MG 1/100 P-Bandai MS-14B Gelgoog High-Mobility Type Uma lightning Custom Review


My beautiful big blue giant! 


Kimi here, and I’m back again this week with my final thoughts for the recently completed P’Bandai MG 1/100 MS-14B Gelgoog High-Mobility Type Uma Lightning Custom! It has been a hell of a week building this awesome little blue giant and honestly, even though I do have another 2 exciting kits on hand. I wasn’t as enthusiastic about taking them on as much I had with this.

If I were to be really honest, I really felt quite empty after building this one…..This is really one P-Bandai MG kit that I had so much fun time with.

But before we get to the actual review, let us first talk about some of the history of the kit shall we?

History and development of the MS-14B Gelgoog High-Mobility Type Uma Lightning’s Custom.

MS-14B Gelgoog High-Mobility Uma Lightning Custom

Model name                      : MS-14B

Classification                     : Custom High-Mobility Type Mobile Suit

Weapon systems             : 3-Tube Missle Launcher, Standard principality Beam Rifle, Uma Lightning’s modified Beam Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher, Beam Naginata, Shield, Uma lightning’s Custom Missile Launcher

Height                                  : 19.2m

Armour Material              : Super hard alloy (in the earlier version) Gundarium γ Alloy (on the later models)

Powerplant                        : Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor (1440kw total output)

Total Thrust                        : 79900 kg Total

Effective Sensor Radius : 6300m

Crew                                     : 1

This is truly a very interesting MS. On the surface, people would mistake this as a normal Mass Production version of the MS-14B but if you were to learn the history of this, you may find that this has a pretty interesting backstory behind associated to it.

First and foremost, this isn’t like your atypical Gelgoog High-Mobility model. Yes, even though technically it was developed and custom made by the Zeonic company for Uma Lightning during the One Year War. But right after the end of the war, there were alot of changes made to this MS in terms of its Armor composition and electronics. The reason for its apparent change is because they utilized many materials from the EFSF to help maintain and improve the MS. Up to the point that even though the MS does fundamentally look like its how it was when it first rolled out from the factories, the current iteration of the MS is more akin like the Modern EFSF suit than a Zeon Suit.

Let me explain why…

The glorious blue Gelgoog in action, during the One Year War

After the one year war, more accurately, right after the surrender of the Chimera corps to the EFSF forces under Oxner. The EFSF would somehow help modify many of these captured High-Mobility Gelgoogs with materials and technology from the Federation. Take the armor for an instance, originally this MS uses Super Hard Steel Alloy as the basis for its armor, but they replaced the Super Hard Steel Alloy used on this version of the Gelgoog with the Gundarium γ Alloy (the same armor material used in the Federation’s Gundam MS line-ups) here. Except, instead of applying the same way as how the Federation is applying the Gundarium, the Feds maintains the application of the Crushable armor system to this Version of the MS.

Why they maintained the crushable armor system here is because that the crushable armor is found to be quite useful since it disperses the impact energy by breaking the outer armor by breaking them in a controlled manner instead of relying solely on hardness (like the Federation chaps). Another thing that sets this apart from its peers is the magnetic coating that was applied on the joints of this MS, though it was known that the Zeon did apply this tech towards the end of the One Year War, however the ones used here it was discovered to be a more advanced form as compared to the ones seen during the One Year War. It was aswell said that this version of the Magnetic coating wasn’t developed up until after the end of the One Year War. This Version of the Gelgoog as well had its Verniers upgraded for the increased output due to the fact that this Gelgoog is fueled by Federation produced fuels.

The Uma’s Gelgoog seen in action in the MSV-R manga

Honestly there were many things that were not known of what other upgrades that was done on the current iteration of Uma’s Variant of the High-Mobility Gelgoog but there was as well clear evidence that they have upgraded the Gelgoog’s targeting system to a Federation’s system because from the analysis that was done during the FSS’s confrontation with this Gelgoog. They noticed that the Gelgoog targeting laser system is similar to the ones used in the Federation MS’s.

