MG 1/100 ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam (MG) Review.


Justice saga, part 1: Infinitely good

Hello and welcome back! Kimi here and I’m back with the first part of a two-part review saga for the two Justice Gundams! For this first part of the review, we will first talk about the oldest MG Justice out of the two; the MG ∞ Justice Gundam. Will this be a good benchmark or not for the newer MG Justice, or will this kit even be a kit that is worth getting now? This is what we will be covering in this section of the review.

But before we get to that, let us first get into the lore for this awesome MS, shall we?

History and Development of the ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam

ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam

Model name                      : ZGMF-X19A

Classification                     : Custom Assault Use Mobile Suit

Weapon systems             : MA-M02G Super Lacerta Beam Saber, MA-1911 High-energy Beam Rifle, MMI-GAU26 17.5mm Twin CIWS, MMI-M19L 14mm Twin CIWS, MR-Q15A Griffon Beam Blade, MX2002 Beam Carry Shield, EEQ8 Grapple Stinger, RQM55 Shining Edge Beam Boomerang, MA-6J Hyper Fortis Beam Cannon, MA-M02G Super Lacerta Beam Saber, MA-M02S Preface Lacerta Beam Saber, MR-Q17X Griffon 2 Beam Blade.

Height                                  : 18.9m

Armour Material              : Variable Phase Shift Armour

Powerplant                        : Hyper-Deuterion Engine

Crew                                     : 1

The ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam was an MS that was originally developed and designed by ZAFT’s Integrated Design Bureau, this is the same team that has helped to design and develop the original ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam. During the initial stages of the development of the ∞ Justice Gundam, ZAFT Integrated Design Bureau used many of the data taken from the previous ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam to help develop the MS. They as well used Athrun Zala’s Combat data taken from the Justice to help the Designers and engineers to help build and develop the MS initially.

However, it must be said though the ∞ Justice Gundam was developed using previous data from the Justice and its former pilot Athrun Zala, it wasn’t at first developed to be an MS used exclusively for Athrun Zala. That is only starting to change when the ∞ Justice was stolen by Terminus and was further developed by them (under the supervision of Kira Yamato) that this machine was developed to be as a Custom MS for Athrun Zala’s use.

The ∞ Justice Gundam in action

While the previous iteration of the Justice was a prototype, the newer version, however, was not. Because since Terminus took over further developing the ∞ Justice, a lot of the technology that was implemented here isn’t developed to be a testbed of future use on newer generation MS. Instead many of the stuff you’d see in the ∞ Justice Gundam is really unique only to the ∞ Justice Gundam.

Unlike the previous iteration of the ZAFT’s ZGMF-X units, both the Strike Freedom and the ∞ Justice was developed to work in tandem with each other, with both of them given different combat roles. While the Strike Freedom is developed to be more of a Long to Medium Range Assault Mobile suit, the ∞ Justice, however, was developed more to be as a Close Range/ Melee Assault Mobile Suit. This is as well, can be seen with the types of equipment’s the Strike Freedom and ∞ Justice was equipped with. Long range beam weapons for the Strike Freedom and a more close range-melee weapons for the ∞ Justice.

There were many other improvements in terms of equipment’s that can be seen given to the ∞ Justice but the most obvious improvement that could be seen on the ∞ Justice is definitely on the Fatum Backpack system. Where on the previous system the Fatum was more like a support sub-flight unit attached to the Justice, on the ∞ Justice, however, it had its role evolved into something more than just a sub-flight unit for the MS……

the ∞ Justice Gundam and the Strike Freedom in action

It as well became a weapons platform for the ∞ Justice as well. The new fatum-01 is a much-improved version of the previous fathum-00, where the 01 was given beam weapons on its wing unit and as well a massive beam blade system placed in the middle of the flight unit. Not to mention the 01 was tuned to have better sub-flight performance when compared to the 00. The ∞ Justice as well gets a major upgrade to its weapons system, like a much more modern beam rifle system, a lot of physical/beam-based melee weapons and a physical/beam-based shield system. The ∞ Justice as well sports a shorter v-fin and as well given a much better sensor unit installed on the MS.

Armor-wise, unlike the previous iteration of the Justice where the Phase-shift armor system is only limited for the MS’s outer armor unit, the ∞ Justice was given phase shift armor system not just for its outer armor unit, it as well gets a phase shift armor installed in its inner frame. It was seen that by doing this it further improves ∞ Justice power delivery throughout MS making the MS utilizes its power more efficiently. Also, just like its previous iteration, the ∞ Justice as well can make use of the METEOR system.

The ∞ Justice sees combat in two major battles, one during the second battle of ORB and another is during the Final battle of second Alliance-ZAFT War. However, unlike its previous iteration, the ∞ Justice Gundam manage to survive the war with no major damage taken during the massive battles.

With that ends the History lesson for the ∞ Justice Gundam! Now let us move on to the Review, shall we?

The Review.

Prior to this kit, I should state in the record that so far in my lifetime, I’ve built 3 Gundam Seed Destiny MG kit. Two of which is made before I started this blog and one of them was a part of the 6th MG review I’ve made for this blog.

So far through my own experience, I could honestly say that none of the MG Seed Destiny I’ve built have been a disappointment.

So you could say that I was pretty confident that this kit would be as good as the others I’ve made but I wouldn’t deny that when I started building the ∞ Justice, I was kind of worried that this might be the first MG Destiny that I would be disappointed with.

