HG 1/144 Hyper Gyanko (HGBF) Review

The struggle is real…with this….

Hello, Kimi here and am back once again with a new review for the HG 1/144 Hyper Gyanko (HGBF). This is really a kit that I really look forward in building it, so as soon I was done with the Sazabi last week, I immediately jumped in and start work on the Hyper Gyanko and God what fun this kit turned out to be.

But this is a kit that I really struggled a lot of times with, well mostly with my own sanity, but it is one that I had a lot of fun with. A lot of ‘good’ fun mind you.

Anyways, before we get into the review lets first talk about some of the lore and history of this…….MS?

‘History and Development’ of HG-01 Hyper Gyanko

HG-01 Hyper Gyanko

With the popularity of the Super Fumina and its legendary status amongst the Gunpla builders/fighters’ community in Japan, it was inevitable that there would be builders attempting to make their own version of Gunpla-mecha-girls and the Hyper Gyanko was one of the gunplas that were born from that sudden popularity of Gunpla-mecha-girls.

The Hyper Gyanko, like the Super Fumina that superseded it was as well based mostly (without the person’s permission of course) from a real-life living person; Kaoruko Sazaki. However, unlike the Super Fumina that was created by Fumina’s secret (or not so secret) admirer, the Hyper Gyanko, however, is a Gunpla created by Kaoruko Sazaki’s little brother, Tateo. Which is, ironically, a student of the original creator of the original Gunpla Builder that started all of this, Minato Sakai.

Using the basis and concepts from Super Fumina, the Hyper Gyanko is not just a kit that was based from the concepts or even from the human being that it was based on it also used a lot of concept design of the R-Gyagya (also a gunpla that Kaoruko was using as her main machine for the Gunpla tournaments) on the Hyper Gyanko, in which can be seen on the dual shield mount on the backpack of the Hyper Gyanko. However, the fundamental design wasn’t based on the R-Gyagya but instead based on the YMS-19 Gyan instead.

All the Gunpla-mecha-girls line up…however do ignore the bad spelling there though

So to make the concept into reality, Tateo requested the use of the Gyan’s shield from Susumu (Tateo’s big brother and as well Kaoruko’s) to be used for his next creation. Not knowing at first what those shields would be used as, Susumu permitted the use of the shield and hence the stone was set in motion of the birth of the Hyper Gyanko.

When Tateo finally made the reveal of the Hyper Gyanko during a competition held by the magazine HOBBY HOBBY, managed to make Susumu quite anxious about his little brother’s future and as well made Kaoruko finally understand the pain that fumina felt when she was made into this small plastic variant of herself.

Then again who wouldn’t be?

With that ends the lore section and now let’s move on to the review section of this.

The Review

Hyper Gyanko….where do I start with you.

You are probably one of the hardest kits I ever had laid my hands on, though it is not hard because it is a hard kit to build.

It’s mostly a kit that my pants finding it hard to cope with. Seriously, very hard. Not to mention the times I had to change my pants because of it.

Though despite the ‘struggle’ that I faced building this, the Hyper Gyanko turned out to be a one that I really enjoyed building, one that does have its flaws but ultimately is a kit that really leaves me with a big smile on my face.

I’m getting ahead of myself there, lets first talk about the overall build of the kit shall we?

Really the Hyper Gyanko is one that I find that is a fun kit to make, everything here snaps fits well there is no serious seam line that can be seen here, so there is no need to be using any glue to help cover up the seam line. Also, every parts/section of the Hyper Gyanko were gated well so there were no serious nub issues to find here and as well I find that this is one of the kits that looks exactly as how it is on the box (well you still need to apply stickers here and there but still it looks quite close).

hmm, already at the start of this it already made me quite….uncomfortable
Do love the face design here though
Completed it looks even better

Also, this is probably one of the very best HG kits I’ve built, this is a fun and an easy one to pick up. Also just to just let you guys know that this uses the same eye stickers as the Axis Angel so you would find that swapping the eye stickers is less of a bitch as how it was with the Super Fumina. This is one of the very rare HG kits where I do enjoy installing the stickers on and overall the stickers here do look so much better than the ones found in the Super Fumina.

Though I have to say that they should just have a pre-painted eye sets like the ones found In the figure rise bust, however I know it’s not going to be cheap for bandai to make these for the HG kits so maybe we would see it being made on the possible MG variant? That is if they ever decided to finally make it.

Honestly, this gets 10 out of 10 by just its looks alone.

This is one cute feet unit
hmmm, I like this leg unit
the skirt unit is simple
but the leg unit is the best thing of this whole proses

However, all is not perfect with this kit there are some issues with the kit itself, mainly on the articulation part of this kit which I find quite annoying. The articulation on the shoulder parts for this kit, you really can’t do really huge poses without the joints giving in and have the whole arm unit dissembled itself from its body which is really quite annoying. This is mainly due of the changes they made to the joint unit in making the joints a lot smaller as compared to the ones that you’ll find on the Super Fumina or the ones you’d find on the Axis Angel variant, hence making it feels a lot looser as compared to the others and it as well limits the use of the excellent looking arm unit.

For a kit that supposed to be one that specializing for close combat to have a loose working arm like that, does kill some of the excitement I had for the Hyper Gyanko but that isn’t as bad as getting a beam weapon without a clear part, unlike most of the current gen kits that comes with a beam saber, I was hoping to see the glorious beam saber here in its full clear-clear gloriousness it is really a big disappointment to see it colorless like that.

With the exception of the beam saber and the shoulder joints, the overall look is the best I’ve seen in a long while.

Looking at that beam saber, made me feel like we are back to the early 2000 hg kits where all the beam sabers come prepackaged colorless like that.

Regardless, I still have a lot of fun with the Hyper Gyanko, really this is a kit that you can just pick it up and just have a blast with. Not to mention it is a pretty easy kit to pick up and one that you’ll find yourself competing in a day. It’s really that easy.

As well I really can’t stress out on how good the look of this is, all we can say to the look of this is that it looks really fucking brilliant. Really just take a long look at it and tell me you are not attracted to its bust-ness and sexiness, haha. This is one kit, as a single person like me do enjoy having around, if you know what I mean. In all seriousness though, she really looks glorious. Really you should get this kit if Gyanko is your best girl or if you just love……..full figured girls. haha.

Really you managed to be my new best girl…I’m sorry Fumina chan. Gyanko-chan just look too good

Anyways now it’s time for me to go off to have some quality time with this.

With that ends my review for the HG 1/144 Hyper Gyanko (HGBF). What do you guys think of this kit? This is one that I do enjoy building but when I look back at the previous entry I would have to say that this kit isn’t as good as the Super Fumina Axis Angel but it is one that I do enjoy building regardless and it is one that I would recommend if you feel Gyanko is the best girl.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well this Sunday with a new Unboxing and First impressions and this week we will be going back to the MG kit. As well another one that I am really looking forward to building as well this month.

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!



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  1. While I still think Winning Fumina is the best Armored Girl by Bandai, this one was also really good at it’s release. Will you get the Loheng-Rinko?

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