Unboxing and First Impressions of the MG 1/100 MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.K.A (MG)

My Red February

MG 1/100 MSN-004 Sazabi Ver.K.A (MG)


Release Date: December 2013

Retail Price: JPY 8,100 yen (MYR RM296.70* / USD $76.20*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Hello there, Kimi here and I welcome you all to our possibly one of the biggest Unboxing and First Impressions ever this year, though before I start I do want to wish to all of my Chinese readers here to have an awesome Chinese/Lunar New Year! May this year be a more prosperous year for all of here and may you guys have an awesome celebration ahead!

Like I said on the start, I’m back with one of our biggest reviews yet and no we don’t mean it because of the size of the box, it’s mostly….well you guys know what I mean. You guys can tell I’m excited on this one because I’m finally going to be doing a review on a kit that has been on top of my most wanted list (and one that has been teased back in our Let’s Talk Gunpla’s Christmas Special) and the best part of all this awesomeness?

This kit was gifted to me during Christmas by one of our biggest fan (and our secret Santa) of the site and honestly, upon receiving this, it left me speechless, especially when I receive this just a few days after the Christmas Special. Really wanted to just put this out there faster, but with the other commitments/contents already planned for I had to put unboxing this off for a little while longer, and when February (especially right after Valentine’s day) came I thought what a perfect time to do it.

Why perfect? Easy, you open up a red kit on a week where you have two of holidays that uses red as their main celebratory theme: Valentine’s day and the Chinese/Lunar New Years really what a more appropriate week to unbox this then this week.

Really though, this is one of those kits that really is a glorious one to unbox, not to mention how intimidating the box looks from the outset. Its huge box and its awesome box art are enough to make you stare in awe at how glorious this one is. As for how it typically is with most Ver.K.A box arts, there is no action scene that comes with the box, just the visual illustration of the kit and that’s it.

This is really a glorious box to behold, its beautiful and wonderful to look at.
I wonder if this is really how the final kit would look like, am really looking forward to seeing more of it for sure!
More of this sexy beast!

Though they give you only a simple illustration of things, I’m still quite baffled on how Bandai still manage to retain the simple look of the Ver.K.A box art but still make them look awesome as hell. Besides the awesome front box cover, you also get a decent amount of info on the gimmicks and the stuff you’d get with this kit. So, you can safely say the box was something that I was pretty happy with.

Though that just the start of the awesomeness, as you move on to open the box, that is where the real fun begins and boy oh boy what a glorious sight greets you then. You are greeted with a HUGE array of runner parts, one that would really render you speechless. I admit I cried a little when I saw the parts because really why not?

The parts are beautifully made and quite decently detailed, and not to mention the colors are pretty rad. I personally liked the silver coated parts for the Ver.K.A Sazabi, though it is not as shiny as the ones found on the quite recent MG 1/100 ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A, I really enjoyed how it looked here as compared to the ones found on the ZZ Gundam Ver.K.A. Though admittedly, I do however do not look forward to cutting them up later on. Hopefully the nubs it’s not going to be looking as horrible.

Looking at all of the awesome parts does make me want to start working on them A.S.A.P!

Oh yes, the silver parts are the one that really caught my eye while unboxing this kit.
More of that Beautiful silver runners
The black ones as well looked good.
as well as the yellow parts
The detail on the some of the parts is just really nice to look at
well I don’t usually enjoy looking at clear green parts but for this one, it does look better, well somewhat better at least.

Moving on to the manual, right off the bat from looking at the discoloration of the manual it does seem like this manual or this kit have been on the shelve for a bit or reviewed a lot of times. Though it could be that this might be something that Bandai deliberately did to make it more appealing? I really can’t tell, since this is my very first time opening this kit, maybe to those that have more experience with this kit would be able to tell me more if my manual is a manual from a kit that has been on the shelve or did Bandai deliberately do this on purpose. Do let me know on this matter on the comment section.

