Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.21


Hello and a very good day to all of our readers here. We are back with another edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla! In this 21st edition, we will be mainly be covering P-Bandai JP very recent kit announcements that are mainly based from Gunpla Build Fighters Battlelouge episode 3 that just aired last week.

If you guys watched the episode, you guys would already know what we are going to be talking about and honestly, we are quite surprised on the lateness of Bandai to announce this, because usually, we see the kit first then we get to see the kits in action during the anime. So we do find this to be quite different practice for bandai….oh wait sorry, P-Bandai. Regardless, we do think the announcements of these kits are quite timely especially for one that we are really excited about and to know that we are getting more MS Girl we are wondering if eventually, bandai would just stop dicking around and finally release an MS Girl centric anime in the future.

We do see some promise of this being a reality after watching this episode. Anyways without further ado let’s start talking about the kits!

HG 1/144 Rick Do Gyanko (HGBF)

HG 1/144 Rick-Do Gyanko (HGBF)

Release Date: 2018/01

Estimated price: JPY 2,700* (MYR 101.34* / USD $24.02*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

We prefer this version then the original that this was based on, we have always preferred the Rick Doms then the Gyan tbh.

Ahh the Rick Gyanko, this. Really when we saw this we don’t know where to start with this one, well because just look at this part and tell us if this is not distracting.

Yes, that placement. Though it does makes us wonder if it still has that blinding feature. Lol.

Regardless on that distraction lets us talk a bit about the kit itself, we can safely say that this kit is based on the recently release Hyper Gyanko HGBF kit (released: Late August 2017). Though there aren’t major changes on the overall looks of the kit itself (well how much can you change the look of a character anyway) there is some changes that can be seen mainly on the color, different weapon sets, and some armor parts and some…….. well you know.

Overall the kit itself does look more Hyper Gyanko oh sorry more Rick-Do Gyanko. Ha ha. We have to be frank, we all feel that this is a pretty hard kit to look at (you know why) and can be embarrassing to have displayed but at the same time, it is something that we still would have added into our Gunpla collection. We are feeling quite conflicted with this one tbh, but honestly this is one that we won’t pass up for no matter the reason.

Regardless it is an awesome looking kit overall.

After thinking things through, we feel like we will be getting this indeed. so a this gets our 10/10 definately get badge.

HG 1/144 Command Fumina (HGBF)

HG 1/144 Command Fumina (HGBF)

Release Date: 2018/01

Estimated price: JPY 2,592* (MYR 97.18* / USD $23.05*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

Command Fumina a.k.a the best girl in her other awesome look.

When we saw this in Gundam Build Fighters Battlelouge for the first time we all knew this is coming for the P-Bandai line (Well the same can be said for the Rick-Do Gyanko). As well we didn’t expect to be introduced to both the Rick-Do Gyanko and the Command Fumina at all and was shocked to see that there is this two awesome looking MS Girls showcased in the show.

The reason for us to be quite shocked is mainly that usually either Bandai or P-Bandai would announce the kit so much earlier before show airs. To be surprised by the reveal of this two does make us look forward to seeing it announced and fair enough a week after it was. We honestly were quite impressed and we never have said this but I think P-Bandai was brilliant to capitalize on the hype that it generated with announcing this now.

To talk a little bit about the kit itself, the Command Fumina is based from the recently released Winning Fumina (Released: Late September 2017) and how it was with the Rick-Do Gyanko, there aren’t many changes made to the basic look of the base kit (which is the main body of the kit). The noticeable changes are mainly on the distinct color set and the complete equipment swap for the Command Fumina.

Bandai knows that all of us would flock to this version, that’s why they release this as P-Bandai, very smart you sneaky P-Bandai you.

For those that are familiar already with the Winning Fumina, knows that the armor set for the Winning can be separated and turned into its own SD kit. The same concept is present in this version as well, but for this, it is given a completely different colour and weapon sets. At one point you might be forgiven for thinking this is a whole different kit.

We are aswell guilty of this, lets us give you here a comparision picture to show you guys what we ment.

The winning Fumina SD Gundam
The Command Fumina SD Gundam

You see what I mean? The color does change how the SD kit looked if you really didn’t look closely you would really be mistaken it to be a whole new kit.

Fumina has always been the best girl in the whole Gundam Build Fighters TRY anime, and to have more Fumina is always welcome no matter what form it comes in P-Bandai or such we shall have her in our collection.

Heck even as we write here Kimi is already planning to build a small Fumina shrine. So without a doubt this definitely this gets our attention and a 10/10 a definite must get for all of us here in this blog.

Even without her armor set she still looked awesome

Ok on the final announcement, isn’t really a Gunpla kit, but one that we feel was made timely with the launch of the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A (MG) and that is the

Armour Girls Project MS Girl Full Armour ZZ Gundam (FAZZ Gundam)

Armour Girls Project MS Girl Full Armour ZZ Gundam (FAZZ Gundam)

Release Date: 2018/03 (preorders open on the 6th of October)

Estimated price: JPY 14,580* (MYR 546.66* / USD $129.68*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

look at that, We would’ve not imagined the FAZZ would be a blonde girl.

YES, this is probably one of the BEST timed announcements for P-Bandai. Hot right off releasing the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A (MG) recently. P-Bandai saw the opportunity to announce this and just make our lives really hard how can we pass this off because just look at it.

even with different armor sets, she looks awesome still.

Glorious ain’t she?

We here don’t have any experiences with figure-based models so we can’t say much about it, but knowing how the FAZZ is we can say that the only concern we have about this kit is that we wonder if the figure with it fully equipped would it be able to sustain its own weight? Well, we do have to wait for the actual release to know that for sure.

So far though we do like that it comes with different armor sets, and for it to transition to just a normal ZZ Gundam to its Full Armour version is a feature that we all really appreciate. Though by the looks of it the only thing that is missing is the interchangeable face/head option, we are not sure if this kit traditionally comes with this option or not but the inclusion of this does affect how we feel about this overall.

Look at all of that stuff she comes with

This is a very pricey item and it is something that we are all quite unsure of though admittedly we all do love how this looks overall. Ultimately for this, we are thinking of just seeing this thing in the wild before we decide anything on this. So for this, we are giving this a 9/10 an interesting kit but one that we will consider badge.

She will kill you with that smile on her face.

But damn, what a beautiful thing she is.

So that’s all for this edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla. We do enjoy making this episode yet and reading through the announcements made for this round. We are looking forward to the coming January after looking at of the January P-Bandai releases! What are your thoughts of the kits announced this around? Are there any kits that you are looking forward to getting? We do look forward to reading and replying to you all and just having a general discussion over the kits announced from P-Bandai.

Anyways, that’s all for this round of let’s talk gunpla section. Kimi’s review of the Amatsu mina is looking to be back on track so we should have the review up by this Sunday! Do look forward to that! We are having more new contents planned out and there will be some changes made to this blog soon, so do look forward to that!

Before we leave we just want to thank you all for reading and we hope to see you again in our next post! Till we meet again, have an awesome week ahead and have an awesome gunpla building time! Till next time!


Sources and if you guys wanted to do your preorders


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