Haropla 01 Haro Basic Green Review


I wonder if Bandai is considering of making an IRL version of this?

Haropla 01 Haro Basic Green

Release Date: 2018/04

Retail price: MYR RM18.00 (*USD $4.46*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

Hello and welcome back! Kimi here and I’m back with another short review! Since all work on the MG Justice, I am currently putting on hold due to some issues with my current Tamiya nipper (sounds like someone up there is telling me to finally get a God Hand nippers). So now, I decided to work on something else that doesn’t require the use of a nipper.

So after doing some digging, I came across Bandai’s new plamo lineup; the Haropla kit. A kit bandai that claimed, one that doesn’t require any modeling tools to work on. Since I am now nipper-less, I thought to myself ‘why the hell not, let us give this one a chance, shall we?’

So off I go starting work on something that I really have no prior experience with, one that I admit, that I have no interest at all in getting or building. If not for the broken nippers, I don’t think that I would ever give this one a chance. Since it as well doesn’t hurt the wallet all that much, if this turns out to be shit it is not going to be so bad….

Well…….that’s what I was thinking before I started work on this….and this managed to be something that I never expected it to be quite good….

The first thing that I noticed is the boxart, this is the very first kit that I’ve seen on any Bandai released kits that they actually used the actual kit as the cover for the boxart. Because just look at that!

A very impressive looking box this

How did they manage to make a CG Artwork look like a real plamo? Honestly, if it was color me impressed, you have to give props to the artist for making it look so…realistic. Though by the looks of it, we still think that Bandai opted to use the real picture as the boxart but honestly it’s not a bad thing. We do think that this is one of the very best boxarts we’ve seen and they really manage to make this look quite appealing.

Though the awesomeness doesn’t just stop there, it continues as you open the box! The runners here look brilliant, all the colors and the detail that you can see on some of the parts are quite impressive! I really like how the whole thing looks. The only thing that is not as impressive as the rest is really the manual. Yes, it is quite basic, there is really nothing much there, no lore just building instructions. Then again this is a pretty cheap kit…so it is expected for the manual to be this simple.

The awesome looking parts all in a sigle box
Well I didn’t expect it all to come in a single plastic bag
Will you look at all of that detail
and here too…impressive

With the first impressions done, I moved on to actually building this.

Though I was quite impressed with the SD EX-Standard Destiny Gundam last week, I have to admit it doesn’t really bring anything new to the line up though it was a fun kit to work on. Yes, I admit I was kind of expecting this to be more less the same as the SD EX-Standard since it is a cheap kit. but I really didn’t expect to find myself to be blown away by how good it was…and this is honestly is one pretty awesome kit!

Really there were a lot of things to love about this kit, firstly the parts were gated well and were very easy to take off from the runners. Since there wasn’t much residue left after you cut it off from the runners, so getting rid of the nubs was never a hassle. Not to mention it is by far the easiest kit to assemble and you can build without referring to the manual, that is how easy it was.

Well the manual is quite….simple
well at least the building instruction is quite decent

The parts as well looked quite awesome, though there are some parts of the parts that does need a bit of painting. But overall it is not something that you might find it annoying to do since the detail that is seen on the said parts alone is enough to make one quite impressed. Though it is impressive that for something like this cheap you are getting something like a MG level of detail……

As well it must be said that this is a good kit if you are thinking of just working on something that is quick and easy, because really, I didn’t take much time working on this. Though I did use half a day working on this, but that is because I was spending time ‘fine tuning’ the look. But if you are just skimming through this, you will find that you will be able to finish this in less in an hour. As well it must be said that this is definitely a beginner friendly kit, another awesome kit that you can use to introduce someone new into the hobby!

A cheap kit with an impressive looking inner frame….
Dang even on the sides it looks quite impressive
just look at that beautiful round-ish back side

The kit as well looked really good completed. Though I did mention before that some parts needed some paint work but that is only for the inner frame of this kit. The outer frame is quite color coordinated so if the only painting that you are thinking is to just panel like the lines, we can assure you with that alone you would already have it looking brilliant.

Just look at the finished product!

Will you look at that beautiful green round devil

Pretty legit right? Haha.

Though with that said and done I realized that I do need to address the elephant in the room; Can you actually build this without using any modeling tools. To answer that question… YES, it is possible to build this without using any of the said tools. But the end result of doing so will end up having the parts look like shit, with some visible nub marks. Though Bandai delivered on the promise of being able to build this without actually using a nipper or any modeling tools. But if you want your Haro to look good….it is best to work on this using the modeling tools that you have on hand.

Even with that said, I have to say that I’m honestly impressed by the level of detail and the level of quality that you get with this kit. As well for the price, you are actually paying for this…..it would be mad of me not to recommend this kit to ya’ll. This is really something that we feel everyone should get and like we said before it is a good cute little kit to build.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to have this small little green bastard in the house, I know I do.

With that ends the review for the Haropla 01 Haro Basic Green review, our very first Haropla kit review here in the blog! What do you guys think of the review? This is one that I really didn’t expect to have quite a time with. Though it was a quick one, I was left wanting for more. More Haros….more small round devils….

Annnnnyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well next Sunday with the second part and the conclusion for the MG Justice Gundam review, I do have to apologize for once again pushing this review to one more week…but I do want to make sure that I really do this one justice (ha-ha). I thank you for your patience and hopefully, I would be able to deliver by this week! So let us hope for a good and accident-free week ahead!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and again we hope that all of you here would have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Oh, don’t forget to have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


6 thoughts on “Haropla 01 Haro Basic Green Review

    1. Hahaha, I saw that one being sold but had to pass on that one. Since at the time I wasn’t sure if I do want something that mad.

      But now after building the basic one, I start to feel bad for not getting it..haha…


      1. Yeah….
        that dead eyes…does creep me out too..

        but at the very least it’s not as bad when you put the green outer frame one…

        Wait its even worse when you put it on….

        Liked by 1 person

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