Let’s Talk Gunpla vol.22

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Hello and a very good day to all our awesome readers here. We are back once again with another edition of our Let’s Talk gunpla segment! Now in our 22nd edition, we will be touching on some things that were announced for P-Bandai the 10th anniversary for the OO Gundam series.

We won’t be covering the all the RG re-releases, however, we will be talking about ones that were announced that really gets our attention this time around. Just so you guys know we are excited to see the gloss injected trans-am Qan[T] Gundam (RG) that re-release. Honestly shit looks dope af, we so getting it.

Anyways before we get off track lets us get into the two annoucements made and the first one that we will be talking about is: –

Cosmo Fleet Collection Mobile Suit Gundam OO (Double O) Ptolemaios a.k.a Ptolemy [Limited Edition]

Cosmo Fleet Collection Mobile Suit Gundam OO (Double O) Ptolemaios a.k.a Ptolemy [Limited Edition]
Release Date: 2018/01

Estimated price: JPY 1,620* (MYR 60.87* / USD $14.41*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

The promotional stills here looks very nice, was looking promising at first

MS Carriers, space cruisers/battleships, ships, support vehicles and combat vehicles in the Gundam Universe have always been a subject of great interest for us. We are as much interested in them as much as the MS themselves, unfortunately for us, the ones that we do get from Bandai only come in the form of the EX Model Lines and let’s not forget the very excellent U.C.Hard Graph kit lineups. The U.C.Hard Graph series was an awesome looking kit and one that really makes the combat and support vehicles in the Gundam universe look awesome af. Though both of these kits are tailored for Plamo modelers (due to it being uncolored and all) but it still has that basic Gunpla DNA where you don’t really require glue to assemble them (though you do need paints to get them to look awesome). Sadly Bandai hasn’t really released any new kits from this two lineups, and honestly, we are really looking forward to seeing any new news about this.

Then we’ve heard of the cosmo fleet line collection, honestly,  when we first heard of this we thought this is only focused on the Space Battleship Yamato series, though we are not wrong but never we thought that they also made a collection of ships from the Gundam universe as well and by the time we knew about this, it’s already a little too late to get these awesome little kits due to Megahouse (the manufaturer for this line of kits) releasing it in limited quantity.

That’s made us quite sad.

So, when we saw the announcement of this we were wondering if this would finally mark the return of a new Cosmo Fleet collection line based from the Gundam universe. Then we realized that it was an announcement from P-Bandai, way to have our excitement down. Haha…..

Anyways, this kit is a special limited release by Bandai (more precisely by P-Bandai) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 00 Gundam series. From we can gather this is a kit that was taken from the act 5 (released back in 2011) of the series which include ships from the SEED and SEED DESTINY series, Turn A series and Wing Gundam series. They decided instead of releasing the whole Act 5 line up, they just decided to only release the Ptolemaios as its own release (which made sense).

Interestingly, however, this kit was based on a line of kits before Megahouse moved on to create the awesome looking, bigger in scale and better in quality Cosmo Fleet Special Series. Makes me wonder why doesn’t Megahouse just make the Ptolemaios into a proper Cosmo Fleet Special line up, because god it can’t compare to the Special Series. We could see a lot of inconsistencies on the paint scheme and even when you compare in between the two promotional still you could see a big difference between the two. That really sucked tbh. Though honestly its not all that bad still.

Well, at least it comes in a dope packaging.

However, to those that actually have bought the Cosmo Fleet act 5, you probably would be asking what’s the fucking point getting this then if it’s more less the same from what i get before? Oh, there is a really good reason for this my friend, firstly it does come in a one-off Die-cast packaging (that looks awesome tbh), secondly it does come with an excellent 1oth anniversary one-off stand that only comes with this version (as well in our opinion that looks awesome af) and finally, FINALLY it comes with this…..


Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, my dear friends. Behold, the shittiest looking trans-am Gundam Exia ever, the one that would make the money spent worth it. Joking aside, when we saw this…this thing, we were wondering why do they even bother including this it if the Exia is going to look this hilarious. Why indeed, we wonder?

I guess just to sweeten the deal I suppose? I guess it could make for a good laugh, though when we saw it we were cringing more then laughing.

Anyways, in closing for this, despite the limited nature of this, we aren’t excited for it, though admittedly it does have still the addictive lure of being a very exclusive item. Still, looking at the hilarious Exia is enough to just put us off from this kit.

Well at least with the stand it looks good, we do like how the acrylic stand looks dope af.

So, this gets our 0/10 badge because we ain’t getting this one. Even for a laugh.

RG 1/144 00 Gundam Seven Sword / G Inspection Version (OORG)

RG 1/144 00 Gundam Seven Sword / G Inspection Version (OORG)

Release Date: 2017/12

Estimated price: JPY 3,780* (MYR 142.03* / USD $33.63*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

The P-Bandai exclusive that is based from another P-Bandai exclusive

Since I started doing this never I thought that we would see P-Bandai release a kit that was released as a P-Bandai exclusive into another P-Bandai exclusive we could say this is our first P-BANDAICEPTION. Hahahaha….it’s a lame meme, isn’t it?

Anyways, yes this is a P-Bandai exclusive that was originally a P-Bandai exclusive. The 00 Gundam Seven Sword / G inspection version is based on the RG 00 Gundam Seven Sword that was released back in December 2016), from the promotional still we can say that the base kit doesn’t look any different from the previous exclusive but there are changes in the colors and an additional weapon system.

and what a glorious looking kit this is.

When we saw this we instantly fall in love with this kit, the color looks on point and we really love the awesome looking black Sword/beam rifle thing that weapon looks dope af. Though by the looks of it with all those things attached we are a little bit concerned about the balance and the weight of this kit since it looks that both (the sword/beam rifle thing and the big ass sword) can be attached to the GN Drive shoulder binders. Since we all here haven’t had any experience with this P-Bandai exclusive it’s extremely hard for us to say on how the balance/weight issue is going to be for this kit.

The weapons line up, the sev….wait a minute

I guess we must take the wait and see approach for this one. Honestly, though, we think we really would be getting this one regardless. Just sorely on how awesome this kit looked. So this gets our 10/10 a “definite must get” badge because we really feel that this would definitely be going to be something that we would get come this December.

The badass looking eight seven swords 00 Gundam

Honestly, though they should change the name of this kit to 00 Gundam 8 swords because we feel that that sword/beam rifle thing is technically a sword too, I’m just saying.

That’s all for this edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla vol.22, what do you think of the announcements made for P-Bandai this time around? Good? Interesting? Honestly, besides the releases, we were hoping to hear the possibility of getting the Dynames, Arios and the Virtue / Seravee  Gundam in the glorious MG form. I suppose it was too much to ask for Bandai to release them I guess, but for now, all we can do is hope to see them in the future.

Before we close, we do want to wish all our Hindu readers here a happy Diwali celebration! May all of you have an awesome holiday ahead and just another final note, Gundaminfo just rereleased the whole 00 Gundam Series back to its Youtube Channel (I guess this was in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of this series) so to those that haven’t watched the show we do recommend binge-watching this awesome series and we here bet that you would have a great time with it and for those that have watched this show, its time for us to relieve back all those ‘I’m Gundam’ moments. What awesome time this is.

Another final disclosure, I’m not sure on how it is with you guys that are outside the SEA region, do you guys have the 00 Gundam watchable in your respective countries? Do let us know on this too.

All right time for us to go back to building kits, We do hope to see you guys again next week for another edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla and for sure we will be back with another post this coming Sunday as well! 😀

We hope to see you guys again soon, we hope you all have an awesome week ahead and an awesome gunpla time there as well! Till next time!


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