Even with that said, the Gelgoog still maintains many of the same characteristics its original form has, and it still uses many of the same weapons systems inherited from its Zeon years. But during its many sightings, it was observed that Uma’s Gelgoog was seen using Federation weapons platforms, suggesting that some of the modification made on his Gelgoog enables it to use both Zeon’s weapons system and the Federation’s weapon systems.

Strangely, despite the fact, the MS was captured by the Federation after the end of the One Year War. Somehow this MS was seen being piloted by Uma Lightning, on how he still manages to acquire and pilot this MS is still unknown but for whatever reason, it may be, all we can really truly say that…..

This is really truly an interesting MS indeed.

With that ends the history lesson and now let us move on to the review bit!

The Review.


Earlier this year, I had a pretty mediocre start to my experience with the P-Bandai MG GMII. Even though the kit was based on the excellent MG GM Ver.2.0 kit, the P-Bandai GM II turned out to be quite pretty mediocre to the point that I wasn’t convinced that particular P-Bandai kit is a premium item.

But after building this, I honestly believe now that P-Bandai finally has something here that is really truly special in their hands for the first time! One, that I feel, that is kind of making me feel quite excited for more future upcoming releases!

Why do I feel as such after building this particular kit, you may wonder?

Well, the reason being for my apparent change of heart is really is due to the fact that unlike the P-Bandai MG GM II the changes that were made on this does feel like an awesome addition to an already awesome kit. Best of all, unlike the GM II where the changes made to the kit, kind of hampers with the stability of it, the changes made here doesn’t.

What’s more, since this is based on the MG Gelgoog Ver.2.0 which is in our opinion is the best OYW MG Ver.2.0 kit to have ever been graced to us mortals. we know that even before we started building this, that we would have tons of good fun with this kit.

The kit really started off well with the torso section, It was really one section that was a blast to make and the details here are insane…
The backpack is pretty simple, yes it doesn’t have any inner frame unlike the ones that can be found on the torso unit but it was still a blast to make! 😀

It is so good that even after 10 years since I worked on another MG Ver.2.0 Gelgoog kit, I was still really impressed by the level of quality that can be seen here. Honestly, for a kit that was based on a retail kit that was designed and made 10 years ago, it is impressive that even now this still manages to be an amazing kit to build. In fact, I would go as far to say that I had more fun building this then I had with any other MG kits that I built this year, well…..with the exception of the MG Sazabi Ver.K.A that is.

However, even when compared this to the MG Sazabi Ver.K.A in terms of detail, even the sazabi pales in comparison to this kit when it comes to the insane detail seen here. Seriously, here you don’t just get insane detail on the outer frame, you as well get insane detail in the Gelgoog’s inner frame. However, this is only true for the older parts…the same cannot be said for the P-Bandai part additions. The P-Bandai designed parts…. isn’t as detailed as the ones that were designed by the retail side, so in some way, you might find yourself feeling a bit detached when building some of the parts here and there.

But it is not to say that is a bad thing, because honestly, it doesn’t really feel all that bad, they still manage to fit well on the older parts and like I said before they all felt like awesome additions here.

Withou Armor
With Armor

The articulation for this kit is as well excellent. Honestly, I wasn’t really surprised with this since even back when I build the Retail version I remembered it having quite an impressive articulations. However, with the modifications made by P-Bandai on some parts on the leg area, I was at first quite worried that it might hamper some of the awesome articulation seen on the previous kit. Surprisingly though, I found out that the modifications made by the P-Bandai here didn’t really hamper the articulation on the legs at all. They designed it in a way where all of the addition doesn’t get in the way of the kit.

Really, I think that is some impressive stuff!

What’s more, this kit does come with A LOT of new insane stuff, on this version of the Gelgoog. You get new head molds of the outer armor, backpack and a pretty sweet looking additional leg boosters. It does as well get a pretty impressive line-up of weapons too! Like you do get 2 beam rifles, one from the previous iteration and another is a redesigned beam rifle using the designs from the MSV, a rad arm missile pod, the Gelgoog shield and naginata from the previous iteration. But the best bit OF ALL is really the BADASS 4-tube missile launcher, this is really one of the very best bits of the kit if I were, to be honest. It looks really impressive and not to mention it was as well a blast to build!

