Let’s Talk Gunpla Vol.81


What is P-Bandai up to this week?


We are back again this week with our 81st edition of our let’s talk Gunpla segment! This week with we are going to take a look at P-Bandai again this week but this round we feel why not we take a look at not just the gunpla announcements, why not we as well take a look at the non-Gunpla based announcements that they have in store for us all here.

Honestly, there are a few things that really caught our eyes that we do feel would be quite interesting to talk about this week.

So, without further ado, let us get into it, shall we?

Gundam the Game (Boardgame)[P-Bandai]

Gundam the Game (Boardgame)

Release Date: 2019/03

Estimated price: JPY 6,048* (MYR RM 223.08* / USD $ 53.22*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

A dice that is comprised of Haros….that is really the kind of dice we want in our lives

Well, we have seen Bandai (or P-Bandai in this case) release a lot of Mobile Suit Gundam related merch, but never would we imagine Bandai releasing a board game. Not in a million years that we would imagine that Bandai (or again P-Bandai) would release something like this.

For a company that actually has a gaming division, we can’t help to think why wouldn’t they just use that resources to just develop a proper story-based Gundam game like they did during the previous gen consoles? Honestly, why wouldn’t they just give us something that is from the mangas or the side stories? Yes, we admit that some of the games that they put out are quite good, like the new Gundam Breaker or the online shooter battlefield gundam Gundam Battle Operation 2 but honestly, I’m sure you guys would agree, that what we really want? Is a proper story-based Gundam game.

Pretty nice visuals, but I wonder if we could use the gunplas that we own instead for this bit.

However, even with that said it is not to say that we hate the idea of a Gundam Boardgame or even uninterested with it. In fact as we look at this we are quite interested in getting this game and see what it is about.

Developed by ARK LIGHT, the game puts you in the shoes of any of the White Base crew as they navigate themselves through the One Year War Conflict. As well you will be making decisions (good or Bad) that would affect the course of the whole conflict. It’s a game that looks to be quite tactical with some pretty deep gameplay that we are seeing here.

But to be honest, all of us here aren’t really a Boardgame player, so honestly, we really don’t know what to expect with this game. But, yes we do like how it looks, we as well like that they used the original visuals for the MS’s and as well the whole concept of role-playing as the crew of the white base. The only thing that we aren’t that psyched about is the fact that the whole thing is in Japanese. Yeah, so that means this might be really released catering to ONLY the Japanese market.

I would really be nice to just have all of this in English tbh.

Honestly, that is really a shame, really. But we do hope that P-Bandai reconsiders getting this translated since we do think that this would be a very interesting party game to have around to play with some friends.

Why wouldn’t it be fun to play with friends?

We do like how this looks if we would be honest, it does look quite to be quite deep.

You can just assume anyone from the White Base crew and to be able to make decisions that would affect the flow of everything. We really like the premise of this and yes we do think that it does sounds like something fun. But honestly though all of us just really wanted to be Bright so we can just recreate that Amuro slapping scene to the unfortunate friend that wanted to be Amuro.

Oh, yes, that what all of us look forward on recreating when we get this. Always wanted to slap a bitch.

Aah, yes we are all looking forward to doing this epic scene. 

(G-Frame) MSR-00100S Hyaku Shiki Coating version (P-Bandai Exclusive)

(G-Frame) MSR-00100S Hyaku Shiki Coating version (P-Bandai Exclusive)

Release Date: 2019/03

Estimated price: JPY 5,400* (MYR RM 199.18* / USD $ 47.52*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

The Badass version of the Hyaku Shiki that we wished Cha…no wait! Quattro Banjeena would pilot instead.

Next on the list is a something that has been making rounds in the great webs recently, and honestly, we do think it is one that is a pretty interesting piece of plastic this and one that we feel is a good thing to start you off if you are thinking about going down the path of gunpla building. Even though it is not really a proper Gunpla itself.

Yes, today we will be talking about the awesome G-Frame kits, more specifically we will be talking about the P-Bandai Exclusive’s Hyaku Shiki Mass production.

The first thing that you will be wondering when you see this for the first time is that, what is the difference in between this and the retail version? Well for starts, this is the Mass Production variant of the Hyaku Shiki and secondly? Apparently, this is as well the shinier version of the Hyaku Shiki. In way, it kind of explains why this one cost as much as buying the whole MSG G Frame kit set, and if we were, to be honest, god it really looks like something worthwhile getting and spending money on.

