Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.20

More PG EXIA goodness!

Hello and a very good day to all our awesome readers! We are back with our 20th edition of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment! Yes, in this edition we are going to touch more on the very recent reveal of the glorious Perfect Grade GN-001 Exia one of the biggest reveal of this year, but that wasn’t the only reveal Bandai made, we are as well getting one surprise reveal by P-Bandai that really made us quite excited about and one that was quite……questionable at best. I’m sure those that recently purchased the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A (MG) knows what we are on about.

So, without further ado let’s first talk about….

HG 1/144 Zaku Cannon Test Type (HGUC)

HG 1/144 Zaku Cannon Test Type (HGUC)

Release Date: 2017/12

Estimated price: JPY 2,160* (MYR 81.09* / USD $19.14*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

Honestly what an awesome thing this.

This. This is one of the reveals from P-Bandai that we are quite excited about when we saw this in the news feeds. We covered the Zaku II half-cannon in our 16th volume before (links here.) but we honestly really didn’t expect P-Bandai would release this version especially when the Half-Cannon wasn’t even officially launched yet. As we are looking at this we can’t help to feel like we would be picking this up instead of the Half-Cannon.

Before we go any further, let’s talk a bit about this kit, looking at the promotional stills we can safely say that this kit is loosely based from the Zaku II Half-Cannon (set to release this coming nov). You guys might notice that we mentioned here, this kit is ‘LOOSELY BASED’. The reason of why we use this term is that…. well just look at the comparison to the Half-cannon.

First, we give you the Half Cannon

The Zaku II Half-Cannon

And now the Zaku Cannon Test Type

The Zaku Cannon Test type

You guys see what we mean? Besides the Backpack system, leg unit and the cannon, the Zaku Cannon had so many changes to it that you might as well call it a new kit altogether. Though we must say that this version is a real throwback to the original Zaku Cannon Design which we in this blog love that design and the MG kit tremendously. At this rate we don’t really care that this is a P-Bandai exclusive anymore, we just want to have it here in our collection beside the MG Zaku Cannon. Our only hope is that, this kit would be as awesome as the MG version and hopefully one that is a fun one to build. This kit is a 10/10 definite must get for us indeed.

It would be a perfect Christmas indeed if we got two of this awesome kits.

We think we already know what we want for our Christmas.

MG 1/100 Enhanced Double Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka & the Enhanced parts (MGUC)

MG 1/100 Enhanced Double Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka & the Enhanced parts (MGUC)

Release Date: 2017/12

Estimated price: JPY 2,160* (MYR 81.09* / USD $19.14*) for the enhanced parts

Estimated price: JPY 8,640* (MYR 324.45* / USD $76.79*) for the full version  

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

So whats new with you?

Now for those that have gotten the earlier batches of the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A. You might know that this is coming, as we all looking so enviously at most of the Japanese Gunpla builders in Instagram. We noticed that most of them were sharing a pamphlet that was included with the ZZ Gundam, that mentioned of an extension parts for the ZZ Gundam that would be coming this coming December. We are honestly were excited to see the said pamphlet because it we thought it might be the Full Armour set for the ZZ it would be awesome if it was the case, but the reveal of what we will be getting we were going more like ‘What?’. We will give you the comparison picture with the original ZZ kit and the supposedly enhanced version of it.

When we saw this we are honestly were excited for it because we thought it might be the Full Armour set  addonfor the ZZ Gundam. It would be fucking awesome if it was the case, but after we saw the actual reveal of what we will be getting, we were going more like ‘What? Is this it?’. We will give you the comparison picture with the original ZZ kit and the supposedly enhanced version of it.

To understand what we meant, we will give you the comparison picture with the original ZZ kit and the supposedly enhanced version of it.

let’s try to spot the difference, shall we?

You see what we mean, besides the color, it’s hard to tell what the difference was then the original. We were asking ourselves ‘what was the enhancement made for this kit?’

Well from what we can see all the enhanced parts of the ZZ Gundam made to the kit is to make the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A. look closer to its anime counterpart that all that we can see. Oh before I forget this is as well given more rocket pods then from what we get from the original but overall, we don’t really see it change the kit all that much instead of making the backpack look longer but then again maybe we are wrong in this. We haven’t gotten real hands down with this kit so it is quite hard to say what Enhancement is made for this kit.

