Kotobukiya Megami Device 06 ASRA Archer Review


It feels really damn good to come back to this.

Hello! Kimi here and I am back again this week with a new review! This week we are coming back reviewing a Kotobukiya kit, well more specifically the Megami Device 06 ASRA Archer kit that I got in Taiwan recently and more specifically the Megami Device kit that I unboxed exactly last few weeks ago…..

Yes, I finally came back to work on this kit and to properly give my honest thoughts to this. I could say that after building this….I’m really glad that I did!

However, since there isn’t any lore for the ASRA Archer lying around, we won’t be doing any history lessons this week but just know that I will have this section (and ASRA Ninja’s) updated as soon as we have something up!

So this week we are just going to get into the review straight away!

Honestly, right after doing the unboxing for this I was really looking forward into getting to work on building this kit and unfortunately because of the review commitments that I had at the time (The MG Justice Gundam Review saga that I did recently) I really had no choice than to push the review for this. However, when the time came to start work on this it honestly felt really good to finally working on this.

Though it must be said though because the time that I gave myself from building the first kit to this was quite far in between, it does help me to be able to understand the kit better and because of that, I did find myself enjoying this kit even more now.

and it helps if you have any prior experience building the ASRA Ninja, the ASRA Archer is still fundamentally built the same way. It is an immensely fun kit to build, there aren’t any fitting issues with the parts on my run on this and yes you still need to be extremely careful with some of its parts because it does have a few parts that are quite fragile. Oh, yes the parts are still quite stiff when you first assembled them, so you still need to break them in before putting all the completed parts together.

Took me awhile to work on both the hair section, but really the result is worth all the hard work!
well what can I say…this is already looking better than the Ninja’s

Like I said, building it generally feels and act the same way. There is nothing different fundamentally when compared to the ASRA Ninja.

However, even though it does feel and built much less the same as the ASRA Ninja, honestly it is still a damn good kit to build and they did improve in some parts of the kit, namely in the manual where I find myself less confused with some of the building processes.

What’s more, since I have the experience of building the ASRA Ninja before, it somewhat kind of helped me to complete the kit quicker. I already knew what to expect and the best thing is there were fewer times I was fucking up and the kit turned out a lot better than my first run-in with the Megami Device kit.

The completed unarmored section does look pretty awesome

This is why I said that the time I gave myself did manage to make the experience working on this line of kits better.

Though all its that good, we can’t say that this kit is without fault. The issues were when you take a look at some of the pre-colored parts. No, there is no issue with the colors or the quality of the colors nor on the quality of the paint job. But rather the issue was more on the nubs.

Yes, there is some serious nub mark issues that could be seen on some of the pre-colored parts. The same issue was present back when I was working on the ASRA Ninja, however, I didn’t talk about it much back then because honestly the nubs there wasn’t as bad…but on the ASRA Archer, however, it was really fucking bad.

I really can’t get over on how good the faceplates looked….
well…….yes this is as well looked better then the Ninja’s
I love the ribbon section of this kit

The nubs were so bad and obvious that there is no way to fix it without painting it up to cover it. I really can’t brain on how did the person working on this thought that level of nub mark is acceptable. God, they really need to do a more through Q&C on this.

However, I do admit the nubs are quite hard to locate when you put all the parts and joints together, and really if you are lazy to paint them up, do some patchwork on the affected parts its all right since the parts still look good without doing anything much to it.

Regardless, all the pre-painted parts here look really bloody impressive, especially on the faceplates. I was already quite impressed by the level of workmanship on the ASRA Ninja ‘s faceplates, but here? It looks hella fine! Dang, I really can’t get enough on how awesome it all looked, it’s a shame that they just give two head parts for the kit, really I would really love it if they were to give more since they are all really awesome to look at….. I really can’t get enough. However, it does make me wonder while looking at looking at the size of this kit if this would work with the Figma’s face plates.

Dang I still can’t help myself from not being impressed on how good this section looked
The weapon/extra leg parts look badass here
and so as the weapons too!

‘Cause I do want to try to combine Aqua-sama’s faceplate here on the Archer or on the Ninja. Hmm, that definitely would be an interesting prospect to try out as soon as we have Figma here.

Honestly, though, this really is one kit that really deserves all the good press it is having and like the ASRA Ninja the only thing that is holding this back from being perfect is just those annoying small little things that we mentioned before.

Overall, this is still one excellent kit that I really recommend in getting.

Sadly though, to date, this is probably one of the hardest and rarest plamos/mecha Girl kits to find in retail. Heck getting them via online preorder or purchase is quite hard. The only reason I managed to get this, is because I came across it during my travels to Taiwan and even then I didn’t expect to even find the archer there.

I admit, yes this kit is really expensive and yes you can buy an MG kit or 2 RG kits for the price of one of this but honestly looking at how rare this kit is, I really don’t mind spending a lot of money to get this, because honestly…why wouldn’t you? Yes if you ever come across it, drop everything that you are doing and just get this awesome kit.

God, I really am impressed by how good this actually looked..this really is worth every penny spent.

Really this is one kit that you wouldn’t regret getting.

Plus, it’s a kit that could make anybody proud to have in their collection! Especially if you have both the ASRA Ninja and the Archer together. Though now I am starting to have a new idea…an idea to have another set of both the archer and the ninja to turn one of them into the full ASRA Samurai armor mode.

That would definitely be a dream worth selling my kidneys for and another if they decided to make an IRL working one in the near future.

Thank god that I didn’t have to sacrifice any of my kidneys for this two.

Hmm….that is one dream that I wish kotobukiya would explore further because that is….a pretty awesome idea. Hey, HMU Kotobukiya if you want some ideas in making one eh?

With that ends the review for the Kotobukia’s Megami Device 06 ASRA Archer’s review. Honestly, I am happy that now I have, somewhat competed the set. Though I have to be honest, I still feel like building more Megami Device kit, and with more and more of them coming in I really can’t wait to be working on newer Megami Device kits!

Hopefully, I can find some of them here or online…..they are a pretty hard kit to get.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well this Sunday with an Unboxing and First Impressions of a fairly NEW RG kit. Since we haven’t been covering new RG kits, this would definitely be something that we are quite excited for!

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We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and again we hope that all of you here would have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Oh, don’t forget to have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!





2 thoughts on “Kotobukiya Megami Device 06 ASRA Archer Review

  1. Hey i’m heading for Taiwan in a few months time and based on your review, im interested to get one. May i know where you got it and the expected damage?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if you are heading to Taiwan, you can head to the Taiwan’s official store there

      its located at the Syntrend
      No. 2, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan

      or you you want to see more stuff, you can get your bum here

      Wan Nian Building
      in Ximen

      obviously getting the megami kit would be more expensive at the official store, but at the very least you can really find some awesome limited edtion kits. but if you are on a budget you can get at Wan Nan, but over there you won’t have alot of options but if you are looking for cheap and awesome p-bandai or gunplas or even if you are looking for awesome plamos that would definately the place to go.

      In terms of price, just prep around NTD $1,750.00 (USD $56.70) for a kit, you can get it at a cheaper price at Wan Nan, but the difference isn’t that big if i’m not mistaken.


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