Figure Rise LABO Fumina Hoshino Review


I almost going to break my nippers for this one.


Kimi here and am back once again this week, to finally give you my final thoughts on the very recently completed Figure Rise LABO Fumina Hoshino kit. Honestly, this is one project that I did that am not pretty sure what to designate it as…do I designate it as PLAMO? Or do I Designate it as a Figurine model?

However, the only thing that I am sure of as soon I am done with this kit is that…..honestly? I haven’t really had the best of times with the LABO.

Nah, to say that I hadn’t had the best of times with it…is an understatement. I was more frustrated with the time I spent building this. The funny thing is that…it was a kit that I managed to go through it fairly quickly but somehow rather I still managed to be frustrated with this particular kit.

There are many reasons of why I got myself frustrated with this, for one, this kit is really pushing the limits of what my nippers are able to deal due to its very thick gates. All the time I was working on this, I was more afraid that my nippers would just succumb to the stress of cutting the gates on the parts on the Fumina. What’s more that isn’t the only thing that has been a pain in the ass.

This is really one nice looking legs…..
but as I flipped…that nubs are really hard to look at

The gates are not just a pain to cut, they are as well placed in very annoying spots. Not to mention all the nubs that came because of the bad gates…..Honestly, almost all of the parts here are gated badly here. Really, I learned in a hard way, that you really do need to tread carefully with some of the parts here and yes having flesh colored paint does come in handy as you work on this.

Oh before I forget…YES, even though some of the nubs are hidden quite well with some of the parts helping to mask the parts, but seriously there is a lot of parts on this kit that would be needing paint as soon as you are done with em. ‘

at the very least some of the red nubs are hidden away as soon as you put both legs together, but it doesn’t help to hide the rest….

What’s more, for something like this I wasn’t actually expecting it to have any part gaping issues. Yes, I admit, when it first announced I was riding on the hype train pretty badly and somehow thought that this would be released as an absolutely perfect kit with me not finding any gaps on the parts what so ever. Then when I started building this, you all can imagine how badly the train crashed for me, as soon as I found out that isn’t really the case here.

Yes, simply put there are some gap issues on a certain section, like on the head and on the thigh area. Though if I were to be really frank about the issues I encountered here, it isn’t really a bad one. They are like a small…not that noticeable gaps here and there….one that we feel you can really go to work on with some good ol’ putty and paint or maybe some sandpaper into the all I need to do is get them putties….

Draw me like your armless and headless French Girls
I won’t lie that this, was really the best part to build out of all.
I really love the overall look of the head as it is completed……this is really one section that left me with a big smile on my face.

As well, not content with just having some part gaping issues this kit as well comes with your typical seam line issues on some of the parts. But unlike with the parts gaping issue, just like the fitting issue that came before it, the seam line issue here is…quite noticeable. But not to the point of annoyance, if I were, to be frank. However, it is quite noticeable.

As well as the parts gaping issue, this can be resolved with some modeling tools, and paint. So isn’t really a huge problem.

Though with that said and done…..

Yes, I was frustrated with some aspects of the process of building the LABO…but I can’t deny the fact that at the same time I love it.

Despite everything, she does look pretty damn awesome

Yes, despite the frustration that I had to go through, I admit that love the fact that Bandai really tries to do something different with the LABO here. I feel like this is really something wonderful that we should see more of coming from them. Somehow, building this made me remember the Bandai of old, where they are more willing to take risks doing something that to some might think of it as a risk.

We as well love that they really managed to make Fumina Hoshino LOOKS DAMN GOOD HERE, yes looking at all the awesome parts we do think that the parts do look…awesome and honestly we all feel like this layer injected parts does make the parts more alive…So alive in fact at some point I felt like an ax murderer…. Anyways, really without any shadow of a doubt this is by far, is the best-looking model that I’ve had the pleasure of building this year.

Speaking about looks, yes the LABO does look hella fine when you completed the whole kit. Wait when I really think about it, I feel like it’s more than just a ‘hella fine’ looking kit, this is honestly one AMAZING looking piece of plastic. One that I feel that would definitely be one that would stand out from the rest if you put her in between your other collection of awesome plastic work of art.

Even on the sides, she looks bloody amazing….

or rather this would really sit in nicely in between your nice collection of ecchi or the ‘I know what you do in your spare time with lotions’ figurines.

Though, yes, I admit that when comparing this and to the other fixed prepainted/premade figurine models out there…makes this pales in comparison. However unlike them, at the very least the LABO has one clear advantage over them….for one this is the kind of figurine model that I could really say that I made it myself and it is one that I’m proud of owning.

To put it simply, yes, I still love this thing despite all its flaws, and honestly, the good really outweighs the bad here. I really commend Bandai’s efforts in doing something that I admit that is really something amazing here.

However, despite that…this is still one kit that would be one that is a very hard kit to recommend…. especially for newbies and beginners. Why, you may ask? Well for one, it is an insanely hard kit to build and with what I had to go through building this? I really don’t think it is something that a novice builder should be working on. Not to mention that there are many occasions here where you really find yourself in a very dire need to tread carefully.

Its lovely but this is one that is a nightmare to build…

For you vets that is thinking on getting this, my only piece of advice if you are planning to snatch this one up? Prepare yourself mentally, because there will be a lot of occasions where you will find yourself feeling quite frustrated with this. Oh before you press the buy button on any website that you are looking at right now….. don’t forget to as well, get some flesh colored paints, putty, glue, and sandpaper because, for one, you will find yourself at some point building this…needing those.

However, this is without a doubt one kit that you’d be happy to have put in the effort because it is one that has a pretty awesome payoff towards the end.

Well, will you look at that beautiful picture

Oh yes, that, that lovely shot……….hmmm, please do excuse me….while I excuse my self to the toilet…and later on to the asylum….Later dudes.

With that ends the review for the Figure Rise LABO Fumina Hoshino! This is really one very interesting kit to have built and talk about…..and yes I admit at some point I was enjoying the process of building this a lil’ bit too much. Well….to be honest….I was having too MUCH fun with it.

So, please forgive me now for I have sinned.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with a NEW unboxing and First Impressions post! So do look forward to that! 😀

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  1. I’m curious about the painting process to cover up the gigantic nub marks. Did you have to mask and prime just that portion of the leg and then paint? Also what paint did you use?

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