SD EX-Standard ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Review

Fun in a pretty small package.

Release Date: 2017/03

Estimated price: MYR RM23.00* (USD $5.75*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Hello, Kimi here and I’m back with a review… a very short one for an SD kit! Not just any SD kit, this time we will be talking about a kit that we featured on our last years Let’s Talk Gunpla Christmas special when we were talking about on our most anticipated kits to possibly cover this year. It has been awhile since then, and honestly, the reason why it took so long to get to this is not that we were more focused on getting to the all the MG’s or the HG’s. The main reason was is that we have been having trouble finding the kits on the list, most of the SD kits that we listed on that featurette was quite elusive and we have been going on months finding at least one kit from that list that we featured up to the point that I kind of gave up trying to find or get any of them.

Funnily it was when I wasn’t planning to is when I finally get a stroke of good luck. Last week I already planned for a different SD review for this weeks content, it was decided that I would get the MS-06J Zaku II SD and do a short review for this week but as soon I was about to get the Zaku II off the shelve and suddenly I saw a box that seemed quite familiar that was placed at the deepest part of the shelve…. it does seem to me like someone was deliberately trying to hide that shit from other people… Since I know I don’t want to miss the opportunity again in getting this one. I decided to…well just to fuck it and get the SD Destiny.

So just in case the person that is saving that kit up, just so happen to come across this post…. I just want to say. Sorry, bro, I was the one that snatched the last SD Destiny from ya. Sorry man.

Anyways, back to the kit, I do want to start by talking about the boxart. This is probably one of most the plain box arts I’ve seen to date and the CG art here is just too shiny and made the kit look craptastic. Yes, we know that does try to copy what the RG line up did with their boxarts, by just keeping it simple and easy. But it didn’t manage to make it look appealing at all. Heck, even the older boxarts have not so impressive CG illustrations but they had better artwork attached to the front of the box when compared to this one.

SD EX-Standard ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam

However, it was a different story as soon as you start to unbox this kit…. Since this is an SD kit, you really don’t get an impressive number of runner parts (we have to remember this is a pretty cheap ass kit) here. But even with that said the parts that were included in, looked really detailed and interesting. An impressive feat when you remember that this is an SD kit. Even going through the manual is a joy to do. Yes, you obviously can’t compare this with the RG’s or even with its even bigger cousins; the MG kits, but when you start comparing it with the HG manuals…. this manual is quite decent.

The not so impressive line up of runner parts.
Even though it is quite huge, the detail that can be seen here is quite impressive
the back pack too..
God damn, even the body part looks hella impressive.
Why don’t they use this as the box art instead? this made the kit look even better
I really enjoy going through this…
….and this section

I have to admit that was starting to slowly digging this kit even more and it got better as soon as I started building this.

Yes, I admit that at first, I had to lower down my expectation for this kit. Since I have to remember that this is an SD kit, so understandably, I wasn’t expecting it to be an awesome or mind-blowing kit and also I was expecting this to be quite a fast kit to skim through. Yes, it is true that I still manage to skim through this quite quickly but…

I really didn’t expect this to be as well fun….

Really, usually in kits like this, you kind of expected to just go through it in half an hour and that’s it. However, instead, I found myself savoring and just taking my sweet time with this. You must be wondering how much time I too with this kit? Well, I started working the kit on Saturday morning and only managed to finish this kit early this morning, that’s how much sweet time I took with building this kit. I was having so much fun with this that there were a few occasions in which I found myself smiling like an idiot while building this kit.

when both the paint and stickers work well with eachother…well that is one the only time it somewhat worked well with each other.
this is another occasion when both work well. but even with that said, the head does look good.
but this is where things start to go wrong with the stickers…

Its also must be said that I never had any issues with the fitting, the looks and as well because all the parts were thoughtfully gated, no serious nub mark issues with this kit. As well not to mention all the parts here look quite amazing, but it would definitely look better if you do decide to apply some paint job or some panel line to the parts

Though it’s not to say that all is fine here, like the parts for an instance. Though it does look good and quite detailed for an SD kit, but when you flip some of the parts over…. you would see some quite annoying empty spaces behind some of the parts. The articulation is as well quite limited, even with the slightly longer legs. it still quite static and you really can’t do much honestly, but then again this is an SD kit so…yeah…

Not to mention too that MOST of the parts here are not color coordinated…so that means you would be left with two options either one paint up some of the parts up to make it look like its much bigger brethren or two you can use its huge line up of stickers. Them fucking annoying stickers.

Love how the leg looked, but not so much on the stickers
I was having so many issues trying to apply the stickers here that I just decided to just use the paint
at this point, I just don’t have any more paint to spare, plus its good to let you guys know how much work you need to put into making this look like how it looked in the manuals..haha

Oh yes, the stickers, by fat one of the most annoying parts of this kit. Before I start ranting about this particular part, just know that I originally intended to ONLY use the stickers for this kit. But due to them stickers here being so fucking bad, I just decided to ditch it almost completely. The reason for this is that most of the time I found myself fighting and spending so much time TRYING to apply the stickers at the respected sections on the kit up to the point I got tired with it and just decided to just paint up SOME of the parts to make it at least make the kit look……

Somewhat decent….. and the only reason I didn’t just go all out painting this up is mostly due to the fact that I still want to try to use the stickers on some of those parts just to prove my point on how bad the Stickers on gunplas looked and secondly well..because I didn’t actually have the appropriate paints for this kit….yeah….

However, I did learn something after going through that level of pain and annoyance…. That is, next time I should’ve just prep some paints whenever I plan to build an SD kit. So I would never have to touch that annoying thing again.

Well, at least the effort being out was worth the time spent.

Overall, even with that said, I really don’t think this is a bad kit. In fact when you take into account how much the amount of money that is spent on this kit and when you as well remember to whom these kits were aimed for. You start to realize this kit is quite good.

You might be wondering what do I mean to whom that I feel this kit is aimed for? Well, since all SD kits have always been a kit that was really meant for beginners to the hobby or to those that you wanted to introduce them to the joys of building gunplas, this is definitely one that we felt is a MAJOR improvement over the previous iteration.

I also believed this is as well a good kit to get even for veteran gunpla builders because really it is one that I feel you can just let loose and have fun with. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want to? This is definitely one that I’d recommend!

Though if you are, do get some paint with you. Cause honestly the stickers on this sucks ass.

With that ends the review for the SD EX-Standard ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam, our very first SD kit review here in the blog! What do you guys think of the review? I think we didn’t give the SD enough love in this blog of ours, I hope maybe with this kit. It might inspire us to take on more SD project in the future and with how much fun I am having with this, I feel that one day the SD’s will come close to be as good or as awesome as its much more bigger counterparts! I do look forward to that day to come!

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well next Sunday with the second part and the conclusion for the MG Justice Gundam review! so do look forward to that!

As ever please do leave us a like if you enjoyed this article, as well do give us some feedback and comment if you think we would be able to improve further in making sure that we can give you better content in the future! As well, we want you to know that your likes and shares would be highly appreciated in supporting and helping us grow further, honestly, your love and support means the world to all of us here in Kimi the Builder Blog editorial team.

We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and again we hope that all of you here would have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Oh, don’t forget to have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!




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