The changes that were made in this version. Honestly, when we get our own ZZ Gundam then we can really say what is new with this enhanced parts. but besides that, we are struggling to see the point of this

And for those that do like this version and haven’t gotten the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A yourselves, fret not because there will be a full release version that is going to be released side by side with the enhanced parts.

Overall we all do need to build the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A before we can really say anything about this but overall it is something we are quite curious about in seeing, but to get it though? A hard question this but what we can say now is that we are most likely only get the Enhanced parts just to satisfy our curiosity, but not so much the full version of this kit unless the ZZ Gundam is a fun one to make.

Plus it still look handsome as hell still.

Overall, we would give this a 9/10, an interesting kit but one that we will consider in getting.

Regardless what we feel about this version, we still think it looks glorious still.

With this two out of the way, lets us finally talk about the biggest news of the year for gunpla fans. Let’s us talk about….

PG 1/60 GN-001 Exia (PG00) (both the normal and the lighting version) (PG00)

PG 1/60 GN-001 Exia (PG00) (both the normal and the lighting version) (PG00)

Release Date: 2017/11

Estimated price: JPY 16,200* (MYR 608.34* / USD $143.99*) for the normal version

Estimated price: JPY 28,800* (MYR 1081.49* / USD $255.97*) the lighting system version

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.


The reveal of the Perfect Grade Exia probably is the biggest news we all have gotten ever this year. We were really impressed by the official promotional still and how the kit looked in real life. The only word that was uttered by all of us here is just simply ‘glorious’. There is really a lot to love with this kit but lets us first talk about the party piece of this kit. The lighting system. As you guys might remember last time we talked about on how essential the lighting system would be for this kit and it turned out yes it is.

With the clear parts being the centerpiece of this kit we can clearly see that this kit was really made with this lighting system in place, as we can see that you can customise how you want the light is and how well it would work for this. Without a doubt, if a P-Bandai version of this ever comes out for the trans-am version we can already imagine this kit would look glorious with the lighting system in place.

The kit itself in terms of articulation looks brilliant, though we are a little bit concerned about the arm’s articulation (because of the clear part that was attached to it) so far from its promotional stills it looks like it not really a big issue overall. Though we must say that this probably the first PG kit that includes fixed manipulator sets, which is a big concern for us since it kind of an indicator of how the PG Manipulators would act with some of the weapons poses. Regardless it is still early to say much on this, for this we shall have to see how this kit performs in real life before we can say more on this matter.

A PG with a fixed manipulator set? That is new….

Even with that issue in hand (haha) this kit overall does look really promising still, we are looking forward to this one tbh.

There will be some of you that would be concerned with the price of the kit made too expensive with the lighting system included, to some of us we probably want to skip this one out and maybe opt for it later. So you guys probably are wondering if there is a normal version?

Yes, Bandai is releasing two versions of this kit, one with the Lighting system included, and one without the lighting system (the normal version) included. The normal version is inherently cheaper (price listed above) compared to the PG kit with the lighting system (the price listed above), but we here all feel there is no point going for the normal version and not making use of the awesome clear parts of this Kit. You need the lighting system to really make this kit shine.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this pose in IRL.

This is a kit that would be more worth having as a display with its glorious lighting system installed, though it is expensive (and possibly ruin you financially) but its a kit that we feel is worth investing your money for.

Plus if there is a blackout in your house, and you have now flashlight in your vicinity this would definitely make a good flashlight. An expensive flashlight indeed.

This is a definite 10/10 must get for all of us here, though we admit this would take a while for us to get indeed.

Even with the armor stripped off it still looks awesome af

Anyways, that is all for this edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla. What do you guys think of the announcements? Are you guys excited for all the awesome kits? What is your honest opinion of the PG reveal? Do let us know in the comment section below and we will be looking forward to reading it all!

Anyways before we leave we just wanted to inform that due to Kimi being extremely sick in this past few days work on the Gundam Astray Amatsu Mina is kind of slow but he will make sure the kit’s review would be up this weekend though admittedly it would be late. Regardless he will try his best to make sure the review would be up on Sunday still so we hope you guys would understand!

We will update you guys through FB, Instagram or even Reddit if there are any further changes!  We are sorry for the lateness in advance! We hope you guys would still look forward to it! Thanks again for all your support and we hope to see you again on the next post! May you all have an awesome weekend and may you all have an awesome time Gunpla building!


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