Unboxing and First Impressions of HG 1/144 ZGMF-XX09T Dom Trooper (HG)

My very first purple and black HG 

HG 1/144 ZGMF-XX09T Dom Trooper (HG)

Release Date: July 2005

Retail Price: JPY 1,200 (MYR RM 44.43*/ USD $ 10.69*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation 


Kimi here and I’m back again this week to unbox and give you guys my first impressions on another very old HG kit and as well it would as well be my very FIRST Dom kit. However, we will be not be taking on a kit from the HGUC or any other kits from the OG series instead will be taking on a kit from the line of HG kit from Gundam Seed Destiny series.

Yes, I will be unboxing the HG Dom Trooper

Yes, yes I know that I should’ve instead started off with the original version instead of this….but honestly, I like the look of Gundam Seed Destiny’s version over the Original Dom’s look. You can’t deny that Seed Destiny MS design team really did a damn good job here, they really managed to make the quite badass dom to an even more badass looking MS.

Plus I do think Hilda Harken is one of the most badass looking female MS Pilot in the Seed Destiny universe.

Best female MS pilot in the Seed Destiny series….one that we really wished that had more screen time in the anime.

What’s more with the bad start to the MG Jegan recently, I was hoping that unboxing this might lift up some of my spirits up. I thought by unboxing this and taking some time off from building the MG Jegan might do me some good.

But before we get to the Unboxing, I should disclose that the HG Dom Trooper was a gift that was gifted to me back in July this year, yes I didn’t spend money on this one and yes it is an AWESOME gift.

Plus since this was bought in Japan, the gunpla mecca, makes owning this particular one feels quite special and honestly, because of that, I was quite reluctant to work on this. Hence, why only now I decided to start working on this. Plus since this is as well would be my very first HG Gundam Seed Destiny kit, I really feel that this really is the best kit to introduce me to this line of HG kits.

So without further ado, let us now talk about the unboxing of this and discuss further to really see what’s this kit is all about, shall we?

First let us talk about the box, more specifically the box art itself.

Yes, yes we are going to be talking about you.

All we can say when we saw the box art for the first is that it does look quite…basic. All you get here on the box art is just three Dom Troopers posing awesomely and that’s about it. No awesome background action scene, no explosions of a sort..it was just really three doms posing awesomely at the front of the box. Yet, they still managed to make this look quite appealing.

It’s strange, but somehow rather by just using the box art, I feel that they really managed to convey of what you can expect to see in the kit. The reason being is that you can use whatever information that you learned through the box art and confirm it on the side section of the box and you will notice that really you are getting what you paid for.

Except that you won’t be getting 3 kits. You still are getting one kit, unfortunately.

Speaking about the side box, as usual, you would find that side section of the box does have some sweet, sweet info, and lore. But since this is a particularly old HG kit, a lot of the good stuff here isn’t translated so…yeah.

But I don’t think that isn’t really a bad thing since, visually it does have a lot to look at and really, I was still really finding myself having quite a good time going through the box.

Moving on to the actual unboxing of this….

Oh, hello there my lovelies

As soon I opened the box. immediately I was taken aback on how everything looked here. A lot of the parts that we see here looked quite impressive…and very detailed as well. Another thing that I quite impressed by is on the color on the parts, am not usually a big fan of purple color kits but strangely I like how the kit looked in this color scheme. I do think it really suits the Dom Trooper’s overall look.

and yes I’m slowly finding myself liking purple color on a kit now.

A damn good looking purple this…
The black parts too looked quite good.

Moving on to the manual, all we can say that we found the HG Dom Trooper’s manual to be quite alright. With the instructional sections looking quite straightforward, the only thing here that really stands out is really the lore section for this kit. and I have to say I am quite taken by the amount of lore here. It’s really a shame that this was released now, I’m sure that if it was released now, I would really be having a lot of fun going through it.

Regardless, I still had quite a fun time going through the lore section of the manual. It really makes me learn how to read Japanese so I can just immerse myself in the awesome lore.

The best bit of this manual is really seen on the first page…would you look at all of that awesome lore.
Damn even the newer manuals doesn’t have this much info and lore innit…
From here onwards..things are looking pretty…familiar
but we do admit that we like how they partitioned the sections well in this manual

Overall, I do think that a lot of the things that I am seeing here is quite promising and honestly, I was left smiling when I got to the end of the unboxing… Regardless of struggles that I was experiencing with the MG Jegan, Unboxing this does make me feel better and as well it was really making me look forward to work on finishing the MG Jegan so I can immediately start work on this awesome looking HG kit.

As funny as it may sound, I really had more fun unboxing the HG Dom Trooper and I would as well admit that is looking more to be like something that I would have a much more enjoyable experience with, when compared to the time that I have spent (so far) and will be spending with the MG Jegan.

Really that is something I find it to be quite funny.

With that ends the Unboxing and First Impressions of the HG 1/144 ZGMF-XX09T Dom Trooper (HG)! Yes, even though I admit that I did have a rough start while working on the MG Jegan (for those that would love to check on my WIP progress easily you can go to my Instagram or FB) but I wasn’t expecting to feel a lot better after unboxing this HG kit. This kit is really something, and am really looking forward to seeing where this takes me if I were, to be frank.

However, I still hope that eventually, I would find something that I like about the MG Jegan. I hope.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with the review for the MG Jegan! So, do look forward to that! 😀

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!



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