Even the arm had some insane details to it…I really missed building this section
When completed the top half does look pretty badass

However, we wouldn’t say all is good here. There are still things that really annoys me here with this kit, like for an instance since this is based from the previously released MG Ver.2.0 Gelgoog. A lot of the same annoyance that I had with the 2008’S MG Ver.2.0 Gelgoog is present here on some of the parts. Which would be the gating on some of the parts for this kit, namely which on some of the parts on the waist skirt armor and some on the leg pieces. Due to the bad gating on the parts, the nubs are insanely annoying to deal with. I really wasted a lot of my time just dealing with the nubs, instead of actually building the kit.

Even some of the new molds have the same issues here, and I do find it somewhat annoying since I thought they would avoid making the same mistakes on the newer parts.

The feet was really fun to make, and it was really an indication of the good times ahead
I love building these, but
these were better, the details and the looks itself is enough to make me shed a tear
This really was the best part of the kit, not to mention it looks really awesome.

Regardless, all of that really didn’t hamper with my enjoyment of building this awesome kit. In fact I do find the challenges that I face here is quite fun, plus unlike my first time building this back in 2008 I was quite aware of some of the problems that this MG has so you can say that I was quite prepared to face them unlike back when I first built the kit 10 years ago.

So, it wasn’t as bad for me here, but for the rest of you do tread carefully when building both the leg section, the waist section and some of the newer parts here.

This kit is as well as one of the best looking OYW MSV MG kits that I’ve built to date. Honestly, after seeing it with my own eyes, I really think this looks even better than back when we saw this kit for the first time in its promotional pictures. The black and blue color scheme does really fit well with the kit. Yes, even though I am a fan of blue colored MS but never in my wildest dreams that I thought a light blue and black color (and some white) combo would work so well on a Gelgoog.

Looking at this standing tall after is completion I really still can’t believe how awesome this kit looked.
This is really the best looking beam rifle
but the 4 tube missile launcher looked so much better with this!

Plus, with all its awesome weapons and equipment’s It does manage to make the kit here looks badass.

Overall, I do think that this is an awesome kit. Even though I admit that, yes, since this kit is based on an already awesome kit its really unfair to make that conclusion. However, that’s not really what really make this kit great, what actually made this kit awesome is really all the awesome additional stuff that was added in which doesn’t feel like its tacked on to the kit. It was really a huge far cry from the one that I experienced with the MG GM II. Everything here works as intended and they didn’t really hamper with the articulation or the movement of the kit and for the amount of money, I paid for this, unlike the MG GM II, here I do feel like my money was well spent.

This is really one P-Bandai kit that I highly recommend for all of you here to get! It’s really one of the very best P-Bandai kits out there.

But best of all, unlike the iPhone Xs this would not require you to sell your soul to the devil to get. Well, that is if you can find a retailer that isn’t marking up the price for this kit that is.

Really, if you find this anywhere just get it and I promise you will have a blast with this awesome kit!

Really, this is really just simply the best

With that ends the review for the P-Bandai MG 1/100MS-14B Gelgoog High-Mobility Type Uma Lightning Custom (MG)! What do you think of the review? Even though am sad having to move on to this but I’m starting to look forward to the next project that I have in hand now!

Hopefully, the Fumina be as good to build as the Gelgoog. Though I kind of doubt that would be the case, but I still really hope that it would be regardless.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with the review of the Figure Rise LABO Fumina Hoshino!

As ever please do leave us a like if you enjoyed this article, as well do feel free to give us some feedback and comment if you think there are areas in the post that we work on that we can do to further improve our posts in the future! As well your comment and feedback will ensure that we would be able to give you all here a much-improved content in the future! As well, we want you to know that your follows, likes and shares would be highly appreciated in supporting and helping us grow further, honestly, your love and support means the world to all of us here in Kimi the Builder Blog editorial team.

We hope by sharing our love and passion for gunplas here, it’ll inspire you to pick up the hobby or reignite your love for gunpla!

Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!






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