HG Pacific Rim Uprising: Bracer Pheonix

Really is this an HG kit? Honestly? 

Hello! Kimi here and I’m back once again to finally give my final thoughts to Bandai’s HG Pacific Rim Uprising: Bracer Pheonix! Honestly, when I saw this being announced last year, never in my mind that’d see Bandai would be picking this IP up. With them already taking on the Star Wars Franchise I thought that’d already would be enough for them.

I guess not, since now they are taking the Pacific Rim Franchise up as well.

As a fan of the original Pacific Rim, I was interested with this kit because its an official kit for the franchise and honestly I haven’t watched the sequel yet so you can imagine that I really didn’t know much about this Jaeger origin and what to expect from it. The real reason why I got this kit is really because I was a fan of the original Movie when I was looking at the Bracer Pheonix  I really can’t help to think that it does look a bit like the awesome Striker Eureka (if it decided to let its self-go by eating too much) and when compared to the Gypsy Avenger, the Bracer Pheonix is the that looks a lot more badass.

Hence the reason why I settle for this particular kit.

Before we get into the review, let us first get into a little bit of a history lesson for this awesome looking jaeger, shall we?

The short history of the Jaeger Mark V Bracer Phoenix

Mark V Jaeger Bracer Phoenix

The Bracer Phoenix comes from the older Mark V family of Jaegers, the Bracer Phoenix was primarily tasked of defending China from the kaiju attacks from its birth in November 1, 2025. Due to its excellent track record of defending China’s shores, the bracer phoenix was given the title of The Shanghai Shield. The Bracer Phoenix was possibly one of the oldest Mark V’s to be of service up to its eventual destruction in the battle against the Mega-Kaiju attack in 2035.

Like Valor Omega, Bracer Phoenix is a heavily armored Mark-5 Jaeger. Its “squat and rugged” armor design was designed for maximum protection and resembles a Humvee. It’s set up with a three-pilot rig like the Mark-4 Jaeger Crimson Typhoon. Bracer Phoenix’s pilot rig makes it unique among its successors, the Mark-6 Jaegers. The reason for this is that the range of free movement provided by Bracer Phoenix’s weapon setup allows its pilots to move from the Conn-Pod into the Gunner Pod where the pilot can arm the Vortex Cannons.

Bracer Phoenix’s Vortex Cannons can inflict major damage to Kaiju but are hazardous to the surrounding environment. Hence, the reason why the cannon was supposed to only be used as a last resort weapon system. The Gunner Pod was designed to swivel and move independent of the Jaeger’s overall movement, allowing it to attack from the front and the rear. Additionally, Bracer Phoenix is armed with Anti-Kaiju Missile Launchers, and later, following the destruction of Titan Redeemer, Bracer Phoenix was retrofitted with the M-19 Morning Star weapon.

Many thanks to the Pacific Rim Wikia for some of the info, and with now the history lesson part is done, let us now move on to the review, shall we?

The Review

When getting this kit, I wasn’t really having such high hopes of this kit being awesome since, in my mind, I was expecting it to be less the same as all the normal Gunpla HG kit; Simple in design, Quick, and an easy kit to build.

However, what I got here instead is a kit that manages to be nothing I have come across, like ever. In other words, this is one brilliant kit.

There are many reasons of why I was so bloody impressed by this so instead of me mindlessly blurting it all out incoherently (even though I am really tempted to), why not we will go through the why one by one so you are able to see, on why I’m so impressed by this.

Firstly I found that both the build and the parts are so well made and designed. If we were to take a look at the normal Gunpla HG’s, usually we would expect the kit to have parts that is not very detailed and simple. Not this, yes it might still be simple to assemble in nature, but the parts were so well made and designed, you might stop awhile to think if you are actually building an MG kit. The parts were so plentiful and so highly detailed, I was at first worried if the parts in the box was enough to build the kit. Thankfully everything was enough for the kit and the parts as well fits well with no issues.

Really the body unit for the Bracer Pheonix is by far the best looking one out of all the HG kits I’ve made and its fun to build too.
The head is one handsome looking but I do wish they used a clear part for the visor instead though.

Though the best part of the parts, really is from the fact that the seam lines is almost non-existent here. Not to say that there isn’t one, the parts is so well made that it made the seamlines looked like its apart of the features of the kit, really impressive stuff here honestly.

Finally, I could really say that this kit, well, looks amazing completed! With all the parts look and work as intended. Honestly, I feel that the articulation for the Bracer Pheonix is all right here. Though the movement is limited at some places but it wasn’t limited because it wasn’t made or designed properly, but it more like the design of the Jeager is what limits its own movements. In a way, I would even say that the articulation for the Bracer Phoenix might be as what you expect to get like how it might be in the movie. I really enjoy seeing how everything just work here for the kit. This is really one fun kit.

Just look at the details at the waist unit.
the arm unit part as well looks brilliant
damn, it gets better slowly from here
completed? It looks even better

The Bracer Phoenix is really one of those rare HG kits that really, doesn’t have any parts that needed to be painted up. Really, you don’t need there isn’t one! Everything looks just like how it’s advertised and really the only reason to paint this up is really, if you want to make a custom look or if you are planning to touch up the kit more. Wait, there is another reason if you want to put the ol’ brush to work and that is if you decided to work on the small static unpainted Jeager figure that was included with this kit. Ok, so you still need to use the ol’ brush for that.

The only thing that I found out as I was coming towards the end of the build, is that I was really left wanting for more. Why wouldn’t you be? The kit was fun to build, looks good and it’s as well a fun kit to pose and see what it could or couldn’t do. Really this is one the most refreshing HG kit that has ever come out from Bandai this year. When I got this kit, I really thought that this might be the only HG Pacific Rim kit from Bandai I would ever get but after completing this, I think I might get more.

The feet unit as well is a fun one to make
but really the whole leg is by far the best, not just by HG standards, but as well to MG standards.
It really looks awesome when you have everything in place.

I really do love building this one, and I really do encourage all of you out there to pick this one up. Honestly you won’t be disappointed with this. Yes, I heard that the new movie sucks but at least the kits that comes after the release of the movie is not. It deserves to be picked up and built. Really.

With that ends my review for the HG Pacific Rim Uprising : Bracer Pheonix! What do you guys think of the review? Really after coming off building the Den’an Zon this kit really manages to put a smile on my face and made me look forward to the next one that I’ll be building. I honestly have fallen in love with this awesome kit.

it looks so much better armed and ready to blow some shit up

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well this Sunday with hopefully a new exciting unboxing, and this week we will be going back to…..Kotobukiya kit. Ooh yes, which will it be this week? Oh please do stay tuned for that one, hahaha.

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!





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