Thankfully though, it wasn’t the case. Because, this, my friends, is definitely one of the very best MG kits I’ve ever laid my hands on. Honestly.

There is just so much about this kit that I just adore, but it wasn’t the case when I started off with this. This is because as I was working on the chest piece (the first part of the build), there were a few sections of this particular part that had some very serious fitting issues, like the part on the neck piece and as well on the pilot placement in the ∞ Justice’s cockpit area. However, as soon as you move on to other areas of the build, then it starts to pick up a bit…. everything starts to improve for the better.

Besides the first few annoyances that I mentioned, everything else here fits well and works as intended. Though in some instances you would find yourself concerned with some of the joints, parts as you work through the kit, but as soon you put them all together all that concern seem to just, fade away. Because all of them was designed to really work in tandem with one another. This is one of those MG kits that you would find that there are no loose parts here.

The ∞ Justice Gundam’s inner frame is pretty sweet to look at, however, the pilot part and the neck part is the only annoying part of this kit.
however, that all starts to change as soon as you have everything being put together
no sweet inner frame goodness for the head but it still looked pretty sweet
but it looks even better when it’s completed.

The other impressive thing about this kit is about how good everything is. Rarely you would find anything here that is unlikeable. This is especially true when you look at all of the shiny color injected parts. To those that have been reading my posts, you may notice that I’m not really a fan of shiny runner parts like this, even after building the RG Astray Gold Frame I still struggle to get an MG kit with shiny parts like the ∞ Justice Gundam’s inner frame. However, after seeing how good the shiny inner frame is with the ∞ Justice Gundam, you can say now that I am slowly not minding the shiny runners all that much now.

But that doesn’t mean its still not a cause of concern for us here. Since they are shiny and chrome, you will notice that, typical with parts of this nature….doing so will leave a dark nub marks on your beautiful silver-ish parts.

In other words it would be painfully annoying to look at if you are not planning to paint them up,. and yes it is a kit that requires you to be patient with it. One that would penalise you if you were to rush it through. So do always remember to take it nice and slow with all the beautiful shiny inner frames.

Oh yes, would you look at that sexy arm inner frame?
Its rare to see a completed arm unit look this good.
even the shoulder armor looks pretty sweet.
The best looking top half I’ve seen yet.

But regardless of that, as soon as you managed to complete this, you will be rewarded with the ∞ Justice Gundam’s war-winning looks. The silver and magneta parts look dope as fuck and if you are thinking of getting this kit just from the looks alone? You definitely won’t be disappointed by that, really.

The articulation for this kit is as well, pretty amazing. You can really make a lot of awesome poses with this kit. With the awesome moveable joints system on the leg section and pretty awesome joints on the arm units, really there isn’t a pose that you can’t achieve with the ∞ Justice Gundam. But what is even more amazing for me is that as I was playing posing the kit, all the parts here still feel quite solid even when you set the kit up with some insane poses. Really impressive!

Definitely one of the best legs I’ve built this year.
The feet is still fun to build but not as good as the leg.
Usually, I would feel bad on covering the leg unit up, but not this. They still looked pretty sexy still even with the awesome inner frame covered up.
The waist unit is as well a pretty fun part to make.
This is probably the best section to build out of all! 

Though what is even more impressive feature that I’d found with the ∞ Justice Gundam is that, even with that massive backpack unit attached to the ∞ Justice, its still manages to be a pretty stable kit. Honestly, I was expecting this kit to have issues standing up with that massive back pack attached to it. However, even with the backpack configured in the horizontal state it still manages to make itself stand straight up well with no considerable issues…..for quite a while, well that is up until you have some kid shaking up the table or the place that you place the kit in. Yes, you still require a stand if you are thinking of doing some insane poses or if you want to have it posed with the backpack horizontally while doing some insane poses, but if you are thinking of not doing all of that, rest assured that you are still able to pose the kit well with no issues or what so ever.

To conclude with this review I have to say that I really enjoyed my time with this awesome kit, really there is just so much to love with the MG ∞ Justice Gundam. The build, the gimmicks and its war winning looks all contribute in making this kit one of my favourite builds of 2018 and with the MG ∞ Justice Gundam priced at MYR RM180 (USD $45.04) per piece, this MG kit is really one that I would confidently recommend to all of you here to get as you next MG build.

This is definitely one of the very best MG kits out there, not to mention of the very best looking ones too.

Though, if you are planning to get this. Don’t forget to get some silver paint with the kit, because if you don’t you will have some pretty annoying looking nub marks on some of the silver plated parts and remember to do not rush things through. Really, just take your time with it, because honestly, it will be worth it.

Dang the MG Justice has a lot to prove if the older version of it is already this damn awesome. I really hope it’ll be as good or better than the MG ∞ Justice Gundam

With that ends the review for the MG 1/100 ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam and the first part of the two-part MG Justice review saga! Ha-ha! What do you guys think of this part of the review? Before I end this review I do want to say that, right after building this one I am now more excited to really start work on the next MG Justice. I sincerely hope that the latest version would be better then what I’ve experienced with the MG ∞ Justice Gundam. Because honestly, I can’t see how the MG Justice would be better than the ∞ Justice Gundam at this rate.

Then again we shall see how it would be when we do start working on the kit. It may still be able to surprise us? We shall see when we start working on it.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well this Sunday with a short cute SD review! Not to mention here as well it’ll would be our first SD review. So do look forward to that!

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