Review of the RGMGM-79 GM/GM

Review of the RGMGM-79 GM/GMIMG_3478

Hello and a very good day to our fellow readers! We do hope ya’ll had an awesome weekend and as well I hope you guys are having some very merry holiday mood there! I do hope all of our readers are doing awesomely here, I on the other hand am still recovering from being sick and do hope to be better soon enough. Oh btw, Hazim here and I’m back again with my final thoughts and my review for the HG GM/GM 😀

But before anything let us first start the review of the RGMGM-79 GM/GM with a little background history taken from Gundam Wiki.
Uniquely customized by the Gunpla Mafia, the GM/GM served as the organization’s main Gunpla. “GM” at the front of the name is the abbreviation for Gunpla Mafia, based on the mass produced GM from Mobile Suit Gundam, it features maximized movability and improved mobility, yet maintains the high applicability to mass production. Characterized by no particular features, the Builders belonging to the Gunpla Mafia customized it as they liked for their own use.
With that very brief history lesson let’s now go to the build of this gunpla.
I should by saying the GM/GM is a simple, easy and a very fulfilling kit to build. Honestly this is one of the fastest kits I’ve made this week, heck to be honest this kit took me just a day to finish. The Manual is a bit confusing, but it was something that I find no trouble working out the intricacies. Even though I did say that this is a very easy kit, you might think that that is true with all the HG kits out there in the market. At a point I do agree with that, but the difference with this and the rest this kit feels more beginner friendly.
The parts is gated well, and at times I do find the kit can be made purely by just snapping the parts together without a nipper (yes I know you guys might find that to be a bit cringe-y but I’m just using this as a point) as well the seams doesn’t seem to be that prominent in this HG kit and oh yeah the details in this is just phenomenal, I can’t remember when is the last time I’ve made something this detailed…like an MG kit but a smaller, and cheaper MG kit. I would even go as far to say this is a kit that is better than most RG kits out there. No joke man.

It kinda baffles me how something that I expected to be just a quick build turns out to the best HG kit I’ve made and aswell managed to be very fun to make. Even with that said there’s only one thing that annoys me with this kit which is the backpack, not the whole thing but just that the thrusters. It really does like to come off every now and then, so if you guys do get this kit do keep that in mind and I suggest you super glue it so it stays there.

And now let’s talk about the finished kit.
The finished GM/GM looks very simple but as I mentioned before with some very nice details to it. The articulation on the kit is also quite excellent because the arms and the legs are both double jointed. The kit can withstand its own weight well because there’s no heavy backpack or any ridiculous weapons stuck on it, so it is able to stand on its own two legs without tripping over itself. Yes, I could really say that this kit is quite stable. So, no issues there.

However, the accessories on this kit is not as impressive as the other HG releases that I’ve made thus far. The GM/GM only has three of them, first of is the beam spray gun which is a simple looking gun (like the one you get from the original GM), next is the shield where it’s a simple looking shield which looks like it was based from the RX-78 Gundam shield, the shield also has a very detailed look on the other side so if you want you can panel line it to make the details pop out even more. The last accessory that is included with this kit, is the beam saber which is located on the left side of the backpack. Mostly that’s all you will be getting for this I’m afraid. Yes, as to some of your keen eyes out there, you may notice that I didn’t get the DLC GM/GM weapons pack for the GM/GM. I was thinking of getting it and maybe I’ll do a separate blog for that. We shall see whenever I get around to it.IMG_3491
Oh, before I forget this kit also comes with an awesome party piece. A gimmick located near the shoulder area, whereas the parts of the shoulders is able to split open and move forward to give the GM/GM more dynamic movements around the chest area (THIS IS THE MOST IMPRESSIVE PART OF THE KIT FOR ME).IMG_3475


They as well give you three option heads to choose from, the first one is the standard redesigned GM head, the second one is called the GM Custom, but it’s actually the GM Command head which I prefer the most, and the last one that is included is the D.O.M.E head which is based on the G-bits from After War Gundam X. Having the option to switch on the go does give this a much better customization option but one that I feel would be better if they were to give us 3 kits to make. Then the heads that is included would make much more sense to be included in, regardless it wasn’t a big issue for me in this sense.


My concluding thoughts to this kit is that this is a very good kit for people who love the GM line of kits, as this is a very impressive kit which is very simple to build and one that wouldn’t be taking too much of your time. I’ve made the point of this on the start, because really it only took me one day to finish this kit, but it is one that I find it to be a very fun to build and as well it’s a no frills kit. As well this is one that is really a beginner friendly kit, one that is perfect for those that you feel wanted to get into the hobby.This would really make a perfect Christmas gift indeed.
With that ends my review and thoughts of this brilliant HG kit. Before I end do let me know of what do you think of the article, because I feel this one is a bit shorter due to the simple-ness of the overall kit.
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And that is all folks hoped you have enjoyed this review as much I have writing it.
I do hope all of you have a nice holiday and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

2 thoughts on “Review of the RGMGM-79 GM/GM

  1. Sometimes simplicity truly stays king, GM/GM is so simple but so amazing, it’s just 5 stars in all aspects except price, maybe accessories but that’s why we have GM/GM Weapons. It’s such a nice MS and such a great kit of it, hope we get a GM Revive of this quality eventually.

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