Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.24

Oh, look at all this MG’s that I can’t hold

Hello and a very good day to all of our awesome readers here! We are back again with a new edition of let’s talk gunpla! Now on its 24th edition, we will be talking about P-Bandai items and one unconfirmed but a possible release of a kit.

Here we thought we are going to have some pretty quiet months ahead, but I guess Bandai still have a lot in up their sleeves to keep us wanting for more.

Without further ado let’s get into the announcements, shall we?

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero EW & Drei Zwerg [Special Coating] P-Bandai Exclusive

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero EW & Drei Zwerg [Special Coating] P-Bandai Exclusive
Release Date: 2018/01

Estimated price: JPY 10,800* (MYR 402.31* / USD $95.03*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

When too much is just too much

Here in KTB (Kimi the builder blog) we don’t really cover much on the Gundam wing P-Bandai releases due to the fact that when we started most of the Gundam Wing P-Bandai kits were already announced when Kimi first started with this blog and secondly, it’s been awhile since we really heard any new releases on the Gundam Wing MG releases and we really thought that was it after they announced and released the Gundam Heavy arms custom EW version back in October 2016. Then again this is P-Bandai we are talking about, haha.

We really didn’t expect them to announce another kit form the Gundam Wing series, Especially this version of the Wing Gundam Zero EW with this weird weapons system along with that beautiful Coating on it. Though surprisingly this kit wasn’t based on the newer redesigned MG Wing Gundam series, this kit was however based on the older MG Wing Gundam Zero (Oct 2004 release).

Oh it just looks oh so shiny and beautiful, too bad that it felt that it need to overcompensate itself even more this time around. 

From the looks of it, there isn’t much change made on the kit itself aside from the new mold coating for the outer-frame of the Wing Gundam Zero and the weird looking weapons systems. Though what gets us really is the exorbitant price of the kit. Really, 10,800 yen for this? The price is as expensive as a PG kit, Though I know the coating of this kit was the cause of the insane pricing of the kit. Looking at it overall, it’s very hard for us to justify getting this kit.

damn that stand looks hella sweet

Even though it does look really shiny and beautiful.

MG 1/100 RGM-79G GM Command Traditional release?

mg-gm-command (2)
MG 1/100 RGM-79G GM Command

Release Date: 2018/01

Estimated price: JPY 3,780* (MYR 140.49* / USD $33.21*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation.

mg-gm-command (1)
Honestly, if this is really released as a traditional release we are going to be the happiest bunch of mofos ever.

This was something of a curious thing, when we first heard of it we aren’t sure how to make of it. firstly, because there is no official word from Bandai themselves on this and the only handful of them actually had some information on the kit and most of them are in Japanese.

Even with our limited understanding of the Japanese language and by looking at the promotional stills, it does look like this kit is based on the (MG) GM Sniper II that was released in January this year.

Yes, that means it would be sharing most of its parts from the original MG Sniper II and the only difference it has with the Sniper II is that it won’t be coming with the awesome beam sniper rifle. Actually, when we re-examine this whole kit and compared it to the Upcoming P-Bandai November release MG GM Command Space type it looks like there is nothing much to expect in terms of the weaponry.

mg-gm-command (4)
One hella sweet looking GM you.

Though I do hope that as how it was with the P-Bandai MG GM Sniper II White Dingo unit exclusive that it will come with the 3.0 manipulator part. I would love to use that instead of the fixed manipulator set.

Honestly, I am not surprised if this really was released as a Traditional Release. Since the MG GM Sniper II was well received by many (All of us here included) and there were a lot of people that are quite interested in the MG GM Command Space type too when it was first announced. I guess with that kind of support and love for the GM Command it wasn’t surprising to see that Bandai is pushing this as a more commercial release.

mg-gm-command (3)
We always love how the backpack system looks on the GM Command it always has some strange appeal to us and this version is no different. we are so looking forward to getting this one.

Despite knowing that this would be much less the same as the GM Sniper II, honestly, we don’t mind getting both the Standard GM Command and the Space P-Bandai variant.

Both are going to be an awesome addition to our collection. I do this might be a good precursor to finally get a Gelgoog marine, Rick Rick Dom II or the awesome Zaku FZ all in their glorious MG form. I would love to see that happen in the future.

With that ends this 24th edition of Let’s Talk Gunpla! What do you guys think of the somewhat latest P-Bandai announcement and the possible traditional release of the GM Command? Honestly, we are quite excited with the GM Command and am still looking forward to getting the space-variant this month. The Wing Gundam though? Not as excited.

Regardless, we would love to hear your thoughts and am looking forward hearing from all of you! For now, we do look forward to hearing more news on the MG GM Command and definitely, when we have a much clearer picture we will definitely talk about it further. That’s all for this time, we do look forward to seeing you guys again this weekend! For now, we wish you all an awesome week ahead and may you guys have an awesome Gunpla time. Till next time!







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