of time, unlike the GP02A (don’t get me wrong it was still a blast to build this, but in its own werid way, if that makes sense. haha). I do look forward to reading your own experiences with this kit and either you love or hate this kit!

Your stories here is really something that I really look forward to reading! As well your inputs on our posts too!

Anyways, thanks to those that have given us a very good feedback on the last post we made last week, and we will improve in making the Let’s talk Gunpla segments better and as well our own Review sections better too!

Keep giving us the inputs man! We really appreciate it!

Anyways, we look forward to seeing you guys on the next post! Till then!


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