MG 1/100 ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam Review

The MG Justice saga the final part: Here I deem you to be….mediocre at best….

Hello there, kimi here and am FINALLY back with the FINAL part MG Justice Review saga that I have been delaying for so long! Building this kit really has been a struggle, with me having to deal with my nippers giving in and as well with the kit being somewhat disappointing at some parts of the build….but honestly writing the review and comparing both is an even harder work…..

one that understandably taken quite a toll on me…emotionally…

But before we get to that let us first go into the history of this awesome MS!

History and development of the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam

ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam

Model name                      : ZGMF-X09A

Classification                     : Prototype Assault Mobile Suit

Weapon systems             : MA-M01 “Lacerta” Beam Sabers, MA-M20 “Lupus” Beam Rifle, MMI-GAU1 “Sagittus” 20mm CIWS, RQM51 “Bassel” Beam Boomerangs, Laminated Anti-Beam Shield, MA-4B “Fortis” Beam Cannon, M9M9 “Cervus” Turret Machine Gun, GAU5 “Volucris” Machine Gun

Height                                  : 18.56m

Armour Material              : Phase Shift Armour

Powerplant                        : Ultracompact Nuclear Fission Reactor (8826KW Total Power Output)

Crew                                     : 1

The ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam, is probably one of the most prolific MS’s that was conceived by ZAFT during the First Alliance/ZAFT war, piloted by the legendary ZAFT Ace Pilot Athrun Zala.

Developed under the ZAFT’s Integrated Design Bureau’s ZGMF-X Gundam project, the Justice was one of 5 MS that was developed under this project. Using many of the technology and lessons learned from the stolen Alliance Gundam’s and at the same time using many their own experimental technologies, they did really manage to create some pretty interesting Gundam based MS on their own.

Both the Justice and its sister MS in action over ORB Airspace

Though out of the 5 X-Gundam MS’s, only the Justice is the only one that had some pretty standard weaponry when compared to the others that was as well developed under the same Lineup. Though it doesn’t mean by doing that the Integrated Design Bureau was being all sensible with the Justice, they did give this MS some pretty insane……backpack system to make up its lacking firepower.

And what exactly that they gave the Justice? The ZAFT Integrated Design Bureau gave the Justice an Experimental Subflight unit; the Fathom-00 as its backpack system. Yes, even though they were being quite modest with its weapons, but they went all out batshit crazy with its equipment’s. With the justice getting an insanely powerful experimental sub-flight unit on its back, it enables the Justice to pull off atmospheric entry and re-entry without having the need to use a separate atmospheric entry and re-entry system. Whats more the Fathom-00 could as well detach itself from the Justice and become an unmanned sub-flight unit either to assist the Justice or to become a pretty formidable kamikaze weapon weapons platform.

The Justice seen making use of the Fathom-00 in battle

Though it is not to say all is new here with the Justice, there is some elements from the stolen Alliance’s Gundam series that could be seen here. The one thing that was retained from the previous design that could be seen on the Justice is the head unit. Inspired by the Aegis’s head unit’s design, the justice was as well given the same tall head sensor to enable it to have better visual capabilities installed in the head unit and as well since it was designed to work together with the METEOR unit. the additional space enables it to have a much more advanced targeting system, the Multi Lock-on system installed in the head unit.

The other thing that the justice inherits from its Earth Alliance predecessors is the Phase Shift Armor system.

The Justice was assigned to Athrun Zala after his own personal MS the Stolen Ageis Gundam was destroyed. Tasked with hunting down the stolen Freedom Gundam, Athrun was instructed on either to recapture the Freedom or to destroy it.

the Justice with its dual Larcereta Beam Sabers

However, after confronting Kira Yamato in ORB airspace he decided then to join Kira Yamato in his fight to end the war in between the two warring factions. The Justice Gundam performed well during the final stages of the war and was ultimately destroyed when Athrun self-destructed the Justice to stop the GENESIS superweapon from firing.

However, two years after its destruction, Terminal revived the Justice by creating a much more advanced version of it; the Infinite Justice.

With that ends the history lesson and now let us get into the review, shall we?

The Review

This review is one that is by far the hardest one that I have to ever write here in the blog. That is because, before I started doing the review for this, I thought that comparing this two would be a cakewalk since one is clearly better made over the other. However, when I came towards the end of this I do find myself stumped over the two….and on…..

On how much I still love this kit despite all its issues and weaknesses.

Yes, I have to first admit that this it is a kit with a lot of issues, and yes it is the kind of issue that would actually drive you mad if you have any experience building MG kits….. issues like the whole completed kit feels flimsy as hell, oh sorry scratch that this kit IS FLIMSY AS HELL. Never have I build an MG kit that felt this flimsy. God even the Freedom doesn’t feel this flimsy……

The Justice was struggling to even to be able to stand itself straight even without me installing the backpack yet and when I do manage to get around on installing the Fathom-00 to the Justice, it wouldn’t even able to stand itself properly without me either a)using a stand or b) using a bloody blue tack.

The detail here does look quite promising at first
The same can be said as soon as you are done with the body unit, though that gap in the middle is a annoying sight to be seen if i were to be honest
well it wasn’t bad as soon as you have the outer frame installed..haha
the head looks quite small when you put that huge fins on it

And here I thought the P-Bandai GM II was bad.

