Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.23

The return of the Ace Pilot Log series!

Hello and a very good day to all of our awesome readers here! We are back with another edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla, and in our 23rd episode, we will be talking about MG P-Bandai namely from the Pilot Ace log series! Yes after a few months we finally get a new MG from this awesome series, and what joy it is to know that Bandai is making more kits from the Zeon side!

Though admittedly one of the kits announced is a re-release MG kit, but we feel it still deserves to be talked about since it is related to kimi’s current MG build.

So, without further ado let’s get into the announcements, shall we?

MG 1/100 MS-06S Zaku II Johnny Ridden Custom Unit (MG) Ver.2.0 Re-release

MG 1/100 MS-06S Zaku II Johnny Ridden Custom Unit (MG) Ver.2.0 Re-release

Re-Release Date: 2018/02 (original release date: June 2015)

Estimated price: JPY 4,104* (MYR 152.56* / USD $36.05*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation. 

To know that Johnny Ridden aswell had his own custom MS-06S Zaku II is actually quite impressive. Even Dozel only get a normal MS, damn man.

Yes, we shall start by talking about the MS-06S Johnny Ridden’s version of this Zaku II! Though this kit was released back in June 2015, we weren’t surprised to hear that P-Bandai decided to re-release to make it into a part of the Ace Pilot Log series. Though to be honest, we have seen this kit being sold recently in one of our local Hobby Shop and back then we weren’t sure if it would look as glorious as the Char’s Version.

Now after seeing the Promotional stills of the re-release, we are praying to the gunpla god that the kit is still there. If not waiting for Feb 2018 is an option, yes but honestly its going to be a wait too long, haha.

and those decals, looks awesome af

The kit itself looks like it doesn’t differ as much as the Char’s version of the MS-06S kit (I wonder if Bandai ever released the green a.k.a commander’s version of the MS-06S Zaku II?) but what sets it apart from the Char’s version is the choice and placing of the red and black scheme for this kit. As well as its Johnny Ridden’s custom decal that you can place on the kit to make it more distinctive.

Since Kimi is building the MS-06R-2 Zaku II Johnny Ridden’s custom unit, he does welcomes the news well and he is looking forward to getting the kit so he can display it right next to his MS-06R-2 kit. That is definitely going to be a glorious scene indeed.

The decal set for this kit.

As so are we, we all are most definitely getting this one up. Like Kimi always say, having more Zakus is never a bad idea, in fact, it is always welcomed.

MG 1/100 MS-14B High Mobility Type Gelgoog Uma Lightning’s Custom unit (MG) Ver.2.0

MG 1/100 MS-14B High Mobility Type Gelgoog Uma Lightning’s Custom unit (MG) Ver.2.0

Release Date: 2018/01

Estimated price: JPY 5,940* (MYR 220.82* / USD $52.16*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

What a handsome beast this is

Oh yes, this. Damn, it’s been awhile since we have a non-Zaku II Zeon MG P-Bandai kit and to see the beautiful and wonderful Gelgoog version.2.0 to finally get the P-Bandai treatment is really something that we are happy to see. Though honestly after looking at the stills……

This should’ve come out as a traditional release in itself. FML

Anyways, the kit itself is based from the excellent MS-14A Gelgoog (MG) Ver2.0 (Released in April 2008) kit with a lot of major upgrades from the original that it was based on, mainly as you can see on the equipment sets. first, you may notice that you’ll get an awesome looking backpack system (the original MS-14A didn’t get any backpack system at all if we remember), it also comes with additional leg thrusters, extra beam rifle, a detachable arm rocket pods weapon system and finally a weird looking huge rocket pod system. As you can see the kit comes with loads of shit equipment, honestly by looking the types of equipment it comes with already is making this kit look hella impressive.

The weapons sets and the equipment addon and upgrades.

Also, we must talk about the color scheme for this kit. The color on this Gelgoog just so fucking impressive, both the Blue and the black color scheme is looking really on point and really I think blue better suit the Gelgoog more than the standard green. Also, you may notice that this kit is as well given some upgrades on the looks, namely some changes on some of the leg armor sets (to accommodate the additional leg thrusters and some upgrades on the head as well.

And yes, the head looks sweet af.

Finally a good looking P-Bandai Gelgoog

It looks awesome, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Though we know it’s going to be expensive but it’s going to be worth all the money spent for this.

Though we do hope that with the release of this kit, that we will eventually get a Gelgoog Marine (MG) or the Zaku II FZ (MG) in the near future. That is a future that we are looking forward to indeed.

Look at this and tell me this is not awesome AF

With that ends this edition of Let’s talk Gunpla vol.23, after reading and going through the P-Bandai announcements what is your thoughts of the two kits? Is there any from the two that you are excited for? For us here we are more leaning towards the Gelgoog, not just it being a new kit announced but as well as an awesome looking kit. however, we don’t know about you guys though? Do let us know what your thoughts are about them both? We do look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on the matter. So type away guys! We look forward to hearing from you guys again!

Kimi will be back this Sunday with the review and do check out his Instagram profile here for the progress of the Zaku II, and reading through you may notice that we are doing away with the scoring system on the announcements. We believe that putting a score on any upcoming release is not really something that we feel is necessary and we don’t feel that is that important to have a score on anything.

So no more scores next time, just our honest opinion of the announcements!

Anyways, we do look forward to seeing and talking to you guys again, we will be back next week with more announcements (hopefully) and more gunpla! As ever do have an awesome day/week ahead, have an awesome gunpla building time and we shall see you again in the next post,  so till then!


Our Sources for this article is mostly taken from


You guys can check the site up if you want to place an order of any of the said kits!




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