Review of RX-78AL Atlas Gundam

Review of the RX7-8AL Atlas Gundam


Hello and a very good day to our fellow readers! Finally, I am done finishing the review on the RX-78AL Atlas Gundam, hope you all are well and I’m so very sorry for taking a while to finish the review on this kit.

Let’s Start the review with some background history on the RX-78AL Atlas Gundam.
The Atlas Gundam is a prototype ground combat mobile suit developed by the Earth Federation Forces, it is a very versatile mobile suit so it can be used in a lot of ways and works in most terrains you will see the gundam universe explore, such as in space, on the ground in earth and even underwater I feel it works best underwater.
It has a unique spherical joint system known as the Globe Joints which was interestingly developed based on Principality of Zeon amphibious Mobile Suits and it was meant for underwater use.
The Build was very interesting to put together, I was very impressed with how every piece worked, and seeing how every part moved was very satisfying.
The finished kit was very good looking even though it was straight built with no paint or even panel lined, I decided not to put most of the stickers because the kit looked good enough without them, the only ones I decided to put were some on the chest where the very little yellow details were.

those are stickers

For articulation, its best if we talk in terms of the waifu level, the waifu level of the atlas is like if you take Rem (I put her first cause people like her more) and Emilia and you put them together and BAM! you get the Atlas Gundam. For the joints of the atlas it’s like everything moves so nicely. If its still quite vague, let let me get into more details here, let’s start with the head. It’s on a standard issue ball joint but since there are no more polycaps its the plastic runners, now it can move front by like a lot, it can rotate at 360 degrees but it’s a little tight for mine since its pretty new but you can do that.
you can make it look up by a bit and that’s all for the head.

this is the best I could do for the head

Moving on to the body, oh by far is the best part of this kit I feel, it can move its torso to the front a lot so you can make a bowing pose, now if you move the torso like you are stretching your back you get a bit of movement and you can see the chest piece open up a bit.

Moving on to the limbs, now let’s start with the arms, where the shoulders are you can rotate it 360 degrees as well, though I am a bit disappointed that they maybe could have followed how they made it with the HG Impulse Gundam where the shoulders can move like hugging in but it seems like they didn’t follow that. Instead, what we get is a very good motion to move it very high up, for example the shoulder piece can reach the Gundams head unit, though the ball joint for it can move a bit forwards.

For the arm, it is double jointed like what you would expect on a MG kit so it has incredible motion there.IMG_20170917_173432
The legs are also very good it can do the splits, it can move forward by a lot and it is also double jointed there.

The movement of the feet are very limited because it is not on a standard ball joint.

The sub legs are very limited in articulation as there is only one moveable piece and when assembled to the gundam it limits a lot of the articulation of the kit but a good thing is it can become like a tripod to stabilize the full kit. Because it can’t really stand properly with sub legs connected.IMG_20170824_190326

Now with the base kit there are no weight issues but with sub legs it just loves to topple down.

The equipment it comes with is the Rail gun, Blade Shield, 2 Beams Sabres and 2 Assault Rifles.IMG_20170917_173242


The only problem I have with the equipment is the Blade Shield as it is very hard to hold the handle so I guess this part the manipulators need to be glued together to hold it nicely

Oh, and a note the Rail Gun and Blade Shield are heavy but Bandai have somewhat cheated on this end and given a way for the kit to hold them up with parts connected to the arms of the gunpla to make the atlas able to hold these heavy equipment’s without any trouble on the kit.

Bandai cheat bits

My concluding thoughts on the kit are that it was a very good refresher for me as I have not been building gunplas for a while so it was an easy kit to finish and without any extra work like painting and panel lining the gunpla it looks very good with minimal effort.
It is an impressive kit to look at and to pose around but I do have some trouble with posing the kit with sub legs attached.

Yes, I would recommend people this kit as it is very handsome kit with some good-looking equipment, easy enough for beginners I think and veterans would like what the kit gives,
with its incredible articulation and great looking-ness of it

In conclusion, this is an impressive kit compared to the older HG kits I’ve built, I am hoping for an MG version of this kit so I can see how they can make it even more impressive then the HG version.

Please tell me what do you think of the article, because I feel this one might be longer.
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Please do tell me anything about the review in the comment section and I’ll try to reply
And that is all folks hoped you have enjoyed this review as much I have writing it sorry it’s a bit long

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