Vehicle Model 011 Incom T-70 X-Wing Fighter Blue Squadron Resistance (The Last Jedi Variant) Short Review

My First Bandai Star Wars

Vehicle Model 011 Incom T-70 X-Wing Fighter Blue Squadron Resistance (The Last Jedi Variant

Release Date: November 2017

Retail Price: MYR 22.00*(USD $5.61*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Hello! Kimi here and I’m back with a new short review! Today we will be talking about and covering something new, and it is something that I’ve been meaning to be doing since I started working on this blog, that is doing a review on a NON-Gundam related Plastic Model Kit. I figured since I am taking my own sweet time building The Sazabi, I thought to myself what better time to do something non-gunpla related then now.

So, I was in search of something simple and quick to build (that is not a gunpla, mind you this is not an easy task nowadays). Then luckily I came across this peculiar kit and one that does look like something that would fit that description. As well I was taken by that boxart, simple and not overly complicated. I like this kind of boxarts.

I am quite excited at first seeing that this is one of my very first Bandai Star Wars kit, and not to mention my first Vehicle Model kit, I really don’t know what to expect really when I get this kit. Not to mention the lack of knowlege on this kit.

A simple no-nonsense boxart
You have the disclaimer
and the building instructions?
The runner parts fit nicely in the box

So, imagine my surprise when I Unboxed this kit, to find what a very simple affair this is. Really, when I mention simple there is really nothing much to shout about here. It’s a kit with a small number of runners and one that doesn’t even come with a physical instruction manual but not to say that Bandai is expecting you to build this by playing the ‘guess which part goes where’ game, Bandai is still kind enough to include a building instructions, its just that it is embedded into the box itself (well to be more precise they placed it on the inner part of the box). Though I do admit that is brilliant of them to have of thought of this buuuut, I still love having a physical manual. Not having one does kill off some of the excitement that I feel for this kit.

Though all of that changes as soon as I get to the meat of the Unboxing, the content a.k.a the runner parts. I’ve mentioned before at the start of this, I really have not build anything from this line of kits before not to mention I only have minimal knowledge on the Bandai’s Star Wars kit lineup, I assumed that this would be just a cheap kit with just some parts with the details stemmed mostly from stickers and stuff so you can tell that I was pleasantly surprised when I unbox this and saw the level of details that you get on the parts. Really it is insane to see how detailed some of the parts were.

It almost made me feel like the level of detail here rivals ones that you see on the MG kits and what makes it even more impressive is that manage all of that on a very small scale. Really one impressive feat this is.

I like the fact that everything fits in a bag
This is really everything
The devil is in the details
Really impressive for something this small
Loving the details here

Though, when it comes down to building this, I would say it is pretty straightforward and simple. All the parts is gated well and when you cut them off from the runners it doesn’t leave such a big nub for you to deal later on. Though the one thing that I don’t get with this kit is that why didn’t they just make the bottom half of the X-Wing in once piece, to have it separated by two parts seem like a nonsensical approach. It would make more sense to just have all just to be made in one part, and with them having separated like this does make the bottom half of the X-Wing feels a bit loose and off, not to mention the ugly seam lines.

As well a word of caution, if you are planning to get this kit just know that this kit is mostly uncolored but fortunately even without paint if you panel line (best if you use the liquid Tamiya panel liner) it well enough it would look awesome as hell. If you are still planning to have some colors in your kit but really cannot get some good cheap paints and aren’t confident with your painting skills (like me, haha). Worry not because for this kit they do provide you with some pretty decent stickers (except for the cockpit area those is shit, hence instead I paint the area up instead of using those) with the kit. Even with the stickers you can still make this look awesome.

Simple but yet fun.
Even in its incomplete form, it looks awesome still.
Eh it comes with stand
looking pretty good
oh yes with the stand it looks better
god damn even without stickers or paint (well unless if you apply some panel lining to this) this looks really good
Not bad even with them stickers
Completed this does look quite decent.

Overall I would say for a RM 22 this is a pretty decent kit, it is one that you really can pick up and just do a quick build out off. For something that was supposed to be something of a distraction, I do find myself actually impressed by the level of detail this has and not to mention despite all that the issues it has it was still quite a fun kit to make. It is one, that is worth every penny spent and one that I highly recommend to all of you here to get.

This is one brilliant quickie this. Now back to the real thing.

With that, we end this edition of my short review of the Vehicle Model 011 Incom T-70 X-Wing Fighter Blue Squadron Resistance (The Last Jedi Variant). What do you think of the Review and this kit in general? Let us know of your own experiences with it if you have and as well let us know your thoughts on the review! I’m really Impressed by this simple kit, it is one that really made me want to get more in the near future and make more Star Wars related review! 😀 Oh an update on the Sazabi, it does seem like I would be able to finish the kit by this week and so far I could say I have been having a blast with the kit, but regardless I will give you guys my final thoughts by the end of this week so do look forward to that! 😀

Regardless, we will be back this Wednesday to finally talk about the P-Bandai announcements and. yes, we are having some pretty impressive P-Bandai line up to talk about so do look forward to that! As well as mentioned before I will be back with a full review of the Sazabi this week as well. So more awesomeness coming this week! 😀

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We hope by sharing our love for Gunpla would be able to make your day and hopefully reignite your love for gunpla. We just hope that you don’t start your gunpla adventures with this one though.

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!




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