Regardless, this manual is rife with info right off the bat. Like literally, you get everything as soon as you open the first page of the manual and not to mention that they as well made the Q&A section of the Ver.K.A placed on the first page here as well. Though there isn’t much more after that and honestly I’m actually fine with the manual being done like this, it shows that Bandai really wants you to go into building this straight away. With my initial observations of the building instructions here, it does seem like it’s pretty easy to understand.

Though when I said easy to understand it doesn’t mean Bandai made this easy for all of us. With this being my 3rd Ver.K.A I noticed that Bandai really makes it hard for you in terms of parts gathering when you are working on sections of the kit. Unlike the current normal MG kits, all of the current manuals come with a ‘what parts would you need’ section box for you to generally have a clue of what parts you need for certain sections, in turn, it makes you waste less time trying to find some of the bloody runners. In the MG Ver.K.A manuals, however, you won’t find Bandai being all generous with you here. As well you won’t find any tutorials on cutting or anything for the uninitiated, really the Ver.K.A kit is a kit tailored made for seasoned builders. I’m glad for this manual they still kept that tradition alive and well here.

Looks a bit discolored but it still manages to look cool
the interview and more info section here, too bad it is all in Japanese, I’d love to read what they have to say here.
The discoloration is a lot more prominent here, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the manual.
Why must you be in Japaneseeeeee
Well the instructions are quite standard here
nothing new on the decal instructions as well. Though the inclusion of the iconic G clef note on the right front skirt is something I am bothered with

Though it begs the question here, is this kit really as hard as the manuals made it seem though? This is a question that I will eventually find out as I work on this kit and this is one that I don’t intent to rush on getting this one completed.

Will be taking my sweet time working on this beautiful monster indeed. This beautiful red February of mine.

Before I end this particular unboxing, I do want to thank my secret santa for this wonderful Christmas gift. Your support and love on what I do here in the blog really mean a lot to me and honestly when receiving this way back in December really left me speechless. Never in a million years would I thought someone would be as so kind to get me this, something that I have been putting on top of my want list since it was announced back in 2013 but due to its insane price (though not as insane as the MG The O) I knew that I can never afford to get this kit.

Thanks to you I finally get to own this, the one that really has been inhabiting my dreams. So, Thank you, for making this happen for me, and thank you for supporting and believing in what I do here in the blog. Your love and support over what I do really means a lot, and I hope I would continue to do well here and continue to do the best that I can so I would be a better builder and but as well as a content creator here in this small little blog.

No matter what the outcome of my review is, know that I’ll cherish this kit regardless because its a proof of your support and love. It is one that will always have that special place in my shelve, so thank you. You amazing human being you.

With that said and done we sadly have to end this edition of Unboxing and my first Impressions for the MG 1/100 MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.K.A (MG). What do you think of the Unboxing and this kit in general? Let us know of your own experiences with it if you have and as well let us know your thoughts on the unboxing! I’m really honestly excited for this one, and really it has been awhile since I made something this EXCITING in a long while, so do forgive me if the review of this kit might be slow, and this is really not a kit that I want to rush building so most likely Hazim might have to take on reviewing duties for the next couple of weeks….maybe. haha.

Regardless, we will be back this Wenesday to continue talking about the upcoming retail releases. Yes, we still have a lot more kits to cover from the Gundam Build Divers series, so do look forward to that. As well we will be back with either an Unboxing or another short review this coming Sunday, but for what kit? Aha, that is something that you’ll have to wait for next Sunday to find out!

With all of this awesomeness coming, it really does seem like we are going to have a pretty interesting year ahead! 😀

As ever please do leave us a like if you enjoyed this Unboxing and First Impressions, as well do give us some feedback and comment if you think we would be able to improve further in making sure that we can give you better content in the future! As well, we want you to know that your likes and shares is highly appreciated in supporting us, honestly your love and support means the world to all of us here in Kimi the Builder Blog editorial team. Really without them we won’t be here releasing contents every week, So thank you all for your support and love always.

We sincerely hope that by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or to those that has lost their passion for building them wonderful gunpla’s we hope by reading this it would reignite your lost love for it!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there and until next time!




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