Damn what a badass this is

Seriously, why wouldn’t you? First of all, this is a model that comes from the G Frames line of models which is one that isn’t something static like the Converge series, really you can pose them just like you would on a proper gunpla. What’s more, this particular G-Frame kit comes with some of the best looking parts that we’ve seen so far on any ‘gatcha’ kits that we’ve seen.

Really, has a large number of parts and not to mention all of the parts that we are seeing here looked pretty bloody awesome. Despite its VERY heavy price tag, in which we will admit that could be used to buy 2 decent RG/HG kits or even an MG kit. but looking at how impressive everything looked it is hard for us not to admit that this might be a good buy to those that aren’t as interested with building gunplas or if you a serious collector.

But we admit, that since all of us haven’t gotten around in getting these. We really can’t say much on how the whole thing would look in real life. Because from our own personal experiences buying this ‘gatcha’ kits is that the quality of the plastic might be…. quite questionable at best. Even those that you buy straight from the box and not from the machines.

The insane level of parts that this P-Bandai’s Hyaku Shiki Mass Production comes with.

Regardless, we are excited to see more of this in real life before making that commitment in getting this or possibly just getting em and pray to the plastic god in hopes it would look good or better than how they depicted it in these awesome promotional pictures. All we really don’t want is for to look like a piece of plastic disappointment and a waste of cash.

Finally now with that done, let us now talk about the Gunpla, more specifically the only Gunpla release announcement from P-Bandai this week and one….well, with the cover that we used we think you guys would be able to guess what comes next…

HG 1/144 NZ-999 II Neo Zeong (Narrative Version) (HGUC)

HG 1/144 NZ-999 II Neo Zeong (Narrative Version) (HGUC)

Release Date: 2019/03

Estimated price: JPY 28,080* (MYR RM 1034.54* / USD $ 246.84*)

*The price is subject to change, depending on the situation

With already have a white Sinanju, why not now we have a white Neo Zeong?

Yes, the only P-Bandai gunpla announcement that we are going to be talking about here and the one piece of an announcement from that I would say…the most mind-blowing one out of the two that we just talked about.

Based on the as well insane HGUC Neo Zeong, it does seem to be no different then the original version that we see before…well with the exception of the kit having a different color scheme, having the stein instead of the normal Sinanju, not to mention it had more compartments to store the excess handheld weapons when compared to the OG Neo Zeong and also not to mention, having more handheld weapons over the OG Neo Zeong.

But to us the one thing that really gets us when we see this really is the awesome color scheme.

Really this is by far the best version of the Neo Zeong yet.

Yes, one of the simplest change made here is the one that got to us more then anything that was made here, because really…over the all red scheme of the OG Neo Zeong (which don’t get us wrong, we do like) the white, black, red and with a touch of yellow scheme here, really makes the Narrative version look even more badass then what we have seen with the OG version. Not to mention the omittance of the shoulder storage cover and the beautiful red lines at the storage area, nothing screams sexy than this.

Regardless, we do think this is a wonderful piece of plastic art and really we are pretty excited for its release. However, when we looked at the insane price tag…we know that this would be one (at our current financial capacity) that we would definitely can’t afford to get. Because really, if the current PO pricetag now is already that insane, we really can’t imagine how it would be when this properly hits the retail stores. We really wouldn’t be surprised if the retail selling price for this insane kit would be priced the same as a Nintendo switch.

and goddamn we can’t even afford to get a goddamn Nintendo Switch at the moment.

but one that is better than the Nintendo switch in every way…

Even with that said, we are quite excited for it and one that we would definitely want ro…when we have the money to do so. We do think that this is the one kit to get next year if you are a fan of the Neo Zeong and as well we do think is a good addition to those that had already gotten the OG HGUC Neo Zeong.

Well, that is before you consider, that you need to spend 2700 yen more (MYR RM 99.71* / USD $ 23.73) to get that psycho ring attachment…FML

It’s just too bad that it’s currently is just too expensive for the rest of us poor chaps here to get at the moment.

With that ends our 81st episode of our Let’s Talk Gunpla segment, a pretty interesting line up of kit that P-Bandai has this week and one can’t help to have a crisis when looking at that sexy looking P-Bandai’s II Neo Zeong. Damn, we better start saving up because it really looks like we are getting some insane lineup gunplas at the start of the year.

As well, it looks like we are going to continue growing our ever-expanding line of backlogs too next year. Haha.

Anyways, we will be back with more Let’s Talk Gunpla Segment on the next coming Wednesday and this Sunday KIMI will be back with a new unboxing and first impressions, so do look forward to that! 😀

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Anyways, we shall see all of you again next week, and we hope that you all have an awesome week and weekend ahead! Have an awesome Gunpla building time there as well and until next time!


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