Unboxing and First Impressions of RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type (HGUC)

Oh hello you grey GM, my old friend

RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type

Release Date: Mid-July 2003

Retail Price: MYR 31.00*(USD $7.32*)

Hello and welcome to my latest Unboxing and first impressions post! I do hope you guys had an awesome week and as well an awesome weekend currently! It’s been awhile since I sat down and built any HG kits recently (I have been focusing too much on MG and RG kits). After tremendously busy few weeks, I decided to just take it easy and give myself some time to just chill. And what better way of doing it by popping up an HG kit and just let loose for a change.

So that’s what I decided to do when I went to my local Gunpla shop, and god they weren’t making it easy for me……


This was the first kit that I saw when I stepped into the store, the sight of the new and fresh MG Hazel was really making me really doubt that I could come out with a hg kit.

But no, there is more!






So you can imagine how hard is it for me to actually come out UNSCATHED and just be able to come out and just get the GM Cold Districts Type.

Even with all that awesome P-Bandai releases finally dawned on us Malaysians, in the end, I still decided to get the cheapest kit from all the rest, but it wasn’t the price that made me choose this over the others and it wasn’t just because of that awesome box-art too.

The real main reason that I get this kit is because to me (I’m not sure for everyone else here) I feel that the cold Districts type is by far the best-looking GM Variants ever made by Bandai hands down, though looking back the War in the Pocket anime does have a lot of MS designs that was loved by many.

And the GM Cold Districts Type was one of it.

Look this, as it looks deep into your soul and tells you in a whisper, ‘buy me’.

So, as I picked up this kit looking back at this boxart still managed to get me, as I am still impressed by how good the Cold Districts type looked through all these years. You may notice that I said “still managed” oh yes honestly this is not my first Cold Districts Type kit I’ve built. This is my second Cold Districts kit I’ve made and the last time I’ve made this was really back when it was first launched back in 2003. Now currently in 2017, fourteen years after the last time I’ve built this I decided to go into this again.

Honestly, its making me really excited.

As I opened the box, a huge sense of nostalgia hits me. Every single runner parts still looked as how I remembered it to be, tidy and simple. The color of the parts while not all of them is coordinated properly (as this is an old HG kit) but I was overall impressed by how good the plastics looked and how it good color wise it was.

As I open this the smell of the sweet plastics greets me once again.
It only comes in three packs.

I could tell by just looking at it, it was really looking promising. The only thing that really gets me is that the Bandai crap stickers play a very important role in this. So if you don’t want to use the stickers, this is a kit where you really need to paint those parts up because if you don’t the unpainted parts is going to stick out like a sore thumb. That is what I am not looking forward to, I really hope I don’t screw up that badly.

The light grey still looks so good even through all these years
The black here as well looks on point.
The red and the darker Grey as well as impressive
Unfortunately, the stickers still look as crappy as it did before.

The manual itself though a typical HG manual but it is one given some depth on how the MS came to be and was given a small action scene with it going off against the Hy-Gogg. I really love how Bandai treats the old HG kits, making me feel that they were proud and happy making this kit. Reading through the instruction manual I do find it to be a really easy to understand though I really have to get into building it to really gauge on how I feel on this overall but through unboxing it does make me feel like this is going to be a short one to make.

The front page of the Manual, I wonder if i can build it this time as good as how this one looked.
The back is quite standard, showing off the many poses
The middle is the party piece of the manual tbh
the build instructions seem to be quite easy to understand.

Overall, I am excited yes but realistically I do wonder if this kit aged well as compared to the newer HG kits or not. And Yes before the unboxing, at a point I do wonder if my drive to get this was driven by nostalgia or was it really driven by how good it was back when I was building it for the first time.

Though after unboxing this all the doubts while it still there, I am still excited and looking forward to building this again. By now at least, for now, I know that getting this wasn’t driven by nostalgia. Dis gon’ be gud.

With that ends my unboxing and first impressions of the HG RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type, what do you think this piece? Do you guys think that I should’ve gotten the pale Rider or the MG Hazel instead? Haha! What is your thoughts and experience with this kit? Do write to us here in the comment section, we do look forward to hearing from you and replying to your thoughts here and in Reddit! So please do write away!

We will be back on this coming Wednesday for a new Let’s Talk Gunpla segment and hopefully, I will be able to finish up this and move on to the review! Do look forward to that! Thanks again for reading this piece of mine and I will see you guys again on the next post! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and week ahead! May you all have an awesome Gunpla building time as well there! Till the next post!



4 thoughts on “Unboxing and First Impressions of RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type (HGUC)

  1. This kit is one that really shows it’s age, honestly I’d say leave expectations low. I wonder if this will get an update, since now with the GM Command out it’s possible this thing might get an MG to replace the old HG.

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