Unboxing and First Impressions of MG 1/100 RGM-89 Jegan (MG)


Finally, we have the MG Jegan in the Homebase

MG 1/100 RGM-89 Jegan (MG)

Release Date: July 2018

Retail Price: MYR RM 144.00* (USD $ 34.80*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation


Kimi here and I’m back one again with a new Unboxing and First Impressions post! This week we will be taking a look into one of the latest entry to the Chars Counter Attack line up of MG kits and as well one of the very latest MG offerings this year!

One, that we have as well been waiting for so long to see in the awesomely glorious MG form, The MG RGM-89 Jegan! Seriously, ever since the time I’ve completed the Gaera Doga last year there was never a day that I wasn’t thinking….”Man, it would really be nice to have the MG Jegan to be released now….then we can really complete the cycle of collection for the CCA’s Mass Production MS.

Lo’ and behold the plastic gods have heard our plea and announced the kit to have a mid-July ’18 release. It was really one of the best pieces of news but now to have it here…the feeling was even more intense then I thought it would be…..especially when I take a look at that wonderful…. WONDERFUL piece of box art here.

One of the reasons why I’m so in love with the retail MG kits; the awesome boxarts

YES, taking one look at this you can really understand why I enjoy going over the retail boxarts. Really, one can’t help to be really impressed by how awesome the battle harden Jegan looked here while seeing all the other glorious Jegans in the background riding into battle. Seeing that, I as well can’t help to feel like doing the same too.

I honestly do like the fact that the illustrator gave the boxart Jegan a slightly damaged and battle-hardened look. It does make the Jegan look really badass. There are really many details here that I really enjoyed seeing on the box art and really I would admit that, so far Bandai really did a pretty awesome job with the current retail MG releases box arts.

What’s more, the information’s that you get on the side, does help to increase the excitement for me. As I were to go through the information on the kit itself, it made me really looking forward to building this awesome piece of plastic. However, from what we observed here Bandai really put the inner frame as the selling point for this, usually this might not be such an issue, but what made us concerned a bit is that we know that some sections of the inner frame were painted on. Tho it might be an issue for those that know what they are getting into, but it may be a problem to the uninitiated. Since they might think that is what they would be getting….only to open up to realize that it wasn’t…

All of this is as enjoyable to go through like the boxart

Yes, I realize that they did place disclaimers here and there. But I do think it would be nice if they were to show how the inner frame looked in its unpainted state. Regardless, we do appreciate Bandai’s efforts in making the Inner frame a thing again We do hope that we would see more kits with proper inner frames.

As I move on to the actual unboxing of the kit. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and look on some of the parts here. The colors on the parts look amazing and not to mention the insane details on some of the inner frame molds. I as well loved on how simple the parts for the outer frame looked, there aren’t any insane details here like we’ve seen with the MG SEED Remasters but the details here is enough to make it look really appealing.

Would you look at all of that glorious plastic…wrapped in plastic.
Love the colors here
Even the parts on inner frames here look bloody impressive
Simple but there is some pretty interesting details here

Though, it’s not to say all is great with it…

because as you flip the runners for the outer frame…you will realize that unlike the previous MG releases, the Jegan started to look less impressive when compared them. Yes, I’m pretty disappointed by the fact that in terms of look this kit is pretty inconsistent in some areas but I do admit that that isn’t really a bad thing and yes my feelings on this might change if the kit does turn out to be an awesome kit to build.

Moving on to the last bit and the most important bit of the unboxing…. finally, we can start talking about the manual. Before we start I just want to say, YES this is an English Translated manual and YES THE LORE ON THE JEGAN IS A JOY TO READ! Oh yes, I can assure you if your reasons for getting this are just so you can do some reading on the lore of this MS? Oh boy, you would be getting your money’s worth here.

More of that awesome boxart here.

Oh yes, I do find myself enjoying the lore and the histories that are presented in the manual. Although it might not be as thorough as the ones that we could see on the MG’s of old but what we are getting here is still an interesting read. Though it must be said, if you are a born and bred grammar nazi…you will find some sections of the lore and the manual to be….not quite up to your snobbish standards.

It has some of the best lore’s on an MG kit to date, and not to mention it is as well a joy to go through.

In other words, you will get pissed by some of the mistakes made.

Regardless of that, I still find myself enjoying going through it and honestly I just hope that eventually, we would get something as awesome as the manuals of old.

On the building instruction section of this manual, as I slowly going through it. My impressions here is that I could see that the building instructions here do look pretty simple and easy to go through. In fact, I do think it does look too simple here. However, I don’t think that is a bad thing since I do feel the simpler it would look, a much better building experience one would get by building this.

I realized that to some of you here that it may seem like I talking bollocks here. But honestly, I do think that, when compared to the previously completed P-Bandai MG Uma Lightning’s Gelgoog, I do find that navigating through the manual here to be a much more pleasant experience back when I was working on the P-Bandai’s Uma Lightning’s Gelgoog. Regardless, we shall see how it would go when we really work on this but for now, I could say that the manual so far looks quite alright here.

no more pictures on the inside, but we do have some awesome pictures on the backside.

Overall, I could say that there is a lot of promise here and truth to be told I do feel like this is going to be a decent kit. Even with its faults, I’m still quite positive that this would be good. I do honestly feel like this kit has a lot of promise, and honestly, I would really be heartbroken if this turns out to be crap because I have been really looking forward to this.

Because really, this is my fav MS it would really suck if this turns out to be shit.

With that ends the Unboxing and First Impressions of the MG 1/100 RGM-89 Jegan! Its good to see inner frames being a key part in here. Honestly, I do want to see Bandai release new MG kits that emphasize in making the inner frame the main staple of their releases. I am glad that we are seeing more of this inner frame action here.

So you can Imagine why I am really looking forward to this to be good because if this turns out to be all right we might see more of kits like that being released by Bandai. If it turns out to be crap…well….yeah. I’d be really devastated.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with the review for the HG Union Flag! So, do look forward to that! 😀

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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