Review of the HGBC GM/GM Weapons

Simple yet brilliant 


Hello and a very good day to all of our fellow readers! We do hope ya’ll have an awesome weekend and as well I hope you guys are well. Hazim here and I’m back with another review albeit a bit short because today I will be reviewing the HGBC GM/GM Weapons. I figured it just poetic since the last review I’ve made on the HG kit was on the HGBF GM/GM.
Without further ado lets us start with what we get out of the box, what we get here is only 2 runners for the weapons and a one-page manual (printed on both sides). By looking at the manual I could say this is a pretty easy manual to understand and as well looking back at kimi’s review of the Figure Rise Fumina Hoshino recently (when we talk about the manuals), it is quite similar in some ways.
So basically what you would be doing and getting for this kit is just two set of Beam Pistols and some parts to connect/combine them together to transform them into other sets of weapons for your kits to use (not necessarily for only the GM/GM of course), though you do get 2 base Beam pistols with the parts you can turn the Beam Pistols into the Beam Heavy Pistol, 2 kinds sniper rifle variants which is the Beam Sniper 1 and Beam Sniper 2, an awesome looking Beam Rifle, Grenade Launcher and a Machine Gun. Not to mention you’d get an extra beam spray gun (the same one you get for the GM/GM) that’d you can use!

Honestly, for a very cheap kit, the details you’d get on these weapons are as good and as detailed as the HGBF GM/GM. Bandai really does it good with this kit. As well all the weapons are very simple to make and fun! Really the details here really got me good. I wonder if this is the same case as the rest.
This dlc These additional parts really make the GM/GM look so much cooler when you had it equipped with the GM/GM. I could say that this is a good addition to the kit.
Though it’s not to say that it doesn’t have some cons. Some of the issues I had with this kit is stemmed from the horrible seam lines, not to mention they look so bloody obvious as well. I would advise you guys to cover it up as best as you can. The other issue I had is with the scope, you don’t get some clear parts for the beam sniper’s scope It does look really plain without it. Though this is quite annoying, though I don’t really think this is really an issue, since you can always mod it if you want, or as well you can paint it up. Not to mention this is a cheap kit so yeah.
I could say that’s really some few things that are nagging me, but overall the kit is quite brilliant.
With that ends my short review for this cheap and awesome kit, In conclusion I could say that this kit a really good kit if you are planning for a short fun ride and not to mention you get some pretty good looking weapons (not to mention highly detailed ones as well) for any of your HG kits (of your choice) and I would highly recommend people to get this. Really this is one brilliant cheap kit.
Anyways, before I end do let me know of what do you think of the article because I do feel this one is a bit shorter due to the simpleness of the overall kit.
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And that is all folks hoped you have enjoyed this review as much I have writing it.


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