But that wasn’t the end of it, there were as well many parts of the Justice that I found it to be quite fragile, though I myself haven’t gone through some heart-breaking situations with it (unlike some souls that I’ve heard), however I did almost break a very important leg and arm section and no I wasn’t even trying to stress them up. All I did is just simply putting them together……though it did make me wonder at times if I was buying a plastic model or a glass model kit.

Not to mention there were a few times that I got my self quite confused with some of the instructions in the booklet. Some of the diagrams of the build instructions were quite confusing and only through trial and error that I’d managed to place the parts back to its more appropriate placements. funnily it wasn’t thanks to the manual. Thankfully it is only on certain sections and not on most sections.

Though it must be said that I was quite disappointed by the fact that this is all you get for the inner frame for its arm unit
Well at the very least it does look good
this wasn’t as fun to make as it is to look at…
though it does serves its purpose in making the MG Justice look good

Though it is not to say all is bad with this kit, there is some good to be found here. Like for an instance, it was still quite a fun kit to work on though it could be frustrating at times and due to its flimsiness at the very least Bandai DID include a stand with this kit, and since there are some small connector on the MG Justice’s leg you could have it posed awesomely on the Fathom-00 while it (the Fathom-oo) is attached to the stand.

Though I have to admit…that this is one Handsome kit…..

Goddamn, I really find it hard to get mad at this kit when it looks THIS good…Just like the remastered Freedom Gundam that we reviewed last year. This as well is probably one of the better-looking MG kits that I’ve owned and built to date. If I were, to be honest though…. really in terms of looks I have to say that the Justice looked better then the MG Remastered Freedom Gundam…and the MG Remastered Freedom is already one of the best-looking kits we have here in the Homebase.

That’s just how good the Justice looked….

Though it must be said that behind armor plate does get to me….
and so does the front side…
I had fun with the leg unit, it does have some nice small little details to it
but the same cannot be said to the leg unit, where it is quite…..simple-ish…
Well atleast it looks quite awesome
it looked even better when you have it all put together…

But when I start to compare this with the Infinite Justice…that is where the Justice falls short.

The Infinite Justice has better build quality, all the parts are solid, it doesn’t require a stand to actually stand straight and despite looking as handsome, The MG Infinite Justice is still a damn good looking kit. Not to mention it was much more fun kit to build and a better value prospect too.

And it pains me to see the newer Justice gets trumped this badly by a much more older kit when it was supposed to be an improvement over the old. Yes, I admit that the Justice does have better articulation on the body part when compared to the Infinite Justice but it wasn’t as useful when you realize that you don’t really expect the body effect the posing that much and knowing on how flimsy the kit turned out to be… thanks.

Speaking of flimsy kits… in the name of god how did you managed to make a kit that was released back in a 2008 to be a much more solid kit then 2017 one?

The worse sin of all is that the Justice feels….like it lacked soul against its much older counterpart…..The MG Justice Gundam doesn’t feel like it was made with love and care as how the previous kits were. I really can’t help to feel quite empty after completing the Justice, unlike the Infinite Justice where after completing it I was already looking forward to my next kit.

The Justice is without a doubt one of the best looking MG kits I’ve built to date….

Though it is not to say that I wasn’t able to have fun with this, yes I still managed to, but I can’t deny that I had more fun building the MG Infinite Justice then I did with the MG Justice.

Knowing that fact, it does make me sad. I do like the MG Justice, it is a beautiful kit but due to its lacking features and with its nagging issues it does pull the kit down from being decent…. but I’m not as well saying that this is a bad kit….but when compared the two; the MG Justice and the MG Infinite Justice, the MG Justice just feels like a much more mediocre kit when compared to the MG Infinite Jusitce Gundam. I was really honestly hoped that there is something more to it than just its looks but after tearing it apart I can’t say there is anything that the Justice has that could be comparatively better then the Infinite Justice.

but honestly, if I would have to choose in between the two? I would definitely take the Infinite Justice over the MG Justice any day

Even the good looks are not enough to save it from being mediocre…

As well it is not a kit that I could compare if someone were to ask me the question of which is better to get, because obviously the answer of that question would be The MG Infinite Justice. But if you are looking for a looker…then look no further then this.

So yeah I would conclude that, yes the MG Infinite Justice is an overall better kit to get when compared to the MG Justice. The MG Justice is sadly….a mediocre kit at best.

With that ends the review for the MG 1/100 ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam and the final part of the two-part MG Justice review saga! FINALLY IT IS DONE! Honestly this is one kit that I really have trouble reviewing…not because one is clearly better than the other but because even though the case is one is clearly better than the other but the latter was the better looking one.

It’s like having to choose an ok looking but smart date over an overly good looking and sexy but unfortunately, dumb as a rock date. Seriously that’s how it felt when I compare the two….quite hard choice, isn’t it? Do let me know here on your own thoughts and which do you prefer in between the two?

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well this Sunday with a return to a KOTOBUKIYA KIT! and it is one that I AM REALLY EXCITED IN GETTING TO!

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and again we hope that all of you here would have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Oh, don’t forget to have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!




6 thoughts on “MG 1/100 ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam Review

  1. Surprised to hear your comparison with the Infinite Justice. I built one last year and the backpack was pretty nice, but the rest of the kit was starting to show its’ age. Not to say it’s not a good looking kit, but flexibility wise leaves alot to be desired.


    1. Yes, the Infinite is quite inflexible in certain areas. but it is a pretty solid kit

      but the Justice, however, is flexible buuuut flimsy overall.

      Yes they both have their strengths and weaknesses but the infinite seems to be a better kit overall..sadly


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