Haropla Ball Haro Short Review

Taking some time off from the Dom to build a HaroBall….


Release Date: 2018/10

Estimated price: MYR RM 23.00*  (USD $ 5.53 *)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation


Kimi here and am back this week with a short review segment, the kind of reviews that we haven’t done for quite an awhile. This week we are going to do a short review of a kit that was released quite recently and it is one kit that was one of my most anticipated Haropla kits yet!

Yes, we finally get the chance to review the BALL HARO kit! 😀

Since the build and the review of the HG Dom Trooper are taking longer than I expected, I do feel like this is the best time for me to pop one Haropla kit up and do a quick review of for this week! Plus, since this is a kit that I was REALLY looking forward to building, I really don’t mind taking my time off the ‘quite a fun build, so far’ HG Dom Trooper to work on this.

And true enough this turned out to be one of the very best Haroplas that is currently in the market!

But before we get to the actual review, let us first go through the unboxing of this awesome kit, so we can really talk about one the best things that I love about this awesome it.

What is it that I am talking about? Well my friends, what we are going to be talking about first is this Haropla’s box art!

But first why not ya’ll take a look at the boxart again here.

First, take a good look at this boxart.

Does that remind you of something? If it does, you are correct!

Because it looked like the 1981’s BALL’s box art! Heck, they used the same font for on the box.

Yes! They based this kit over the 1981’s version of the Balls box art. Honestly, this is by far the best rendition of the old box art that we’ve seen remade into the modern times with the exception of the Balls (dang I can’t believe that I’m using that here, instead of some smut) being turned into Haro balls (somehow this sounds…. even worse).

Honestly, I really do love how they used the old style box arts here. I definitely feel like it’s a good proper use of the said art.

Though it’s not to say that the content sucks, no, in fact, we think that all of the runners for the Haro ball is quite good. It’s just that since the last time that we unboxed the Haro Basic Green there isn’t any major change to it, except for this particular kit it does come with one extra runner set for well..you’ll see.’

The insides
quite good

Now as I moved on to building it, not surprisingly it was still as good as I remembered it to be. Though it still comes with the standard parts, just in case if one decides to still it looked like the normal haro but that would really defeat the purpose of this. Since, as I mentioned before it does come with extra parts to turn this Haro into the Haro Ball.

The additional parts were simple in terms of design, but it was still a blast to build and it works quite well too. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought at first those would definitely be fixed parts but like the first time I worked on the Haro Basic Green, Bandai still manages to surprise me with this kit.

However, just like building the Haro Basic Green. I don’t recommend building this without the use of any hobby tools. Like seriously, you will encounter some pretty bad nubs and if you do decide to build this without any tools, you will have a bad time with it.

I still can’t get over how good the inner frame of the Haro looked.
But it looked even better with the more parts attached to it.
Assembled, it still looked quite good.
But the Ball Haro’s weapons is what gets me, I liked how good it looked here.
and the arm unit too..the details here is quite something.

And as well you might not be able to make it look this good.

I really do love this version of the Haro

Isn’t he a looker?

Yes, I liked the first Haro that I built. But this? Is definitely the best goddamn Haro that I have ever built to date and it definitely has one of my fav box arts of this year!

As you can tell, I’m pretty psyched and quite happy with this particular kit. Honestly, though this is really one kit that I can defiantly recommend it for beginners, veteran builders, and collectors. It’s cheap, detailed and a blast to build, not to mention it is a kit that wouldn’t take too much of your time too.

To sum it up, this is definitely one of my fav kits of 2018 and definitely one I highly recommend in getting.

I can’t imagine how a Zeon Soldier would react when he sees a million of these flying towards him. That probably be one of the scariest things to see on the battlefield.

With that ends the short review for the Haropla Ball Haro kit! What do you think of both the kit and the review? I honestly enjoyed my time building this, though I do have to push back the review for the HG Dom Trooper. Since I figured that I would really want to do this kit justice (no it’s not a pun this) and really enjoyed my time with this.

All I can say is that maybe I was destined (ha! ha!) to take my time with it and review this awesome ball instead?

What do you think? Is that a good one? No? Yeah, I know it sucked.

Anyways, we will be back again this week more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the coming Wednesday and we will be back as well on the coming Sunday with the definite release of the review for the HG 1/144 ZGMF-XX09T Dom Trooper! So, do look forward to that!

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!



4 thoughts on “Haropla Ball Haro Short Review

    1. haha, well i felt the same way too but unlike the one seen on the MG Jegan, at the very least on this, this is a pretty cheap kit.

      Even with that said, I’m planning in getting them hollow spots to be gone for good.


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